Earn quick AA Platinum or Executive Platinum by signing up via HVCAA

If you do not hold status with American Airlines but wish to get some status on American, you might just want to take a look at this.

As per this post on Flyertalk, if you register on AA.Com/offers with the promo code HVCAA till 29th February 2012, you could be enrolled for an expedited status challenge with American Airlines. You have to fly 10,000 base miles or 25,000 base miles on American’s metal to get upgraded to Platinum or Executive Platinum on AAdvantage. This is a targeted offer, so I am not sure yet if everyone who registers will be able to get it honoured or not. But read on…

By flying 10,000 base miles on American Airlines or American Eagle, you could get AAdvantage Platinum status, which offers your double RDMs and upgrades. That is 20% of the miles you need to do via regular means.

By flying 25,000 base miles on American Airlines or American Eagle/American Connection, you could earn Executive Platinum status which offers you unlimited upgrades while flying domestically and 8SWUs for international upgrades along with double RDMs. That makes it 25% of the annual requirement. This is the status I earned on American Airlines via the EXP challenge for OWMD.

AA does not usually do public challenges for EXP, but if they decide to honour this, you could be in for a sweet surprise.

What is more, by registering for this promotion you get to earn double miles for all your flying between 8th February 2012 to 31st May 2012 on American Airlines.

Status earned by registering for this offer will be valid till 28th February 2013. I will post more details as and when I get them. If you anyways expect to get the status via the DEQMs promo or other AA promos, you might want to hold on to those since status earned will be till February 2014 in that case.

Get cracking people!


  1. Saw a posting from AAdvantage Geek’s blog, that AA won’t honor the code if used by a person who was not sent the email or offered the promotion.

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