Vietnam’s Bikini Airline will start flights to Delhi!

VietJet, the Vietnamese low-cost airline which swung to fame for having bikini-clad models dance inside their planes, has announced that they will be starting non-stop flights between India and Vietnam later this year. VietJet Delhi – Ho Chi Minh City flights are slated to launch in July 2018.

Vietjet Delhi

Vietjet A320 (Image via Wikipedia)

The airline has announced plans to connect Delhi and Ho Chi Minh City with 4 flights per week, making it the only non-stop flight between the two cities. Jet Airways had launched some flights to Vietnam in 2014, however, those were pulled after a year and a half.


Vietjet operates a fleet of 54 aircraft, exclusively Airbus A320 family so far, including A320, A321 and one Airbus A321neo.

I’d clearly be averse to Vietjet pulling one of their entertainment tricks on this flight, given the nature of some Indian fellows to misbehave on flights. But overall, a great news for low-cost aviation enthusiasts.


  1. Hi Ajay,

    Can you update us by when is VietJet planning to start operations.

    Meaning to book Del-Sgn for Sep-Oct 2018. Would prefer a direct flight!

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Any idea when the booking will start???

    Can see Delhi as an option on website but with no available flights.

  3. Bikini-clad FAs of East Asian appearance and alcohol-consuming men on a flight out of Delhi? Sounds like a recipe for inappropriate “touching” — actually assault — of flight crew members by some passengers.

    Also, there is the issue of the Indian “morality police” brigade — RSS included — hypocritical as it is in various ways.

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