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Mumbai Terminal 2 GVK Lounge

Mumbai Terminal 2 GVK Lounge

Road warrior or leisure traveler, if you are travelling from an Indian Airport and are a commercial passenger, chances are you could access an airport lounge during your wait at the departure terminal. We’ve built a comprehensive resource to let you know which airport lounge in India can be accessed with which criteria. You can sort by airports, or by the kind of lounge access you are eligible for, and many other criteria.


Updated as of April 19, 2016
Ahmedabad (AMD)Port LoungeILXXXXXXX
Bangalore (BLR)Above Ground LevellDAXXXXX
Bangalore (BLR)Plaza Premium LoungeDAXXXXXXXXX
Bangalore (BLR)Above Ground LevellIAXXXXXXX
Bangalore (BLR)Plaza Premium LoungeIAXXXXXXXXXX
Bangalore (BLR)Oberoi Executive LoungeIAXX
Baroda (BDQ)Port LoungeDLXXXXXXXX
B'neshwar (BBI)MayfairD/ALXXXX
Calicut (CCJ)Port LoungeIAXXXX
Chennai (MAA)Travel Club (TFS)DAXXXXXXXX
Chennai (MAA)Travel Club (TFS)IAXXXXXXXX
Cochin (COK)Earth LoungeDLXXXXX
Cochin (COK)Earth LoungeIAXXXXXX
Dehradun (DED)Port LoungeDLXXXX
Delhi T3 (DEL)SilverKris LoungeIAX
Delhi T3 (DEL)Lufthansa LoungeIAX
Delhi T3 (DEL)Air India LoungeIAXX
Delhi T3 (DEL)Air India LoungeDAXX
Delhi T3 (DEL)Air Vistara LoungeDAX
Delhi T3 (DEL)American Express LoungeDAX
Delhi T1 (DEL)Plaza PremiumDAXXXXXXXXX
Delhi T1 (DEL)Plaza PremiumDLXXX
Delhi T3 (DEL)Plaza PremiumDAXXXXXXXXX
Delhi T3 (DEL)Grid BarAAX
Delhi T3 (DEL)ITC Green LoungeIAXXXXXX
Delhi T3 (DEL)Daredevils LoungeIAX
Delhi T3 (DEL)Plaza PremiumALXXX
Delhi T3 (DEL)Plaza PremiumALXXXX
Goa (GOI)Port LoungeIAXXXX
Hyderabad (HYD)Air India LoungeDAX
Hyderabad (HYD)Air India LoungeIAX
Hyderabad (HYD)Plaza PremiumDAXXXXXXXXXX
Hyderabad (HYD)Plaza PremiumIAXXXXXXXXXXX
Hyderabad (HYD)Plaza PremiumALXXXXX
Jaipur (JAI)Club One Class LoungeIAXX
Mumbai T1 (BOM)American Express LoungeDAX
Mumbai T1 (BOM)Loyalty LoungeDAX
Mumbai T1 (BOM)Good Times BarDAXXX
Mumbai T1 (BOM)Carnations LoungeDAXXXXXXX
Mumbai T2 (BOM)GVK Lounge (J)/ (F)IAXXXXX
Mumbai T2 (BOM)Loyalty LoungeIAXXXXXXXX
Mumbai T2 (BOM)GVK Lounge DomesticDAXXX
Mumbai T2 (BOM)TFS Travel ClubDAX
Pune (PNQ)Port LoungeDAXXXXXX
Pune (PNQ)Port LoungeIA/LXXX


  • Terminal: Domestic (D), International (I), Arrival (A)
  • Location: Landside (L) means before Security Check, Airside (A) means after Security Check

Access Criteria

  • AI (Air India): Air India offers access to Business Class & First Class customers, Air India elites & +1 (Gold Executive Club/The Maharajah Club) and Star Alliance Gold members
  • 9W (Jet Airways): Jet Airways offers access to Business Class & First Class customers and JetPrivilege elites (Gold & Platinum)
  • Vistara (UK): Vistara offers access to Business Class customers and Club Vistara Gold members
  • GoAir (G8): GoAir offers access to passengers who buy GoBusiness category tickets at select airports
  • Star Alliance (*A): Star Alliance Gold members are eligible for lounge access along with a +1 when flying a Star Alliance member airline. Star Alliance Business Class & First Class customers are also eligible for lounge access
  • oneworld (ow): oneworld member airlines offer Business Class lounge access to Business Class customers and Sapphire tier members, and First Class lounge access to First Class customers and Emerald tier members. Frequent fliers are also allowed a +1 guest, as long as they are flying oneworld member carrier on the same day.
  • Skyteam (ST): SkyTeam member airlines offer lounge access to Elite Plus tier members, and Business Class and First Class customers.
  • MasterCard (MC): Select MasterCard members (World & Platinum tier) are offered lounge access, self only. INR 25 is charged towards authorisation, and reversed immediately. Your card needs to be issued in India. Currently lounge access is offered till December 2016.
  • Visa (VI): Select Visa members (Signature & Infinite) are offered lounge access, self only. INR 2 is charged towards authorisation. Your card needs to be issued in India. Currently lounge access is offered till September 2016. Signature cards get 2 free entries per calendar quarter, and Infinite member get 4 free entries per calendar quarter.
  • American Express (AX): India issued American Express cards offer lounge access at various airports. Platinum and Centurion Charge cards have free access, while Platinum tier credit cards may be charged a fee depending on the lounge. For full information, visit the American Express India website.
  • American Express Licensee (AX2): American Express also licenses its network to ICICI Bank and IndusInd Bank in India amongst others. Their Platinum tier cards get complimentary lounge access as well.
  • Diners Club (DC): Diners Club offers their products via HDFC Bank in India, and various cards get lounge access complimentary. Premium and Black tier cards get unlimited lounge access around India.
  • Priority Pass (PP): Priority Pass offers the largest network of lounges across the world accessible to members. Various banks offer membership to Priority Pass. Check with your individual bank for the number of complimentary entries on your card account.
  • LoungeBuddy (LB): LoungeBuddy is an app which can sell you lounge access at various lounges. Just tap the app to buy access.
  • RuPay (RP): RuPay is the Indian payments network, which offers debit cards at the moment, and will soon launch credit cards. Their Platinum debit cards get you lounge access as well (for self only).

Of course, we will continue to update this page as and when we receive new information. If there is a new lounge you know about, or if you find some information has changed, please drop us a note  and we will update it.


All Copyright reserved with Ajay Awtaney (2016). Please contact for content synchronization opportunities.


  1. Hi Ajay

    Diners Club HDFC Jet Privilege black card and Diners Black card are not being accepted at chennai TFS Lounges and they are redirecting members to the new Copper Chimney Lounge of Taj which is not upto the standards.

    queries raised to HDFC have also not been fruitful as they do not know of this either, may be you could throw some light on this, is it only for Chennai that all cards except priority pass are not entertained in TFS now.

  2. Hi Ajay,

    This site will serve as a very useful reference one can look up before travelling.

    I have the following information about the Port Lounge in Ahmedabad, which I used recently. Perhaps you need to change these details.

    Firstly, it is on the air side (accessible after security). Secondly, a lounge card was given for this lounge by Air India when I travelled business class.

  3. Thanks for this info Ajay. Make one correction please. I just returned from Bhubaneshwar yesterday and had gone by your chart and taken my priority pass card for the Mayfair lounge at BBI Airport. Incidently they now accept Mastercard, Visa, Priority Pass and Diners too. They don’t accept American Express any more. Please make this correction in order to help others. Being a Diners Black holder, I took the lounge instead of using my Priority Pass.
    This lounge is small but comfortable. It does not have a buffet style snack option but a rather small menu card with with some puffs, sandwiches, tea/coffee and juice. Visitors using any of the cards can order 1 snack and 1 drink. Anything extra you have to pay for.
    I had used my Diners and had a sandwich and tea. My flight then got delayed and I wanted more. Those guys conveniently told me that if I swiped my other card I would be entitled to another round of 1 snack and 1 drink. I conveniently swiped my Mastercard. Thanks again for this useful chart.

  4. Hi Ajay ,

    One curious thing that i have come across is that while Visa Infinite Cards issued in India get 4 lounge entries per calendar quarter , the visa infinite cards issued in Middle East has unlimited global lounge access for self and one guest throughout the year through LoungeKey. I wonder why this kind of differentiation in the product benefits ; maybe its because the annual fees for the infinite cards issued in India are lesser than those in the middle East .

    I recently got an infinite card in UAE and seeing the benefits of global lounge access i closed my Priority Pass account since it had a limit of 8 free lounge visits in a year .

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