Butter Chicken & Free Water on WOW Air’s India menu!

Earlier this year, WOW air’s announced their foray into the Indian market, offering flights which would allow you to fly to the US for cheap. Delhi – Reykjavik is a 12-hour flight, and you don’t get any free food. Forget free food; you don’t even get free water on this flight.

WOW Air to Delhi

Is a man got to eat right on a 12-hour journey? So to appeal to the local taste, WOW Air’s menu is now going to offer Indian options as well.

Choose from favorites like butter chicken, malai kofta and biryani amongst other options when you pre-book a meal on your WOW Air flight from India. You can pre-book up to 48 Hours before your flight on their website or app. All three options are priced at INR 799. If you for some reason booked the $ 1000 WOW Premium seat, you get a meal without an extra charge.wow air pre-order menu

Now, if it were up to WOW Air, you’d be asked to pay up every time you got thirsty. But as long as they are flying in the Indian airspace, they will have to give you free water. You can thank the DGCA for that. However, once you’re out of the country, be prepared to swipe your credit card for your next drink (of water, of course!).

The flights to and from New Delhi depart in the morning. The flight to Reykjavik pushes back at 7:00 am in the morning. If you never had butter chicken for breakfast, this may be your chance. If anyone for the WOW Air is reading this, may I suggest adding Poha or Upma to the menu? [Ed’s take: Maybe someone needs to take Cholle Bhature in the air, along with priority access to the loo]


WOW Air’s entry into India will let Indians experience the world of no-frills long-haul travel, which is an entirely different ballgame from hopping on and off a quick IndiGo or Spicejet fight. I know we’ve been doing it for a while with Air Asia, but it is going to be one long flight to Iceland. However, you get to eat butter chicken, and that is all that matters.

Do you think local food options would make you consider WOW Air for your next flight to the USA?


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