Round up: Mileage Mentor MasterClass & Points & Pints Mumbai

It has been a hectic few weeks here at LiveFromALounge. Apart from all the great things happening in the Miles & Points and travel world which we are trying to keep you up to speed with, there was also tonnes happening behind the scenes around here. We were getting ready for the first ever Mileage Mentor MasterClass, and the second round of Points & Pints meetups to bring the miles and points community in India together.

The Mileage Mentor Masterclass first. It has been my goal to educate people as much as I can to use their miles and earn their miles wisely. That is why I put in many hours every day on this blog. That is why I am bringing on board a team, investing in the website, to be able to spread the concepts around as much as I can. That keeps me off the thought of monetising the blog just yet.

So, after many years of wishing that I wanted to do this, I thought I should go ahead and put a deadline on this dream. And hence, I announced the workshops well in advance. Then, I proceeded to put together the content for the workshops.  It was like a gun on my head to make sure we took off on time. And yesterday we conducted the first MasterClass to a full house. Here are some pictures!

We are all set

The Venue Setup! 

The Participants were a very interactive group. Very thorough with their line of questioning. We had a good time answering their questions. 

The session ran for a good 4.5 hours. Of course, there had to be an after event selfie. I did not have the heart of clicking people eating their working lunches!

And while I was happy with the way it went, I am pleased the participants were delighted with it! People came in from Surat and Ahmedabad as well! I am hoping we could add some value to their lives. Of course, all of this won’t have been possible without the support of our Hotel Guru Shipra and our points man Ashwant.

Here are some of the people who attended, speaking for it.

After the long day, we headed out for a drink with Mumbai’s, and even Pune’s Miles Collectors at the Points & Pints Mumbai. It was not difficult to click a picture with everyone having their credit cards out offering to pick the tab! There were many more people who left slightly early, so this was the last picture we clicked before we dispersed for the night.

Of course, there were tonnes of cards out there. But guess which was the card most people had? I am looking for an answer in the comments section.

From here, I am so happy that we are almost running full workshops. If you want to join us, we have three more workshops coming up this month and next before we break for the festive season. Here they are, along with a link to buy tickets:

We might do another Workshop in November. If you want it to be in your city, do let us know where would that be in the comments Section.

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  1. Was a nice evening talking points and miles experience over a beer. Nice chatting up with the three of you Ajay, Shipra and Ash.
    Jet Amex – I could see many Greys!

  2. Thank you Ajay, Shipra & Ashwant for hosting an excellent event and enthralling us with your tips and tricks. Kudos to the teamwork. Keep up the good work. Cheers !!!

  3. Hey,

    Missing both the masterclasses in Mumbai as i’m travelling. Hoping there is one happening in Mumbai soon.

  4. Hi,

    Would be good if you hold the 4th workshop in Kolkata as all of North, South and West India would have been covered by November. East India is due for one!!

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