Singapore Airlines Economy A380: Details of the new product

Singapore Airlines is updating the A380 look and feel of the A380 cabins, starting with the new A380s they are about to receive this month and flying next month onwards.

Today in a launch they have shared details of the new A380 cabin (we had them yesterday!) and the first one we know about is the new Skyroom Suites. However, the Business Class will join at the back of the Suites class to give the Singapore Airlines A380 a full premium-deck on the upper-deck of the A380. Next to that, the main deck will have the Premium Economy up front.

Now lets go to the class where most of us would fly in! The Economy Class seat, designed and built by RECARO, luckily does not go in for a fully slim design, else the butt would have hurt as hell after a long flight.

Each seat will have a six-way adjustable headrest with foldable wings. The Economy Class seat also features a more contemporary fabric seat cover design.

There will be an 11.1 inch touch screen monitor, which means fuddling around with the handset is totally a finished affair. The picture below also shows you the ability to charge a USB device on the seat. There is also a reading light under that screen but no pictures to show it so far.

Oh, and I won’t be smiling like that sitting in coach by the way, that too in a 3-4-3 configuration in a seat that is 18.5 inches wide. I mean I would on a short flight but on a longer one I’d go meh.


Err, I don’t like that colourscheme at all. I appreciate SQ’s liking for understated but nowhere does it become more important than in the economy class and keeping away those bright blues could have helped.

What do you make of SQ’s new Economy Class service?

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