Round up: The first ever PointsPurse for women

At the beginning of this year, Ajay and I were penning down our resolutions for 2019 and I happened to say what can we do to help women travel better. After all, not all of us can spend exorbitantly on a luxury vacation, be travel bloggers or quit our careers and pack our bags to be on the road forever, yet every girl I’ve met till date loves to travel. 

In the hope of getting the ladies excited about the prospect of travelling without breaking the bank, we launched the Points Purse community during the International Women’s Day week. We had a house full in Mumbai with a group of amazing women, right from a student in the early twenties all the way up to entrepreneurs in their fifties. Like one of them rightly said – “Not only did I learn simple ways to earn air miles and travel better but also met a group very nice women”.

We spent the morning having breakfast together and learning about how everyday expenses on the right credit cards can earn travel rewards. Of course, there were a lot of nifty tips and tricks to help the ladies accelerate their stash of miles & points.

Here is what some of our participants had to say after the PointsPurse session.

Very interesting and engaging conversation. A lot of relevant info was given in a simple way. I use my credit card a lot but today I learnt how to use them in an efficient way which will help me earn travel points. There wasn’t a dull moment.

-Malini Das (Head – Marketing & Corporate Communications)

I’m thrilled to say that we now have a bunch of smart women, now all ready to make the most of their household expenses, shopping and dinner outings to travel far and further.

As I continue to share daily tips on my social media (@shipraatalounge) about how I maximise my credit cards every day for my everyday expenses, I look forward to hearing from more women about their travel stories, fuelled by points and miles.

Would love to hear more about what can we do together for the ladies of LiveFromALounge?


  1. Hey, I am based in Mumbai and would love to know more about the topics covered since I love to travel. Is there any upcoming session for the same?
    Thank you.

      • Hi! I have a learned a lot as how to utilize your spend to earn air tickets and stays which I have earned. However need more information. Would like to attend this kind of meet please let me know.

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