Redeem JPMiles for TEDxGateway 2018 tickets

While everyone has been going crazy about the current situation of Jet Airways and how it is going to impact their JPMiles balances, JetPrivilege has been keeping its head down and working hard to make more redemption opportunities happen. While you could redeem miles for Hotels, Fuel and Raffle tickets amongst many other things, this new one is an excellent tie-up to know about and a short-term one at that.

TEDxGateway is arguably one of the more significant TEDx events around India, or perhaps the one that started it all in India.

TedXGateway 2018

While Jet Airways has been associated with TEDxGateway back in the day, now, there is a new redemption opportunity where you can redeem your JPMiles for TEDxGateway passes.

A new page that went up yesterday on the JetPrivilege Rewards Store allows JPMembers to redeem 20,000 JPMiles for one platinum pass to the event. The event usually costs INR 12,000. Each member can only redeem for one pass, and the pass comes through within three days.

TEDx has an impressive lineup of speakers, and if you are thinking of going perhaps, this makes sense as a redemption. Do share your views if you are going to make this redemption for yourself.

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