SpiceJet launches new flights out of Mumbai and Delhi

A few slots held by Jet Airways at Mumbai Airport have been temporarily re-distributed among other airlines. Vistara and AirAsia India were the first to add flights from Mumbai. SpiceJet was next, they added a handful of flights only since they are currently dealing with MAX groundings. Next in line was IndiGo which announced additional flights from Mumbai Terminal 2.

IndiGo further expanded their presence at Mumbai and Delhi Terminal 2 by adding 18 more domestic flights on a temporary basis. Air India also added a single new international flight from Mumbai from May 1, 2019.

SpiceJet new flights

Grounded Spicejet 737 MAX at Delhi airport

SpiceJet is taking 16 Jet Airways 737-800 on lease within 10 days which will help it cover the grounding of 737 MAX. Along with it, SpiceJet will take delivery of 5 90 seat Q400 Dash 8 by June 2019 as part of standard delivery from an earlier order. Today, SpiceJet announced they will further take 6 more Jet Airways 737-800 on lease within 10 days taking the total to 22 737-800 aircraft.

In the case of 737-800, 14 out of 22 Jet Airways 737-800 will be used to balance the grounding while 8 737-800 is earmarked for expansion. Apart from the handful of flights announced earlier, SpiceJet will add the following new flights.

From April 26, 2019, SpiceJet will add,

Mumbai – Jaipur

SG276 BOM0520 – 0725JAI 737 D
SG277 JAI0755 – 0950BOM 737 D

Mumbai – Patna

SG258 BOM1030 – 1255PAT 737 D
SG284 PAT1335 – 1605BOM 737 D

Mumbai – Delhi

SG8704 BOM1715 – 1925DEL 737 D
SG8705 DEL2030 – 2245BOM 737 D

From April 30, 2019, SpiceJet will add,

Delhi – Mumbai

SG8701 DEL0720 – 0925BOM 737 D
SG8702 BOM1010 – 1210DEL 737 D

Delhi – Patna

SG8721 DEL1255 – 1440PAT 737 D
SG8722 PAT1520 – 1700DEL 737 D

Delhi – Bengaluru

SG8719 DEL1830 – 2115BLR 737 D
SG8720 BLR2200 – 0045(+1 day)DEL 737 D

From May 2, 2019, SpiceJet will add,

Mumbai – Bagdogra

SG6373 BOM0830 – 1115IXB 737 D
SG6374 IXB1200 – 1445BOM 737 D

Mumbai – Amritsar

SG6371 BOM1200 – 1445ATQ 737 D
SG6372 ATQ1520 – 1805BOM 737 D

Mumbai – Mangaluru

SG258 BOM1845 – 2020IXE 737 D
SG284 IXE2150 – 2330BOM 737 D

Hyderabad – Mumbai

SG6363 HYD0720 – 0850BOM 737 D
SG6364 BOM2130 – 2300HYD 737 D

Mumbai – Coimbatore

SG6361 BOM0920 – 1110CJB 737 D
SG6362 CJB1205 – 1355BOM 737 D

Mumbai – Kolkata

SG6365 BOM1445 – 1730CCU 737 D
SG6366 CCU1800 – 2045BOM 737 D

These flights aren’t available for bookings yet. These new routes will require 4 737-800 aircraft. Let’s wait for SpiceJet to announce more routes with the remaining 4 aircraft.

SpiceJet is yet to announce the timetable for the planned international capacity addition from Mumbai. SpiceJet plans to add non-stop flights to Hong Kong, Jeddah, Dubai, Colombo, Dhaka, Riyadh, Bangkok and Kathmandu from Mumbai by May-end.

Wondering what is going on at Air India and GoAir. Both have grounded aircraft which can be deployed to add capacity. Air India added only one new flight but GoAir is the only one left to add new flights from Mumbai using their grounded A320 aircraft or taking delivery of A320neo which is stored.

What are your thoughts on SpiceJet expansion using Jet Airways aircraft?


  1. Why is no airline adding flights on Mumbai to Jodhpur sector…it was one of the Prime sector for Jet. Now fare has reached 24000k for next 5 days..

  2. Why is no airline adding flights on Pune to Mumbai sector…it was one of the Prime sector for Jet.
    Providrs very good connectivity to take international flights out of mumbai rather than road travel.
    Hope some airline considers this

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