Fly Domestic Business Class for just INR 1000 extra

SpiceJet is currently in the process of cannibalising Jet Airways. SpiceJet will take over 22 Jet Airways 737 aircraft and is looking to take, on even more, to the tune of 40 aircraft. Their flight schedules are impacted due to the groundings of 13 737 MAX. The addition of 22 737s will help them cover for the groundings as well as expand.

SpiceJet has temporarily taken over many Jet Airways slots at significant airport as well. Initially, they added a handful of flights out of Mumbai. Later, they expanded significantly out of Mumbai and Delhi’s Terminal 2.


New hybrid livery: Jet Airways 737 receiving a SpiceJet logo

Since SpiceJet is taking the 737s on short notice, they have no intentions to reconfigure the aircraft. Jet Airways 737s feature a proper business class, such as the one below, and a better economy hard product than SpiceJet.

a seat in an airplane

SpiceJet has now started selling flights that will be operated by Jet Airways 737s. SpiceJet is selling the Business Class seats as SpiceMax seats. So you can grab a proper business class seat for up to INR 1000 extra on domestic routes.


SG 8710 Mumbai to Delhi on ex-Jet Airways 2 class 737 on May 2, 2019


SG 6364 Mumbai to Hyderabad on ex-Jet Airways 2 class 737 on May 2, 2019

Booking a SpiceMax seat, one gets a complimentary meal. But don’t expect pre-departure beverages or meals to be served on chinaware. SpiceJet will continue to serve hot meals in foil/plastic containers packed in cardboard boxes.


A SpiceMax complimentary hot meal

The easiest way is to look if the equipment is 737168 (800AE) which looks like the code for ex 9W aircraft. Jet Airways 737-800 features 168 seats spread across 12 business class seats and 156 economy class seats. Hence the code 737168.


SG 8710 Mumbai to Delhi operated by 737168(800AE) on May 2, 2019


SG 6364 Mumbai to Hyderabad operated by 737168(800AE) on May 2, 2019

Alternatively, you can check at the seat selection page. The seat map should reflect 2-2 seating instead of the regular SpiceMax 3-3 seating. You will have better luck finding Jet Airways 737s on newer flights introduced by SpiceJet. SpiceJet intends to sell the business class seats at a premium but from May 7 onwards. So you have until May 6 to book your future travel if you want to take advantage of this unique circumstance.

An interesting thing to note is, if and when SpiceJet begins to sell the business class seats at a premium, SpiceJet will have three different seating arrangements on erstwhile Jet Airways 737s: Business class (rows 1-3), SpiceMax (rows 7, 15 and 16) and regular economy class (rows 8-14 and 17-32).



SpiceJet seat map for Jet Airways 737-800

The premium seat share on SpiceJet’s fleet has increased. This sure is a deviation from SpiceJet’s business plan as an LCC, but they took a business decision to take advantage of an opportunity that arose.

So, go ahead and book up that SpiceJet Business Class just for INR 1000 more. Do share your experiences with us on how it went for you.


  1. The lumbar support mechanism is disabled. You can only recline your seat a little and that’s about it for the Business experience.

  2. Hi Karan & Ajay, I had booked a spicejet ticket from Delhi to Bangalore after reading your article and used the information provided by you to select seat 2c, 2d and 2f by paying extra spicemax charges. The problem is that spicejet now is refusing to honour the selected seats ….any suggestions ??

  3. Thanks for the heads up. This is being offered for SpiceMax price of 899 and there is a 30% discount on the app, by which it was available for 629/- for my booking. Snapped it up.

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