Update: Jet Airways Lounge Access at Mumbai Airport dropped

Yesterday, I wrote about the Jet Airways lounge access situation at Mumbai Airport. Mumbai Airport offers only one option for lounge access to Airlines, which is the GVK Lounge, operated by the airport operator themselves.

Entrance GVK Lounge West Wing Mumbai International Airport Terminal 2

And they are pricey, at about INR 1000 for the domestic lounge, and much much more for the international lounges. The First Class Lounge would buy you a meal at a five-star hotel at that price. As per the airport operator, The East Wing lounge was created mainly at the insistence of Jet Airways, given they are one of the most prominent tenants of the airport. For them, they have a massive battery of premium cabin travellers as well as elites who march out to the lounges every day to put their feet up or get some work done before their flights.

As per news reports, the debate is ongoing about the price that Jet Airways is willing to pay for the lounge access at Mumbai Airport. It seems this situation is going to play out in the public eye here on, which is not helping the brand at all, given people are walking away pissed and hurt.

a sign on a counter

What is hurting is even more that Jet Airways, which usually sends out emails at the drop of a hat to members, is not talking about it to their frequent flyers. Sometimes, getting in front of a situation helps. They are only reacting and not being on the offensive here. I had a reader pass by the international lounge last evening and the same status there as well with no Jet Airways passengers being admitted.

No emails yesterday from Jet Airways, however, there was a mail about the Diwali Sale they have running (actually good!). And they have gone ahead and quietly removed Mumbai, their home, from their Lounge Access page as well.

a screenshot of a email

a screenshot of a computer

Remember, Lounge Access, for whatever it is worth, is one of the biggest perks for frequent flyers and airlines spend a lot of time and money making sure their frequent travellers get a good place on the ground to put their feet up or do business before going on the plane. It is also one of those perks that everyone is using to pull in more customers, including credit card companies.

What has been your experience travelling through Mumbai Airport yesterday with Jet Airways? Did you notice this situation? How has it affected you?

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  1. Pls requested sir I am from India at taminadu Chennai my name registered by reader’s digest indiatoday award winner 2017 ETYL Panchayti ward member educational knowledge people matters higher educational knowledge communication skills thanks

  2. I’ve requested my company to ensure no more booking on 9W. Don’t want to be held up with various cancellations and other issues which I can happening if there is no buyer in the next few weeks.

    Though this does limit options on my most frequent route (BOM-LON) and I can see BA hiking up fares. Air India has the most inconvenient timings for business travellers. Don’t like to travel via gulf. Oh boy !

  3. Is the lounge access revoked even on International flights for Premier guests? I understand domestic, but international should be earning them a lot of money and they can afford to pay for the same.

  4. This seems to be in line with Delta’s policy for international vs domestic lounge access for Skyteam elite members: only while traveling on a sky team international itinerary or connecting from a same day international leg. This actually seems lenient on 9W’s part: they’re only restricting the cheapest fare classes from entering as elites. Perhaps portending a new Skyteam alliance member?

  5. after many years of avoiding BA for my BOM LHR flights, I have finally booked with them. Had no choice. My last flight on 9W will be in a few weeks (heading back from LHR) and then its BA from here on. BA has a rubbish J product but with the current situation at jet (and now no lounges!!), its just getting a bit too silly.

    Previously 9W was competing on prices, but now they are not (cannot?) do that either. So BA was cheaper and the more ‘stable’ choice of the two. Usually I would pay more to fly 9W to LHR given the comfort and space of the seats.

  6. In the last 10years, Jet has posted net profits in 2. Thanks for constant funding it has managed to stay afloat. With the current troubles, remains to be seen how they will manage to survive. For those with a huge stash of JPmiles, it worth to keep a close watch.

    JetPriviledge is a seperate company in itself and ideally shold not impact but hard to say it will unaffected. Airberlin/topbonus is an example.

  7. Seems these guys have stopped even the upgrade options with the vouchers too. Tried to upgrade through vouchers online for an upcoming International travel and did not work out. Called the Customer care guy who says there are no seats available for upgrade. He says, they even have removed the waitlist options as well, and we can’t even upgrade at the counter too. Strange and sad.

    • @KS Rao, that is not correct. The online voucher upgrade works. As long as there is inventory available. Otherwise you have to try at the airport.

      • @Ajay, hope so. I only wish that could just be inventory issue. The guy even denied he can’t upgrade me with points even. I had kept four vouchers for this trip, and I am afraid they could end up wasted

  8. “Sometimes, getting in front of a situation helps” – golden rule if one is in consumer facing business.

    For the first time yesterday, I was charged as a platinum for Jet Advance. While I know there was no official rule regarding waivers for plats, it’s the same old problem with airline, Inconsistent Customer Experience.

    • Last evening I had a 19:15 flight out of Mumbai T2, and I got an SMS at 18:15 saying that lounge access was not available for me.. Boy was I pissed..

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