Singapore Airlines to fly Kolkata’s first A350 service June 2019 onwards

Singapore Airlines will see a huge transition in services between its group airlines in the coming years. These changes are in line with the gradual phasing out of the SilkAir brand. Singapore Airlines currently operates its regional Airbus A330 and Boeing 772 aircraft to a number of cities in India. It also operates the Airbus A350 to Mumbai, Boeing 787-10 to New Delhi, and the Airbus A380 to both Mumbai and New Delhi and a few Boeing 777 services also.

Singapore Airlines Kolkata to singapore

Singapore Airlines new regional Business class for 787-10 and A350R

Bengaluru is the first Indian city to receive the Singapore Airlines A350 regional service, as the 3x weekly Scoot A320 service will be upgraded to Singapore Airlines A350 service. In addition, Singapore Airlines will also upgrade the existing daily 772 services to an A350R. From May 17, 2019, Bengaluru will receive Singapore Airlines’ 10x weekly A350R service.

Singapore Airlines Country Manager David Lim confirmed to Live From A Lounge in a conversation late October that other airports will gradually see a shift to regional A350s and 787-10s as Singapore Airlines gradually retires their A330 fleet.

Singapore Airlines Kolkata to singapore

Singapore Airlines new regional Economy class for 787-10 and A350R

Kolkata is the second airport in India, now to see a shift to Singapore Airlines’ A350R service. The first flight is scheduled on June 3, 2019. Currently, Singapore Airlines group operates daily service on Kolkata-Singapore route with a mix of Singapore Airlines’ A330-300 and SilkAir’s 737-800s.

Singapore Airlines Kolkata to singapore

Singapore Airlines’ Kolkata to Singapore A350R service

From June 8, 2019, Kolkata-Singapore route will be operated by Singapore Airlines’ 4x weekly A35R and SilkAir’s 3x weekly 737 services. The schedule for the Singapore – Kolkata route is,

SQ516 SIN2100 – 2235CCU 359 x247
MI488 SIN2100 – 2235CCU 737 247

SQ517 CCU2350 – 0640(+1 day)SIN 359 x247
MI487 CCU2350 – 0640(+1 day)SIN 737 247

The A350-900 regional has 303 seats: 40 lie-flat Business class and 263 Economy seats. As a point of comparison, the A330-300 has 30 angle-flat Business class seats and 255 Economy class seats. The Business class, as well as Economy class seats, are the same as those in Singapore Airlines’ 787-10 which also operates on regional routes.

Are you excited about the new Singapore Airlines A350 service to Kolkata?


    • Baseless thought, that.

      1. SQ already offers 30 seats on the A330. I suspect they’re filling up absolutely fine.

      2. Vistara/AI transfer feeds.

      3. The city’s new money prosperity needs to be seen to be believed. Apart from residents, it really is the first port of call for spenders in all of East India, Bhutan, Eastern Nepal, and Bangladesh. Of course armchair posting without any experience on the internet is so much more convenient…

      4. Clearly SQ knows what is viable and what isn’t else they’d have reached out to you for advice.

      • Thank you for your reply.
        Seems you got offended.
        I’m not simply feeling this about Kolkata region without any reason. It has a history of not being able to support business class seats for many international airlines. But ya maybe things have started to change now.
        I would like to see many more airlines make a beeline to this city, although the airport is not run very professionally that is another thing !

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