Who can travel in and out of India? (August 2020 update)

Air traffic in India is closed for the moment, and I foresee it being closed for the time being (don’t shoot the messenger please!). Till August 31, 2020, as per the latest updates, no flights can operate into or out of India, unless they are repatriation flights approved by the Government of India, or charters bringing in Indians and eligible Overseas Indian Citizens back to the country.

Who can enter India as of August 2020?

As per the Indian Government’s last notification issued on June 30, 2020, stranded Indian nationals are allowed to enter the country. Additionally, the following Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) Cardholders are permitted to enter the country as well:

  • Minor children who hold OCI Cards and whose parents are Indian nationals.
  • OCI Cardholders who wish to come to India on account of family emergencies like critical medical conditions of immediate family members or death.
  • Married couples where one spouse is an Indian national and one is an OCI.
  • Students who are OCI Cardholders, where at least one of their parents is an Indian citizen or an OCI Cardholder.

The following categories of foreign nationals have also been permitted to come to India:

  1. Foreign businessmen who are coming to India on a Business Visa [other than on B-3 Visa for sports] in non-scheduled commercial/chartered flights.
  2. Foreign Healthcare professionals, health researchers, engineers and technicians for technical work at Indian health sector facilities, including laboratories and factories. This is subject to a letter of invitation from a recognized and registered healthcare facility, registered pharmaceutical company or accredited University in India.
  3. Foreign Engineering, Managerial, Design or other Specialists who are travelling to India on behalf of foreign business entities located in India. This includes all manufacturing units, design units, software and IT units as well as financial sector companies (banking and non-banking financial sector firms).
  4. Foreign Technical specialists and engineers travelling for installation, repair and maintenance of foreign-origin machinery and equipment facilities in India, on the invitation of a registered Indian business entity. These could be for equipment installation or is under warranty, or for after-sales servicing or repair on commercial terms.
  5. Foreign nationals covered shall have to obtain a fresh Business visa or Employment visa, as applicable, from the Indian Missions/ Posts abroad. Foreign nationals holding a valid long term multiple entry Business visas [other than B-3 visa for sports] issued by the Indian Missions/Posts abroad shall have to get the Business visa re-validated from the Indian Mission/Post concerned. Such foreign nationals will not be permitted to travel to India on the strength of any electronic visa obtained earlier.

Who can travel outside India?

The following people are allowed to travel outside the country at the moment:

Only those people are allowed to travel to the destination countries who are citizens of that country, who have Green Card or Permanent Residency Status or OCI Card or any special status in those countries, those who are stranded in close neighbouring countries and permitted to exit through India. Indian nationals who are holding any type of Visa for that country (other than visa for tourism purpose) if they hold a visa with a minimum residual validity of one month.

All such travel will be entirely at the risk of the person seeking to travel, bearing in mind the existing restrictions on International Travel.

However,  India has made special arrangements with the USA, France, Germany and the UK for now. In addition to Indian carriers, the carriers from these countries are now permitted to operate services between India and their respective countries.

  1. The United States of America: While operating outbound flights from India, both Indian and American carriers are permitted to carry the following passengers:
    1. Indian nationals who are permitted to travel abroad as per the guidelines above and holding valid US visas.
    2. US citizens, legal permanent residents, and foreign nationals holding valid US visas.
  2. France and Germany:
    1. Indian nationals who are permitted to travel abroad as per the guidelines above and destined for EU.
    2. Seamen of foreign nationalities; Seamen of Indian origin would be allowed subject to clearance from the Ministry of Shipping.
    3. Stranded EU nationals/residents, foreign nationals destined for Europe and transiting through France or Germany (as applicable) or spouses of these persons, whether accompanying or otherwise.
  3. United Kingdom:
    1. Indian nationals who are permitted to travel abroad as per the guidelines above and are destined for the UK.
    2. Stranded UK nationals/residents, foreign nationals transiting through UK or spouses of these persons, whether accompanying or otherwise
    3. Seamen of foreign nationalities; Seamen of Indian origin would be allowed subject to clearance from the Ministry of Shipping.

Can you travel to the US with a B1/B2 Visa?

There seems to be much confusion on this aspect of travelling to the USA. Remember, the US is open and is letting in most visa holders, including B1/B2 visa holders from eligible countries (for instance there is a ban on arrivals from Brazil). The confusion seems to be on the Indian end in this case, hence. While the advisory published does not have anything against Indians travelling to the US, I’ve still picked up sporadic evidence from Social Media to assure you it is possible both on Air India and United.

a screenshot of a social media post a screenshot of a phone


This is the current situation of travelling inside and outside of India at the moment. If there is something I missed out, do share in the comments and I will try and update that in the article. I hope this clarifies everything about how to fly international in and out at this time when the Indian borders are closed.

Have you travelled in or out of India recently? What has been your experience like?

(Disclaimer: Things are evolving fast, so do make your own checks before travel as well!)

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  1. Can I travel to Canada from India by crossing the land border with the US instead? I am a Canadian permanent resident with a valid B1/B2 USA visa
    I am looking at options to avoid the mandatory hotel quarantine. Has anyone travelled to the US from India and then travelled to Canada crossing the land border? Did you face any issues with the US border officials or the Canadian border officials at the respective port of entries?

  2. I need some urgent information from anyone who has recently travelled to USA on b1/b2.
    1. Was there any issue while boarding either A1 or UI?
    2. What are the specific questions by US immigration officers in US regarding the purpose of visit?
    3. Are they checking your travel itinerary?
    I am in the possession of a valid B1/B2 visa & looking for travelling in Feb-2021.

  3. Has anyone flown to Canada from India through FRA by Lufthansa recently on a Work visa?

    I have work visa and work permit approval letters along with Job offer and intending to fly in Mar with my wife (open work visa) and my child (visitor visa). As per the IRCC website I come under the exception, hence can travel but Lufthansa customer care executives in India are saying I won’t be allowed to board.

    Please suggest.

  4. Hello everyone. I’m on F-1 post completion OPT valid upto May 2021. I’ve booked from my flight to India from the US on Nov 27th and return on Jan 4th through British Airways. I’m a bit worried if I’m allowed to travel and return back as I’m confused about what “stranded Indian nationals” mean exactly and if I fall under that category and also about re-entry to the US as I’ll have a layover in the U.K. Please advise me on this urgently.

    • Hi Sourabh,

      I am on my opt and it ends in July 2021. Same scenario and booked the tickets through British Airways and scheduled on Dec 23rd. so just wanted to check how did your journey went to India? Kindly let me know

      • Hi Emma
        Did you get an answer about this? Will you be able to travel? I am unable to get any good information

      • Hi!
        So I was in the same boat but from Germany.
        I filled all the paperwork required and did all the registrations and had a negative test.
        They checked the documents and issued me boarding cards from Germany to Chennai transiting via London.
        And there were lots of Indians on the flight.
        UK is not in EU or Schengen so it should be similar for you as well.
        Just call the US BA customer service and ask.
        The German one told me that lots of Indians have been traveling from Germany via BA without problems

  5. US Visa clarification


    A. From India to USA
    i. US citizens, legal permanent residents, and foreign nationals holding valid US visas;
    ii. Any Indian national holding any type of valid US visa. It would be for the airlines concerned to ensure that there is no travel restriction for Indian nationals to enter USA with the particular visa category before issue of ticket/ boarding pass to the Indian passenger

    ‘Indian citizens can now travel to countries with which air bubble arrangements have been finalised by MoCA on any type of visa.”

    Until now, only certain groups of people in India, those who hold residency status visas, were able to fly out of India. Now, for the first time, three international destinations have opened up for travelers holding any kind of visa.

  6. Is it possible to fly DEL-LAX-DEL with JAL on a B1/B2? Is quarantine mandatory in LAX, CA?

    I need to go to Mex city asap upon arrival at LAX; can i get an onward flight from LAX?

    Thanks in anticipation.

  7. Hello All,
    Need your valuable suggestions.
    I and my spouse Indian citizen are working in Singapore and holding EP, we plan to travel to USA from Singapore to meet our son who studies there and return back to Singapore. We hold a B1/B2 visa. So just needed an update that can we travel on other than United airlines such as Qatar, Emirates, Singapore airline or need to travel on United only, as could read that Indians can travel only on AI or UA to USA.

  8. Is there any quarantine requirement for those who are travelling for tourism purpose? Is immigration officer asking for RT-PCR certificate from tourist who are going to stay in hotel?

    • Urvesh, My parents travelled from Vadodara-Delhi-Chicago on 1st November on B1/B2. There is absolutely No requirement at all to have any PCR test report. immigration officer will NOT ask any test result. also there is no such requirement of staying quarantine. it is as normal as of you will be travelling before Covid time. Hope it helps you

      • Thank you very much Neal,
        But the point here is that, your parents must have travelled & straight away gone to a relative’s home where they can easily stay. They must not have gone for touring. My query is related to touring. If we mention that we are visiting US for touring purpose, they may consider it in different way & may ask to get quarantined. It would be great if anyone here can guide me on this.

        • Hi Urvesh.. I live in USA for about 14 Years. Immigration authorities does not discriminate on the types of Visa and the Purpose. My Parents travelled on B1/B2 and it is called tourist/Visitor visa. if you have a valid US visa they can’t deport you. Tourism here in the USA is Open. when officer ask the purpose of travel – just say I want to Visit different places here and experience the culture. also add that I will meet my friends and family whom are well settled here in different cities. just keep some of them phone number and address and inform that about your travel plan. keep Hotel booking and return flight ticket handy to show office wjen required. Don’t worry and travel safe

            • Hi Neal,
              In an another group on Telegram, someone commented that right now there is a ban in US for tourist. I don’t know how authentic this info is. Can you help me on this?

              • Hey, I have a B1/B2 visa type and traveling to the US at the end of November’20 via British Airways. I have already booked the tickets, but now I just found out, that only two airlines are operational for Tourist Visa types – AI and UI. Is it true?

                • Hi Vansh.

                  Re: only two airlines are operational for Tourist Visa types – AI and UI. Is it true?

                  I’m in the same/similar boat and booked with Qatar, and doubtful now… the airlines says they are aware of no such issues and that if i have a problem at the airport and cannot fly, they will refund/re-book for free.

                  So, what did you find out?

                  • As far as i know,
                    Indian Citizens are allowed to travel to USA on any type of VISA. Only restriction being, it has to be direct flight to USA. USA has restricted travel from certain countries and regions and european schengen countries and UK are one of these. The issue that only Air India and United are allowed to transport persons holding valid visitor visas is due to the same fact. They are maybe the only airlines flying direct to USA from India.

      • Hi Neal,

        I’m looking to travel to US on a B1/B2 visitor visa. Can I fly with any airline – Qatar, Virgin Atlantic or only with Air India/United?

        Your early response will be much appreciated.

        • Hi Sierra, i searched flights between DEL to LAX on Qatar on their website. not seeing any flights they are running. though flights from Doha to Chicago and LAX are running. just give it a try as you will get refund or rebook if you are not able to fly.

            • Hi,

              My wife is not well and we are planing to bring our Mother in Law as I am not able to take care of her myself. My Mother in Law left US on Dec 2nd 2020 and will there be a problem if she travels in jan 1st week to USA (SFO).

              Do i need to give her any written letter to show at port of entry?

  9. I am a US citizen and have 10 year Multiple entry tourist visa for India. My mom is seriously ill in India. Can I come to India in Nov/Dec 2020 timeframe. thanks

  10. Hello All,

    I will be traveling to India in Dec and am on F1 Visa (OPT). I have booked tickets via British Airways (LAX-LHR-BOM) and returning in first week of Jan. Should I cancel my tickets as I am hearing now that Indian pp holders are not allowed through London? Also does British Airways charge for cancellation?

  11. Hello everyone I saw a lot if posts about parents traveling from India to the US. Were there any health complications due to covid 19 ? Is everyone who traveled in a healthy state now? Please let me know. My parents are planning to travel November second week through aur india and I can’t help but worry.

    Thank you!

  12. Hi
    My parents are green card holders and need to fly back to the US from Chennai. Can they fly on British Airways from Chennai to Dfw with a layover in London? I was told by BA that Indian nationals are not allowed to fly to the UK even if they are green card holders.

    Who would know the answer. They already tried to fly on BA this past week and we’re not allowed to get on.

    Please help.

  13. Hello Friends,

    I booked a tour of USA in the month of Feb’20 for my travel in May’20. Unfortunately, I had to postpone it as cancellation would have costed a lot. Now my tour agent is offering me revised tour plan during Diwali saying that entire USA is open now & there are no concerns in travelling in any part of USA. I am confused what should I do. I am holding valid B1/B2 visa. Will there be any problem in touring USA? I am not talking of health related problem as it can be handled, I am talking of legal problems while going to USA & returning back to India. Please suggest.


    • Legal problems?
      I think you meant port entry at the US airport, yes they will ask you some standard questions but there are no restrictions in the many states of the US but some states have, please do check.

      You can look into this CNN article – https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/us-state-travel-restrictions-covid-19/index.html

      If this is first-time travel to the US, I would avoid it for now and the reason being placed to roam around and chill are not the same. You will not get the same US travel experience as would have gotten in Feb.

    • Urvesh, I already replied you on your earlier question. please take a look. at this moment you can travel to USA on B1/B2 without any problem. you will not have any problem in India immigration and in US immigration. USA has never stopped any valid visa holder from India except H1b who needs actual stamp on their passport

  14. Hello,

    I need to travel to India from US, from Houston. I am an Indian citizen on H1B. can I travel by Lufthansa via Frankfurt or BA via London? I need to go to Chennai.

    Or should I only take flight from Chicago to DEL/BOM. Kindly please help.


  15. I need to travel to US for a month on a B1/B2 visa. Couple of questions. Does one have to go through the institutional and/or home quarantine after landing in the US despite having covid -ve test report? I believe one also has to get covid -ve report before embarking the flight to India. Any idea on ballpark cost of covid test in US? Thanks much for the response.

  16. Can I book the return ticket to US through the Airfrance. I head news that H1B visa holders can not travel from India to US through France. Appreciate your response. Thanks

    • @Naga, err, you answered your own question. Only non-Indian passport holders can go via transit. Indian passport holders have to go Nonstop on India – USA

    • I did travel to US from India via Air France(layover in Paris) in 2019 on H1B visa. There is an exception for H1 holders and you can check that on Air France website. (Not sure about current policies)

      • @Abhishek, we are talking Air Bubbles here, these are not normal times. Please don’t advise people of things you don’t know. Sorry if I come across as rude because that is not the intention, but being straightforward is.

  17. I am Indian student in USA. Can I travel from Boston to Delhi and back on F-1 visa ? I am planning to travel.in December.

    Is there anything to worry about?

  18. Hi,
    I have some info to offer as well as a question to ask. US citizen with OCI. I travelled on an air bubble flight in early September, on Air France from Delhi to Atlanta via Amsterdam. I had a valid current passport but did not carry my old passport. My OCI had the old passport number which I could not update in India. Since I got the OCI after 50, the best info on the Indian embassy sites is that OCI does not have to be renewed. Some say the old passport needs to be carried as well, but not others. I did not have it and was questioned on exiting until I convinced them of my bona fides. After booking a return on Air France, this time via Paris, I found just before flying that they were not boarding those whose OCI was not updated with the current passport. I cancelled and explored getting it updated but found the procedure cumbersome, especially since CKGS, the outsourcing partner of the embassy, has ended its gvt contract, was not available to contact and disclaims all.liability for the safekeeping of the documents. The OCI is a stand alone card that is not stamped into the passport. I fail to see why I need to carry the old passport. I will be carrying a copy of the old passport, a notarized affidavit that I can produce the original if needed in India, all supporting documents from the original OCI application, a letter describing the medical condition of my dad, for whom I am a caretaker, my current valid US passport, my OCI, my completed application for renewal and the correspondence showing CKGS’ lack of response, as well as forum posts showing how broken the application process is. Question- will this be enough to board me in a transit lounge in Paris or Amsterdam, as well as get me into Delhi? I will be carrying a Covid Neg certificate and the other declarations in that respect.


    • @Christine, it might be no trouble at all or it might be a lot of trouble. Best to contact the Indian consulate/embassy and have them say this is no problem to board.

      • I did contact the Atlanta consulate which simply said I fell into the category of those who did not need to renew. They did not reply to my question of whether the old passport was needed. I wrote to the MEA and got no reply. Do you know if these requirements apply to land entry as well?

  19. I am planning to fly on B1/B2 visa to Detroit from Bangalore in the 3rd week of November. Buy there is no direct flight to US from Bangalore. Can i take a transit in Paris flying Air France??

      • I am trying to book on United’s website, but reservations are not going through and their customer service is also not working.

    • I and my family took a trip from Delhi to New York yesterday on b1 B2 Visa to Agra, there was no problem of any kind. Any brother can travel well. There is no interruption of any kind.

    • I and my family took a trip from Delhi to New York yesterday on b1 B2 Visa to there was no problem of any kind. Any brother can travel well. There is no interruption of any kind.only Book united airline

    • As per the ministry of Civil Aviation In India, only American Airlines can operate between US and India, except United airlines.

      British Airways or Air France are not permitted. I too booked through British Airways for travel in December 2020; but had to cancel the ticket. Moreover, it takes more than 3 months to receive your refund.

      • wasn’t your ticket British Airways operated by American Airlines? I have booked my tickets with them too for December, did they give you full refund? or any cancellation fees applied?

  20. Hi,

    I’m an US Citizen with OCI . I need to accompany my Mom who is an Indian Citizen to India . Can i board a BA flight from US to Chennai OR my only option is to fly United or Air India to Delhi and then board a domestic flight to Chennai ?

    Please advise.


  21. Hello Ajay and all, thanks for the information, very helpful.

    I have a question – I am a USA citizen with OCI card. Can I travel to India with a COVID negative result, and come back, let’s say in a week?

    Do I need to complete 14 days quarantine if I have the COVID negative test?

    Thank you in advance.

  22. I have an emergency situation for which I need to travel to India- northeast for 2 weeks max. I am booking flights from SFO-DEL (will do the Covid test prior) and then connecting flight the next day morning. Now, my questions are regarding the quarantine rules:

    1: Does my quarantine period start after I land to Delhi or I reach my hometown which is the next day? Do the authorities check where my end destination is and keep track?

    2: If my return flight is a day after my official 14 day quarantine period ends, then will I be subject to questions/ investigation at Delhi Airport and SFO? How far do the airport authorities go in scrutinizing travelers? Need to say I have to come back ASAP unless I catch COVID or any other disease.

    Will highly appreciate your experiences. Thanks so much

  23. Hi guys, I’m in such an emotional slump and i need some clarity.
    I’m an Indian citizen with a valid B1/B2 visa and my boyfriend lives in SFO whose H1B just recently got picked. I’ve travelled 4-5 times in the past 2 years to see him with no issues except for the last time where they asked me why i come so often but as advised by everyone i always just mention to see friends.
    It’s been a year since we’ve met. I want to book a direct flight from Delhi to SFO but i’m scared about being questioned about the urgency of my travel if i don’t mention i want to meet my boyfriend. What kind of questions do i expect?

      • When i was asked why i come so often the last time, the immigration officer typed something and sent me inside for more questioning. Although later they were convinced, It’s traveling in these unprecedented times making sense is what i’m worried about. I’m worried about justifying what could possibly be urgent enough to take the risk of travelling right now.

        • @shanaya , you don’t need to worry at all , people have different opinions but u can read my posts in this blog . I gave the same reason that I’m visiting my friend in SFO and flew from Mumbai via Newark they only ask me questions on my stay and purpose and it was my first time visit but what I got is 6 months stay . So go ahead and book ur flight . Safe travels

    • 4-5 times in 2 years in not that frequent, they are raising the eyebrow because of visiting friends part and this time you have gap of 1 year BUT you can’t use visiting friends line this time.
      You have to mentioned that you haven’t meet your boyfriend in past year and you are visiting him in this difficult time.

        • No!
          You are visiting your boyfriend, what is wrong with that?
          See if you visit 5 times in 2 years just for seeing friends that raise a question that how free is this person and how rich is this person to afford this much travel.

          Also depends upon no of days you stay in US in those 4-5 times.

          My colleagues visit US twice in a quarter but those are business visit on B1/B2 for 10 days stays and haven’t be questioned once.

  24. Indian citizens of any visa can travel to usa but only particular visa catagories of us citizens can fly to India. When will the suspension on existing tourist visas be lifted??? I’m us citizen with a 10 year multiple entry tourist visa and I’m hoping to return to India soon..

  25. Hi All,

    This post has been very helpful and informative. I have a quick question on the travel for my brother who takes the Air India flight Del – Newark on 7th October on a tourist visa. Does he have to take a COVID test when he lands? I know that he would have to while going back. I see a lot of travelers from United not taking any tests. The Air India staff says that on arrival they might get you tested and follow IQ procedures. Could someone provide guidance/advice on this?

    • @Naren, Just ignore what Air india staff says. They are not aware of the real situation on the ground. Covid Test is NOT required in india as well as USA. Air india staff will not even ask for anything except visa on passport. also upon arrival in USA there is no such test performed. not even temperature check

      • Thanks.
        Also any idea what’s the best way to get a covid test done for your family member on the way back? Any regular clinic or its better to get an insurance to cover that up?

        • What do you mean on their way back? In USA? you don’t need to go for Covid test unless having a symptoms. here in USA the rules have changed for test. you need to qualify first in term of Symptoms or your physician recommend to to have it tested then only it is performed. in short you are not doing any testing unless you have Symptoms of Covid,Period.

      • Ajay sir, I have booked a flight to USA on October 14, but today an agent came to know that he returns from Delhi. No, please, please confirm once.my visa B1 B2

  26. hi

    what is the situation , travelling from usa to india particularly northeast like assam ?
    as of oct 4 , 2020?
    need to go for importantly .

    • @Santos, Book a flight from the USA to Del/BOM and connect to Assam or wherever you need to go. Book a direct flight on AI/United if possible.

  27. Hi,

    I am planning to travel from Delhi to US – SFO Airpot (San Francisco) and then taxi to Santa Clara, I will be on B1/B2 visa.
    Is there any quarantine rule I have to follow upon arrival at SFO?

    • No need to quarantine as of now, I travelled from Mumbai to SFO last week on the same class of visa and I didn’t quarantine myself .

      • Hi Jaspreet

        I live in SFO and My parents are in Mumbai. I heard that Indian nationals are not allowed to fly to USA via Europe. Is that true ?

        Hitesh B

    • Quarantine is not mandatory here in USA. you can do self quarantine if you wish to protect your family members for 14 days but it is not required as such by law

    • I have come to SFO from DEL on 24th Aug 2020 with BI/B2 visa. There was no temperature checking, No quarantine, No Covid 19 test. Just everything is normal. No need to worry.

  28. Hello I need help from you guys.
    I want to visit my sister she lives in Texas and I really want to go there.
    My queries are-
    1. Can I get the USA B2 visa in this covid situation are they allowing us to get that visa.
    2. If they are then what things do I need to get to go there.
    3. Tourists are allowed?
    Please Help

  29. Hi All,

    My parents are planning to travel to USA on B1/B2 VISA during October 3rd week? After reading the blog I understood that USA government doesn’t have any travel restrictions. But I heard that Indian government does not allow people on B1/B2 to travel out of India. Can anyone please confirm me on this?

    Best Regards, Jai Shree Krishna

    • @Pavan, no such thing as Government of India not allowing people out of India on B1/B2. Where are you getting that impression from?

    • Hi All
      I am planning to travel on B1/B2 visa to US for 20 days. What precautions are required.

    • Hi Pavan, Did your parents made it to U.S ? My parents are in similar situation traveling from India to US on B1/B2 Visa.. Are they letting people from India to travel to US ? PLEASE ADVICE..

  30. Hi
    I am travelling US with B1 visa, So I want include my wife and Kid as well.

    But My wife and kid does not have B1/B2 visa. Please advise can i get B1/B2 visa now.

  31. Hi,

    Anyone one if my parents can travel from INDIA to USA with valid B1/B2 visa? I am here in US on H1 Visa. Travel plan is in October.

    Thanks in Advance.

    • Yes they can travel on B1/B2 visa as I get from this blog and my friends. My mother will be travelling in October too on B1/B2 visa. Are your parents coming from Delhi?

      • Hi,

        Are your parents still traveling from Delhi to USA in October? My mother in law wants to come visit us in Portland. We are looking for someone to travel with her. She is concerned about being stopped since she in on a Visitor visa.

  32. Hello all. Is anyone traveling to USA from Delhi in next two weeks. My mother in law is 75+ years old and want to visit us in Florida, USA. She holds B1/B2 visa. Though she will have wheelchair assistance but it will be really reassuring for her to have someone on board whom she can speak in Hindi in case of any emergency. Thanks in advance.

      • Thanks for the reply Neal. I was thinking of booking the ticket for my mother in law with your parents but it is too soon for her to prepare. Thanks once again for replying.

      • Hi,
        Could you please share your feedback on the flight travels and any issues for parents travelling to US from India?


        • @ Veena, There is absolutely no issues at all to travel on B1/B2 as long as you book direct non stop flight. I have booked Air India from Delhi to Chicago. My Parents travelled on B1/B2 visa without any issue. don’t worry they will get here very easily. No Covid test required. just book direct flight

      • Neal, what airlines did your parents take to get here in US ? My parents are suppose to travel at end of OCT from Delhi to chicago on B1/ B2 Visa.. Getting a lot mixed responses on people traveling from India to US..can you please advise ? Your response is appreciated!!

        • @ Abdul, I have booked Air India from Delhi to Chicago. My Parents travelled on B1/B2 visa without any issue. don’t worry they will get here very easily. No Covid test required. just book direct flight

      • @Neal, wondering if your parents got into the States safely. Could you please let me know any details related to their travel and did they have to take any tests?

        • @Diviya, They successfully reached in USA. you don’t need any Covid test results in india or USA. US immigration stamped 6 months validity on their passport with B1/B2 visa Category. just book non stop direct flight

  33. I am travelling from Delhi to Chicago on 1st Oct 2020 on B1/B2 Visa via Air India direct flight. I will share my experience for those of you have lots of confusion/Questions on the process. Thank you!

  34. Hello Ajay and Thank you for this info. However, I have some questions based on what I read from this link :


    August 11, 2020

    As of 8:00 am, August 11, 2020, India reported 2,268,675 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 across 27 States and Union Territories in India. Of these cases, 639,929 are considered active, 1,583,489 have recovered, and there have been 45,257 deaths.

    Information for U.S. Citizens Entering India:

    Indian Visas and OCI Card Information:

    All Indian visas issued to nationals of any country prior to March 13, 2020 (except those issued to Diplomats, Official passport holders, those in UN/International organizations, those on Employment, Project visas and those who are operating aircrew of scheduled commercial airlines) and who had not yet entered India, stand suspended.

    If you have an urgent need to travel to India, you must apply at the Indian consulate nearest your residence. Currently, only certain types of emergency visas are being issued.

    So here are my Questions :

    1. From what resource did you get this info?
    2. I’m a US Citizen with OCI. Due to COVID, Would I face any Immigration problem while travelling from USA to India? Do I need to take any additional action for this?

    Awaiting your reply. Thanks!

    • @Parth please read up on the Air bubble between India and USA and that should answer your questions. This is the old US advisory. As you would also read all over this thread, people have had success travelling from India to USA and back. The benefit of being an OCI for you is you can actually travel on, lets say Virgin Atlantic via LHR as well which is not an option available to Indian passport holders.

  35. Hello, my father is a US citizen (doesn’t have OCI Card) and mother has a US green card with Indian citizenship.

    My question is can my father travel to India? I am assuming mother can go to India as she has Indian nationality.

    Please advise. Thank You!

  36. Hi Ajay,

    My mother (Indian citizen) is looking to visit the US on a tourist visa to visit me because I am a minor US citizen (US born)- suppose she travels via direct flight to USA, would she face any problems through immigration stating her reason for visit? And does she need to get covid tested for proof before travelling from India?

  37. Hey Ajay ,

    I hold valid b1/b2 visa , I want to visit my spouse she is working on L1b in USA

    Can I travel , what kind of document I need to carry.

    • @Ananey no documents required really. Just remember the non-stop flights between India and USA are the only ones you should book under the air bubble. US is open for arrivals.

  38. Hi,

    I have a quick question and need your help. Currently I am working in US on L1 visa and planning to travel to India in November for my marriage. Will I face any challenges while entering the US again?

    As I am aware, international travel is allowed in the US based on family separation claws. Are they also considering marriage in it?

    Thanks in advance!

    Best Regards,

  39. Hi,

    I am an indian passport holder with B1/B2 visa.Will there be an issue at immigration if i book my flight from United or Air India. i wanted to visit US to see my uncle who is medical not fit. He is not my first blood relation. Please advise

  40. This blog is very much helpful and even I was so much confused holding a b1/b2 wanted to travel to USA . After reading Ajay’s comment my confidence was 100 percent and I booked United airlines from Bom to sanfransico via Newark , They asked me few questions on purpose of visit and about my stay and granted 6 months of visa , flight was very smooth with meals and drinks on-board , no need for Covid test , hope this comment is helpful for those willing to travel

    • Hello Jaspreet,
      How was the process in India? I am trying to get my mother in law to USA. She is 75 years old and will be traveling alone in assisted wheelchair. Someone told me that there are quite a bit of paperwork at Indian airport before departing, is it true? I really appreciate your response, thanks

      • Hello tripti in my case no questions were asked at Bombay airport no extra supporting documents , I only provided my passport and visa and also the immigration at India was quite smooth. You can book with united airlines , she won’t have any problems .

    • Hey buddy ,

      Could you please tell what purpose you stated for your travel .

      What kind of question asked on immigration.

      Also I you was visiting to USA to meet someone is that person hold green card or us citizen .
      In my case my wife is on work permit non immigrant visa , I want to visit her can I do that.

    • Hey Jasprit ,

      Could you please tell what purpose you stated for your travel .

      What kind of question asked on immigration.

      Also I you was visiting to USA to meet someone is that person hold green card or us citizen .
      In my case my wife is on work permit non immigrant visa , I want to visit her can I do that

    • Hi Jaspreet,

      I am also planning to travel to the US on B1/B2 visa as on Business Travel.
      From Del to SFO.
      Could you please state what kind of questions cbp officers are asking this time on port entry?

    • Hi Jaspreet,

      i read your comment just silly question i am trying to book a ticket for my parents New Delhi to Boston and they are going to have layoff on Doha Qatar.
      Does it make any difference just curious. Thanks for any info.

  41. HI ,
    My mom is in India and she has visitor visa of US.
    We want her to travel to us here in SFO.
    I tried to check multiple times with airIndia if she is eligible to onboard flight and any additional documents she required to carry to make process smooth,but everytime I get different response LIKE take covid report with you ,take permission from embassy, sometimes they said its not mandatory, sometimes they said its upto immigration we just give ticket and boarding pass.

    I m very much confused in case my mother has to return from airport ,it will be pretty hard for her at her age.Please let me know if any one traveled recently on visitor visa without any problems or additional documents.

  42. Hi,
    My Mom is in India, she lives alone and She has a B1/B2 visa. I am on H4 visa. I have already rebooked twice with etihad. I am planning to book for her again in October through eithad. Will she have any problem with immigration? I am really confused.

  43. hello,

    i would like to know can my kid having X-1 visa, can travel to India along with Indian origin? NO OCI, only Entry Visa (X-1)


  44. Hi,

    I am expecting a baby in December first week and planning to bring my parents(they hold B2 visa) in the first week of November.
    1) Are there any restrictions for them to enter USA?
    2) Any specific/recommended airlines to take? Ethiad has resumed operating flights or should we go with Air India?

  45. Has anyone with Diabetes travelled to USA from Mumbai? I need to travel in 10 days since my green card is expiring. But due to COVID 19 and my diabetes it is very hard to decide whether to travel or not?

    1. Is traveling for renewing green card considered essential travel?
    2. Is there any other alternative so I can postpone green card renewal due to my underlying condition of diabetes?
    3. Or should I consider taking precautions and still travel.

  46. Hey, i am an Indian Citizen with valid B1B2 visa and i want to fly to Chicago with my family to celebrate diwali in november with my uncle who lives alone. I know we can book tickets through Air India/United, but i am really confused about the fact that what if immigration denies the entry. And is there any chance that indian immigration would not let us fly or something.
    Please reply, it will be a great help. Also, we need a 14 day quarantine as well?

    • @Deeparthi, don’t book tickets so far. Book closer to the date, and definitely after September. First let’s see how international travel is opening up or not in October. Monitor the situation for about 20 days?

  47. I’m a US citizen here in India on B2 visa. If I go to US in November, would I lose my Indian visa? Would I be able to return To India on this visa?

  48. Hi! So I was curious about whether or not indians with tourist visas were being permitted into the USA via tranfer/transit flights. I read somewhere they were only allowing travellers in via direct flights and it’s all been rather confusing. I plan on flying with etihad this october but am afraid to book a ticket because of the very same confusion.

    Anyone with any insight would be doing me a great favour.

    • @Pavithra, just book a ticket with Air India/United and fly non-stop to the USA if you really need to go. Other options are all shaky for Indians for now.

      • Dear Ajay
        Please reply..
        My self Indian citizen currently in Canada on visit visa and now I want to travel to usa I have B1B2 valid visa, please advise me can i travel from Canada.
        Awaiting for your reply
        Thanks & Best Regards
        Stay safe
        Arun Joshi

      • Hello Ajay,

        My Inlaws have a tourist visa, they are currently in India, and would like to travel to the U.S. What airline should I book the ticket and are there any restrictions or instructions.

  49. Hi Ajay,

    I tried calling United, airindia, Lufthansa asking if they are allowing b1 b2 visa to book a ticket, but they aren’t allowing

    I know I see many people are going on the same visa from United, so what’s the catch. !

    Why aren’t they officialy saying they are allowing ?

    I need to travel in October 1st week !

  50. Passenger is holding a canada passport along with OCI.
    He’s looking to travel from toronto to mumbai Via london .
    Will he required a visa to transit heathrow .

  51. Please advise
    My self Indian citizen currently in Canada on visit visa and now I want to travel to usa I have B1B2 valid visa, please advise me can i travel from Canada.
    Awaiting for your reply
    Thanks & Best Regards
    Stay safe
    Arun Joshi

  52. Hello!

    I am a medical graduate applying for medical residency program this March. I have completed the required USMLE examinations and need to travel to USA for attending interviews. The Hospitals roll out interviews starting from November. I have a valid B1/B2 visa.
    Am i Allowed to travel?
    Thank you.

  53. Hi .. I am a valid b1 b2 US visa holder and considering to visit Chicago to meet my son in this month . Can I travel on British airways (BA 142/ 1544) from Delhi with layover at Heathrow airport London.

  54. Dear Sir,
    My self Indian citizen currently in Canada on visit visa and now I want to travel to usa I have B1B2 valid visa, please advise me can i travel from Canada.
    Awaiting for your reply
    Thanks & Best Regards
    Stay safe
    Arun Joshi

  55. Hello,
    we have j1 visa my mother in law have valid b2 visa she was with us in usa till dec 2019 .she can come now? from Chennai to washing don DC .Please reply

  56. I hold a valid b1/b2 and I also checked with united airlines I just need to travel to USA for visit , I have read somewhere that it has to be a medical emergency or for humanitarian reasons but was published on us Poland mission website , can you plz clarify ajay it will be a big help ?

  57. I have a B1b2 visa but my son doesn’t.. we need to travel to USA in oct 2020.. can I apply for his B1b2 visa this month so we can travel in oct?

  58. It is good that Oci card holders can travel to India.When will the Indian Ministry allow Indian origin people with multiple entry visitor visa to travel to India?

  59. Hi
    I am US Citizen. My parents are India Citizen and they hold B1/B2 visa. I am planning to bring them in USA on October 2020. I checked United airline from Mumbai to Newark USA.

    01. Are they allowed by Indian Immigration to board the flight from Mumbai?
    02. Are they allowed by US Immigration to enter into the USA?

  60. Hi Aditi,

    I am also considering travelling to the US on a B1/B2 visa to meet my partner. How are you going about this? Have you faced any issues?

    Look forward to your response!

    • I was wondering. I want to travel to India where currently my fiancé resides. I am a Us citizen and he was born and raised in India. He wants me to head over, but due to the Covid 19, I know there are more restrictions than ever before. Just want to know if I can obtain an Indian Visa now and if I could travel over there in Mid October. Let me know if there is hope and a possibility to fly over?

  61. I am originally from India, a Canadian citizen now, have a multiple visitors visa valid till 2025, would like to fly to hyderabad, India, in November 2020, on British airways – toronto/London/Hyderabad.

    1. Has India lifted international travel ban into India now? Is British airways flying into Hyderabad?

    2. Will I need to quarantine in India for 14 days on arrival?

    • @Coralie, what might be true now might change in November 2020. So, request you to check back more like in October to see how things have changed.

  62. Hello All,
    Need your valuable suggestions.
    Me and my spouse are planning to go to India thru Vande Bharat Mission. Not worried about quarantine. As long as i’m there to take care of my family.
    I’m on H1-b with approved I-797 and my US visa got expired quite long ago).
    Here are my questions:
    1. Can I come back to US in Jan-2021, once I get my visa stamped?
    2. What challenges would I see when I go for stamping in Jan 2021 or earlier?
    3. I have to support my client for couple of days and planning to take leave for almost 1.5 to 2 months, will that be an issue?

  63. Hello,

    We would like get our mother over to US ( JFK, NY) from Visakhapatnam, India. She is an Indian passport holder with valid US tourist Visa. Based on the comments and the recent news, it looks like she is eligible to travel to US at this time. Air India has flight from Visakhapatnam to Delhi ( AI 452 – arriving in Delhi at 23:00) and then DEL-JFK (AI 101 – Departing Delhi at 02:00). Does anyone know of the experience of taking these flights ? Wanted to understand if there are any formalities (Covid testing/screening in Visakhapatnam airport) or she will need to get that kind of testing done in Delhi airport ( the layover is only 3 hours). She will need wheel chair access as she can not walk long distances with the carry on baggage.
    Any insight/experience will be greatly appreciated.

      • Thanks Ajay.

        Is there anyone who took a flight out of Visakhapatnam to travel to US via Delhi ? I would like to know their experience.

        Thanks in advance.

    • Hello All,

      Wanted to post an update that my mother was able to travel from Visakhapatnam and arrived in JFK yesterday. They checked her in at Visakhapatnam as thru check-in and gave boarding passes for both flights. Air India flight from Visakhapatnam to Del was very convenient to connect into Del – JFK. She did not have to fill in any documents except for the Health Declaration form that comes up at the time of web checkin. There were no issues in Delhi airport ( we have requested for wheel chair, so they promptly assisted her in all three airports).
      JFK immigration questioned her a bit on purpose of visit and length of stay, but ended up permitting 6 months stay.
      Thanks Ajay for your information and responses.

      • Thank you for this comment, Subramanyam. My in-laws are also planning to travel to the US in November on B1/B2 tourist visa. The would be travelling from Bangalore – Seattle. Do you recommend booking the tickets only in Air India or are we allowed to book in other flights as well (as I saw that ticket booking now open in British airways/ Etihad etc.)? Thank you.

        • I think Ajay was suggesting to others that it is better to wait for travel in Nov as rules could be changing and I agree with his assessment. Within current environment, it is best to have a direct flight to US, either Air India or United. I guess we have to wait and see if things change in Nov.

  64. Hi,
    I have L1-B Visa since Sep’2019 but never traveled to US since then. I was suppose to join my company in Apr’2020 but then lockdown pushed the plan. I am now planning to travel on 1st Oct’2020, has someone with a new L1-B VISA traveled to US recently?
    My attorney has confirmed that from VISA i should be OK as VISA was issued before latest proclamation order, but i am not sure if i need to take any other doc from company (other than Joining letter)

  65. Hi, my wife is an Indian citizen, I am American. We married in Delhi in January. I came back to the US in March, and then the lockdown started. I’ve not seen my wife since March.

    Can I travel to India to see her at this time?

  66. My wife is planning to travel from BOSTON USA to Delhi India by By British airways flight, with change of flight at Heathrow airport in London. Does she need to necessarily do the PCR test for COVID for travelling or she can just travel, since she has no symptom of any kind.

  67. Hello, im sceduled to travel on 02 october with air India and arriving at jfk airport. Is there a quarantine for 14 days? Also are they allowing people with tourism purpose?

  68. Hi, can you advise on any formalities needed by MoCA regarding flying out of delhi. My family needs to get home to the US. We have had return tickets on Turkish Airlines but the tickets keep getting cancelled and rebooked over and over. Latest date seems to be for flights out on Sept 4th. We’ve been in india since march 22nd.

  69. We want to know can we visit to usa New york on b1 or b2 visa as visitor on 15 September 2020 to meet our cousin with our children age of children 9 years and 13 years old .

  70. Hey
    I don’t have my B2 (tourist) visa yet. I have to travel to US urgently – are they issuing tourist visas right now?

  71. Do we need any pre-registration for Vande Bharat mission flights from Delhi to USA ?
    and where can one register for such flights?

  72. Hello – My parents are having B2 visitor visa for USA and wanted to come to NJ from India (Kolkata). Emirates asked me to check with consulate since they are not sure if visitors are allowed at this point. Can someone please confirm if US is allowing visitors from India currently and if any restriction?


    • I am trying to bring my parents who have B2 visa to US on 09/11 and spoke to the US boarder and immigration guys yesterday (09/04/202) and they confirmed there are no restrictions for B2 visitor visa holders from india except they shouldn’t have travelled to the restricted countries like China, Iran, Europe etc in the past 14 days. Although it looks like indian embassy has some restrictions with B2 visa holders travelling. I’ve been trying to reach them for 2 days and no response, hoping today i’ll get a hold and get some answers.

      • Priya,
        Thanks for your response. I’m in a similar situation with my parents’ travel plans. What Indian Embassy restrictions for B2 visa holders have your heard of? Why would they come into the picture once folks have a valid B1/B2 visa and are admitted to the US on arrival? Any idea?

  73. Hello I recently in late 2019 got naturalized as US citizen. I don’t have OCI or Indian Visa yet. I need it travel to India to see my parents has they are having non COVID related health issues. Any chance I can travel on e-visa ? Please guide. Thanks

  74. Hi
    Can I travel to USA in September to visit my Son & Daughter-in-law from India. I have a valid B1/B2 Visa.

      • Hi Ajay,
        Similar to Shahi’s case, my parents are keen to travel to US to be with my sister. Apart from the ticket, what other documents would be needed as part of departure procedure. Could you pls share a link or list the docs? Thanks!

  75. Hello,

    I have booked flights to US on United Airlines for 22nd August, for my parents who both have a valid B1/B2 visa.

    However they are currently on the last year of their 10-year visa, with the visa expiring in March’2021.

    I dont see any restrictions in US for travel as long as someone has a valid visa, but is the immigration in India (Delhi specifically) placing any outbound travel restrictions for people having B1/B2 visa?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hey Manik,

      Since it’s 22nd Aug, curious to know how did it go?? Do share their experience once they safely reach your home in US.


      • Hi Aditi,

        Yes they were able to travel. Had no issues actually anywhere. Minimal questions asked at Delhi immigration and San Francisco US immigration and security.

        Their United flight from Delhi was delayed by 1.5 hours, so they missed their connecting flight onwards from San Francisco. However United moved them to the next flight to final destination free of charge.


        • Thank you so much Manik. Good to know this. I am traveling to meet my partner I haven’t met in last 6 months. Hope all goes well.

          Thank you

    • Manik – were your parents allowed to travel to US on B1/B2 on united flight?
      Pls provide update, it will be really helpful for all.

      • Hi Amit,

        Yes they were able to travel. Had no issues actually anywhere. Minimal questions asked at Delhi immigration and San Francisco US immigration and security.

        Their United flight from Delhi was delayed by 1.5 hours, so they missed their connecting flight onwards from San Francisco. However United moved them to the next flight to final destination free of charge.


      • Hi Bharat,

        Yes they were able to travel and reached US safely without any major issues. Please check my response above for more details.


        • Hey Manik

          What sort of questions were they asked at the immigration , i am planning to bring my parents here and want to know what can they answer the reason for travel and stuff. any help is appreciated

        • Also when parents land in US are there any institutional or home quaratine that is required or held. and is there any restriction as to which state they can travel or which airlines i live in houston

  76. Hey are there requirements to be completed by a Canadian citizen before leaving India? I am travelling with Air India from New Delhi at the end of this month. Someone told me to get Covid test results within 72 hours of the flight as the one of the requirements.
    Is there anything else?

    Thanks for your time

  77. I am holding Indian passport with Canada PR Card. I am wirking in ONGC, India. May I travel to IndiaAhmedabad) through Air India/Air Canada flights now? Any special documents required by air port authority or Indian government? Any chance to purchase ticket from agent?
    I have arrived Canada on 21st Feb, 2020 and my return ticket(Etihad) was of 24th May, 2020.

  78. Are US Green card holders allowed to travel on Lufthansa,
    Airfrance or KLM flights from Delhi
    or Mumbai to Newyork/USA
    transiting Europe?
    Tickets are being sold but call centers of Airlines are giving conflicting information.
    Please reply

    • waiting on same info as well,

      i have checked with airfrance and lufthansa, they have specifically told that if you are holding indian passport, you cannot fly via Europe as per current restrictions. but i know one person who has travel from on Lufthansa to USA with green card with no issues. so it is very difficult to say a definite answer on this. but if you do come to know, please share your views as well.

  79. Me (indian)and my boyfriend (American) are working in Thailand almost a year now. And we have plans to visit my family in November or December. Is there any possibility for American to travel in India from Thailand? We don’t know what to do. Please reply.

  80. I can see people traveling to US on B1/B2 Visa, but as per ticket booking sites they mention below;

    Currently, you can arrive in the USA only via these airports: Atlanta (ATL), Boston (BOS), Chicago (ORD), Dallas, (DFW), Detroit (DTW), Honolulu (HNL), Los Angeles (LAX), Miami (MIA), New York (JFK or EWR), San Francisco (SFO), Seattle (SEA), and Washington (IAD).

    I am supposed to fly to Houston.
    Is it ok or I have to go via these airports only?

    • @Vikram, USA has designated these as the airports where you can arrive during the pandemic. So you can book a ticket to any of these airports and then internally transfer to another airport via a connecting flight.

      • @Ajay, thanks for the feedback. But some of the flights options which I get online are not via these airports. Some are via Europe or via Dubai/Qatar/Turkey direct to Houston, as per your comment is it is necessary to go through these airports only.. Right?

  81. I am an international student, planning to travel by transiting i.e:
    Mumbai- London- Canada(Toronto)

    Does anyone have any idea if there will be issues here?

  82. Re-enter USA on H1 which was not subject executive action.

    Any restrictions from Delhi airport or United when returning to USA on valid H1 visa which is not subject to executive action ? (The person was in USA at time of exce action and so not affected)

  83. I ama H4 dependent and I have my Mother in law accompanying me she is in her b2( tourist visa)
    Are we allowed to travel in British airways?

  84. I am a B1/B2 Visa holder (United States of America). And, I am an Indian Citizen. Can I travel to the United States of America, as of 12 August, 2020? It is very urgent for me to be there. I have an American CPL which needs to be revalidated by this month end.

  85. I havexaxspanish passport and have an oci am i allowed to travel to india f4om transit points of uk francecand germany

    • yes, as long as your an EU National you can enter through either of these airports. the restriction applies only to indian passport holders looking to fly via Europe to USA/Canada.

  86. I am Permanent Resident of Canada. Can I travel on this route.

    Lufthansa =DEL-FRA-YYZ
    Air India =DEL-FRA
    Air Canada FRA-YYZ
    Air France = DEL-CDG-YYZ

    Please let me know if you have got a information on this, Because my friend’s wife did travel on BLR-FRA-YYZ on LH flight 2 back and they both are Indian citizen with PR Canada Holder.


      • @ajay, i checked with Lufthansa and air france call center, they have told me that if you are indian national and holding PR for canada, you cannot board these flights. only Canadian citizen and other foreign citizens are allowed to use transit flights.

        are you sure that i can go via paris or frankfurt to canada. i am indian citizen with PR Canada. I am sorry i am asking you this again, but this is a confusion.

        Air Canada is starting the service around 15 Aug. In that flight i can go, I know that. But I have a ticket bought from Air France already which i indent to use, thats why I wanted to know a clear information for this.

  87. my 2 child minor they got EEA family visa UK. and it got expired on 28/04/2020 due to pandamic got stuck in India. is any other way to extension of visa or to join me in uk ?please suggest some way

  88. I want to go to Canada on tourist visa I have home there in Toronto on rent at my name from past 15 months my wife and two children are staying there

  89. I am an Indian Citizen, working in US.
    I am planning to visit India due to medical purposes during December and land back in US in January.
    1. What is the Immigration status while i return from India?
    2. Can I take the risk of booking round trip tickets?
    3. Will there be any problem while i return to US from the end of US or Indian Embassy?

  90. My mother is stuck in USA , and I want to travel to USA to get her back safe in India. we both hold visitor visa. would it be allowed ???

  91. Thank you Ajay for this update. It is reassuring to read that someone has actually travelled from India to US on a B1/B2 visa.

    United has been unhelpful as in the call centre says they cannot confirm who can board the flight from DEL and who cannot. They asked to Google!

    Also another confusion is that on the IATA website on worldwide travel restrictions, for US it states all the relevant advisories like the ban on travelers from EU who have been there in last 14 days and Brazil. Then the ban on H-1B visa holders until Dec 31 etc. It lists out various visa holders who are exempted from this ban but does not list out B1/B2 except for B1(crew etc).

    Hence your article is reassuring thanks again.

  92. I landed in the US yesterday flew on United flight on a B1 visa. No questions asked at US immigration except usual purpose of travel, no questions even at DEL immigration as to purpose of travel out.

  93. Kindly clarify whether parents of permanent resident of Canada listed as immediate family on ircc also allowed to travel from India to Canada, even if they have multiple entry temporary resident visas on their passports.

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