Giveaway: The 100th ticket for Mileage Mentor MasterClass Series!

Last weekend, we announced the Mileage Mentor MasterClass for Delhi/NCR. This time around, the workshop has been organised in Delhi, at a central destination, so that everyone who had a problem travelling to Gurugram should be able to make it this time around.

The workshop is being held on March 16, 2019, at Aerocity, Delhi this time, which is very well connected to Delhi with the Metro, near the airport so that the outside of the city attendees can come in easily, and also close to Gurugram for the attendees from Gurugram.

We already sold out the prebooking and early bird tickets, and now have some added more tickets, which are available at the moment at a specially discounted price till Monday, March 4, 2019. You can buy the ticket(s) here. You can also buy from Insider, but I’d rather you buy from us because it saves us the commission we have to pay them.

The Mileage Mentor MasterClasses are not designed as big sessions for 500 people come into one room. Given they are more close door interactions, we have by design kept the size small of these sessions. But I realised that there is also another exciting milestone we are reaching with respect to these workshops. We are closing in on the 100th participant soon.

And to celebrate this milestone of the 100th participant, Shipra and I have decided that we will reimburse the fee of the 100th participant who will attend the Mileage Mentor MasterClass.

How does the 100th participant know it is he/she? At the end of the workshop, we issue some fun certificates to the participants, which contains the participant number. This number is sequenced from the first workshop we held in September 2018 onwards.  The 100th participant will know.

The promotion is valid if the participant books via LiveFromALounge.Plus, books before March 14, 2019, 11:59 PM and shows up to attend the workshop.

So, if you book your ticket and turn up, and you get the 100th Number, your ticket is on us.  So what are you waiting for? Book NOW!

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