Help us Help you! Need 5 Minutes of your time!

At, we have been trying to deliver the best value for your money spent for over 6 years that we have been around. The founding principle hasn’t changed, i.e., the Journey is the Reward. 

While we’ve gone to millions of page views now, over the years the look and feel of the site, however, hasn’t kept up with the advancement of the Internet.

So we will be soon starting work along with the amazing folks at BoardingArea for a revamp of the website. This also gives us an opportunity to add to the lovely community we have built-in may ways and add coverage of what is important to all of you.

But first things first, we’d like to hear from you about your views. To facilitate this, we’ve created a form that should take you 5 minutes to fill. We request your help. The link for the form is here.

In appreciation of the time spent, we’d reward some members here with nice prizes, which may or may not be related to travel. I’ll keep it as a surprise for the moment! To get into the draw, do make sure you fill up your response by the end of this week (29 October 2017).

Look forward to hearing your views, and thank you for participating! Once again, the form link.