Allways VIP Meet and Assist: Delhi Airport Terminal 3

One of the annual benefits that come with the Citi Prestige credit card is the 2 complimentary meet and assist service at 30 airports in the Asia-Pacific region.This service is available to the primary as well as add-on cardholders twice every calendar year. In Delhi, the engaged provider for this service is Allways VIP.

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We used a similar service at the CSIA Mumbai Airport (branded Pranaam) and it was a good experience to depart from Mumbai. So we decided to try out the Meet & Greet from Delhi as well.

We booked the service for departure from Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi Terminal 3 on our last trip to Dubai. Booking was fairly simple and all we had to do was write an email to the Citi Prestige concierge team. They requested for basic travel details and got us to voice out the card number on a phone call. Subsequently, they confirmed the meet and assist for the designated time (8 AM) in the morning.

On the day of our departure, the meet and assist team called us at 7 AM in the morning to confirm our time of arrival at the airport. The agent on the other side requested us to arrive at Gate number 2. About ten minutes before arrival, they called again to confirm on our arrival.

VIP Meet and Assist service Delhi Airport

IGIA Terminal 3 departures approach

Once we got out of the car, we couldn’t locate anyone with a nameplate near gate number 2. I’d assumed that someone would be standing with our name placards, though that wasn’t the case. We noticed two people dressed in grey uniform waiting for someone and after asking realised that they were waiting for us.

VIP Meet and Assist service Delhi Airport

The agents were waiting at the gates on our arrival

There was no porter. We just had one large bag and the agent took the bag off Ajay’s hands. The other agent offered to take care of the stroller but I was totally fine to walk it along.

VIP Meet and Assist service Delhi Airport

The agent promptly took Ajay’s bag off his hands

The meet and assist service at Delhi airport is offered by Allways, which is a brand of Plaza Premium. The agents assisted us to enter through gate number 1, which is the visitor’s entry gate after which we headed to the airline counters to check-in. At this point, one of the agents bid us goodbye and advised that the other colleague will help us from there on.

VIP Meet and Assist service Delhi Airport

The agent helped us check-in at the airline counter

Once we finished our check-in, we headed towards immigration. In order to expedite our immigration, the agent put us through the special assistance queue that was empty. Next up was security clearance where he had no leverage (although he tried!) and we had to join the regular economy class queue with other passengers. The agent joined the queue along with us. The agent assisting us was chatty and proactive. Once at the belt he promptly grabbed trays for our laptop. I even noticed him help an old lady with her bags.

After we were done with immigration and security he assisted us to the Plaza Premium lounge. The lounge is located a little off the duty-free area, on the 4th floor. Thanks to the assistance we didn’t waste any time figuring out the way to the lounge.

VIP Meet and Assist service Delhi Airport

On our way to the Plaza Premium lounge B at IGIA Terminal 3

Once on the 4th floor, he helped us getting seated on a seat in the dining section and then informed us that he will be back in time to assist us with boarding.

VIP Meet and Assist service Delhi Airport

Plaza Premium Lounge (IGIA, Terminal 3) Lounge B, Level 4

We were well on time and had an hour to spend in the lounge, so after breakfast, we thought it was best to let him go. Just when I was going to call on the number I saw him sitting at the lounge reception. I simply walked up to him, signed off the service sheet and thanked him for helping us through.

I checked the price of the service on the Allways website, and it came for a cool INR 2400 per passenger without Lounge Access and INR 3700 with Lounge Access.

VIP Meet and Assist service Delhi Airport VIP Meet and Assist service Delhi Airport


I think a meet and assist service is good for times when you are new to an airport and are not sure if you can figure your way around. However, we haven’t had much opportunity using it outside India. I wish Citi would at least add the Middle East to the eligibility as well so that travellers could use it at airports such as Dubai as well.

Overall this was a good service to utilise if you are not familiar with an airport or need quick assistance at busy airport terminals. Both agents were prompt, professional and helpful.

Have you used the Meet & Assist service via the Citi Prestige card? How was your experience?

The Pros

+ Prompt and helpful agents
+ Helps expedite ground handling process



  1. Hi Ajay

    Great review. Is the meet and assist still available at Delhi? i checked with Always and they said its not happening. do you have any other company or someone who has recently used meet and greet?

  2. I have always refrained from using the service here in Delhi , as they don’t provide a ‘buggy’ , which can be quite useful at times when you need to rush , & the walk to the last gate itself might take 15-20 minutes.
    I used it once in Tokyo , which was a fiasco. The concierge failed to advise that the agent would not be present at the gate , and met her only once I exited the airport. I was travelling in a group of friends/relatives & wanted to reach the hotel early to manage the check-in / room preferences. But , the agent had zero communication skills , with no knowledge of English at all. By this time most of the group had already exited , and we all tried our level best to explain to the agent that she could leave , but to no avail.
    I went to the arrival lounge with 3 members of the group , so as to take the help of the lounge staff in conveying my message to the agent , which they gladly did.
    But in the evening , I got a call from the concierge that the agent had sent a BILL of 4 passengers who “availed” the service. This was so shocking , especially when a) We did not use her help at all & b ) we went out of our way to help her understand that she had been relieved of her duties & could leave.
    In the same trip , I used the service again in Seoul , where the agent was so professional , and assisted me right till the end. I reached the hotel earlier , and even managed to get excellent view rooma for all of us.

  3. I had similar experience – though they end up sending only Mercedes C Class for Pick/Drop. No change in car model or make

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