The Club Vistara “Points Fest” is offering up to 100000 bonus points per transfer partner till March 31, 2022

It has been a couple of years, where people have not flown much, and hence, airlines and loyalty programmes have not seen the kind of engagement that they usually see with their customers. So, apart from extending the elite membership years, many programmes have also now started rolling out their end of the year offers to come back into the customer’s consideration set.

Club Vistara has now launched Points Fest, a tiered transfer promotion on February 26, which is valid for point transfers made till March 31, 2022. Vistara is offering between 10-40% bonus CV points on completing a transfer under this promotion. This promotion is on the lines of the December 2020 offer, but a bit less generous. However, you can earn a bonus of up to 100,000 CV points per transfer partner.

Club Vistara Points Transfer promotion: Points Fest

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Club Vistara is offering bonuses on transferring points from points transfer partners as per the following ratios:

  • Convert into 1-25,000 Club Vistara points = 10% Bonus (up to 2,500 points)
  • Convert into 25,001-50,000 Club Vistara points = 20% Bonus (up to 10,000 points)
  • Convert into 50,001-100,000 Club Vistara points = 30% Bonus (up to 30,000 points)
  • Convert into 100,001+ Club Vistara points = 40% Bonus (up to 100,000 points)

Club Vistara, has partnerships with the following banks/transfer partners, and the promotion is valid one-time on each transfer partner:

  • Axis Bank eDGE Rewards (5 eDGE Rewards = 1 CV Point)
  • American Express Membership Rewards (3 MR=1 CV point)
  • HDFC Bank Reward Points (1 Point = 1 CV Point)
  • Yes Bank Reward Points (4 Yes Bank Points = 1 CV Point, for Private Card 1:1)
  • IndusInd Bank Reward Points (2 IndusInd Bank Points = 1 CV Point, for Premium Card 1:1)
  • Club ITC (3 ITC Green Points = 2 CV points)
  • AU Bank Rewardz (4 Reward Points = 1 CV Point)
  • FAB Miles Programme (1 FAB Mile = 1 CV Point)
  • Standard Chartered UAE 360° Rewards (5 SC Reward Points/12 SC Cashback Points = 1 CV Point)

To be clear, this promotion is not valid on co-brand card partners where you anyways earn Club Vistara points that directly bank to your Club Vistara Account. You need to be registered, here, before you transfer points.

As I mentioned above, the promotion is valid one-time on each transfer partner, which means, if you transferred in CV points from different partners, the number of bonus points you will receive would be in line with each transfer partner and how many points you received. For instance, if you transfer 100K from your HDFC Bank Credit Card and 10K from Yes Bank, you get 130K total CV points on the transfers from Diners Club and 11000 total CV points on the transfer from Yes Bank. You can earn up to 100K bonus points on each transfer partner (excluding Club ITC).  The bonus points will be credited 45 days after the base points have been credited.

A maximum of 60,000 ITC Green Points may be transferred per member per calendar year. Hence, the maximum CV Points that can be availed under the bonus points offer is equivalent to 40,000 base CV Points and 8,000 bonus CV Points in a single transaction.

Club Vistara Bank Conversion Bonus eligible Credit Cards

The following cards are available for transfer:

    • American Express
      • The American Express Centurion Card
      • The American Express Platinum Card
      • The American Express Gold Card
      • The American Express Platinum Reserve Credit Card
      • The American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card
      • The American Express Platinum Corporate Card
      • The American Express Corporate Card
      • The American Express Green Card
      • The American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card
    • Axis eDGE: All Axis Bank customers eligible for Axis Edge Programme
    • HDFC Bank 
      • HDFC Bank Infinia Card
      • HDFC Diners Black Credit Card
      • HDFC Diners ClubMiles Credit Card
      • HDFC Bank Regalia Card
      • HDFC Bank Diners Privilege Card
      • HDFC Bank Corporate Platinum Card
      • HDFC Bank Corporate World Card
      • HDFC Bank Corporate Signature CarD
      • HDFC Bank Corporate Premium Card
    • IndusInd Bank
      • Premium Credit Cards
        • IndusInd Bank Indulge Credit Card
        • IndusInd Bank Crest Credit Card
        • IndusInd Bank Pioneer Heritage Credit Card
        • IndusInd Bank Pioneer Legacy Credit Card
        • IndusInd Bank Legend Credit Card
        • IndusInd Bank Pinnacle Credit Card
        • IndusInd Bank Signature Credit Card
        • IndusInd Bank Iconia Credit Card
        • IndusInd Bank Platinum Credit Card
        • IndusInd Bank Platinum Select Credit Card
      • Non-Premium Credit Cards
        • IndusInd Bank Platinum Aura Credit Card
        • IndusInd Bank Platinum Aura Edge Credit Card
    • YES Bank
      • YES Prosperity Credit Cards
      • YES Premia Credit Cards
      • YES FIRST Credit Cards
      • YES PRIVATE Credit Cards
    • Standard Chartered UAE 360° Rewards
      • Standard Chartered X Credit Card
      • Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Credit Card
      • Standard Chartered Cashback Credit Card
      • Standard Chartered Manhattan Rewards+ Credit Card
    • FAB Miles Program
      • FAB Travel Card Signature
      •  FAB Travel Card Infinite
      •  FAB Travel Card Elite Infinite
    •  AU Bank Rewardz
      • AU Bank Altura Plus Credit Card
      • AU Bank Vetta Credit Card
      • AU Bank Zenith Credit Card

Important Things to note

The offer needs you to convert points in a single transaction, so multiple smaller transactions from various banking partners will not get you one big bonus. You are eligible to get the bonus one time from each bank’s transactions. For instance, you convert your Bank Reward Points to 10,000 CV Points from one partner and another 25,001 CV Points from another Partner. In this case, you will be eligible for 1,000 bonus CV Points on the first conversion & 3,750 bonus CV Points on the second conversion.

All the points that you will receive will be valid for 36 months from the date of transfer.


Club Vistara is not JetPrivilege, and with JetPrivilege, I used to maintain a hefty balance to encash on international flights for upgrades and redemptions. Vistara, on the other hand, tends to follow a very Emirates Skywards kind of approach towards upgrades and redemption flights, keeping their Economy cabin very much accessible for all, but keeping their Business Class cabin very aspirational and not in the reach for those who want to try their product upfront with their hard-earned miles.

Vistara is building up a network outside India now. A 5-hour Mumbai-Singapore flight cost 75,000 CV points one way in Business Class, a ten-hour flight to London Heathrow costs 120,000 CV Points. Inflated to protect the Business cabin, but not by that much. However, I have to admit, everyone who has travelled with Vistara internationally over the past couple of years has not had a premium experience on the airline (Read Here). Also, Vistara does not release as many seats in the premium cabins as they would like you to believe.

I usually don’t advocate points transfers unless you have a specific redemption in mind. Still, in this case, this is a generous offer for high rollers who will be able to swing in over 100K points to Vistara in one transaction (but not as generous as the December 2020 offer). It is also great for those who don’t chase Vistara status but would like an occasional upgrade or few as you can use CV points for the upgrades.

Ultimately, there are only two risks to keep in mind concerning this promotion. One, if any devaluations come into play at any point in time, then the whole exercise is moot. Secondly, points expire in 36 months if not used.


Vistara’s new promotion allows you to earn a big load of Club Vistara miles by transferring in from other credit cards/hotel transfer partners. You can earn a tiered bonus, up to 100K bonus per transfer partner on initiating your transfer from your credit cards or Club ITC till March 31, 2022.

What do you make of the Club Vistara Points Fest Transfer Bonus?

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  1. Nice promotion..would’ve considered had their business class redemptions not been so ridiculously priced.

  2. Thanks for the article Ajay,

    I received this mailer from Vistara and I had one question, with the bonus points do you also get any tier upgrades?

    If yes how many points are needed to go from CV base to CV you platinum

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