Review: GVK Lounge East Wing, Mumbai

One of the benefits that I get with being a JetPrivilege Platinum I value the most is priority check-in. I arrived at around 10:15 PM at the Mumbai Airport, entering through gate number 8 which is closest to Jet Airways’ Business & First Class check-in bank, and also handles Gold/Platinum passengers. I was flying economy and checked in at the airport, still getting myself a window seat.

GVK Business Lounge East Wing

Jet Airways Priority Check-in Counters at Mumbai

It took me about 5 minutes to check-in and drop my luggage at the counter and along with my boarding pass, I was handed a lounge invitation to the GVK Lounge East Wing.

The lines at the security check were fairly long as we were in the middle of the Hajj season. It took me about 20 minutes to clear security. Next was the immigration checkpoint which took me close to an hour.

GVK Business Lounge East Wing

Security Queues in Mumbai

Why an hour? Because the people in the queue were not organized. People were cutting lines and holding spots for their friends who waltzed into the queues as per their convenience. What should have taken 20-30 minutes dragged on for 60 minutes or so.

After getting my passport stamped, I headed over to the GVK Lounge East Wing. At the counter, I handed over my invitation card and my boarding pass to the attendants there. And after a quick scan and stamp, I was in.

GVK Lounge East Wing

This is not my first time here. I arrived fairly early, hoping to grab a couple of drinks and nap for a bit before I boarded my flight.

a reception desk in a hotel

GVK Business Lounge East Wing Entrance

The lounge has been divided into two major areas. The first is one is for travellers to relax or catch up on some work, primarily consisting of plush leather sofas. There were plenty of plug points and USB charging ports around to juice up my phones.

a room with a large wall and chairs and a couple people

GVK Business Lounge East Wing Seating

a room with chairs and a plant wall

GVK Business Lounge East Wing Seating

On the other side is the dining area, where you can grab a quick bite from the buffet. This area has cafe style tables and chairs. Dinner service was laid out when I arrived. Meals change 5 times a day, so you can have Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snacks, Dinner or a Midnight Snack depending on the time of the day you check-in.

a group of people sitting at tables in a room with a wall and a large white ceiling

GVK Business Lounge East Dining Area

The buffet had a mix of hot and cold items along with a variety of Indian and international dessert as well a cheese board.

a tray of sandwiches and dips

a buffet line of fooda food in a containera tray of desserts on a table

I was not hungry at that point so I skipped the meal and headed to the bar.

a group of people sitting in a room with tables and lamps

Bar Seating Area

The bar was well stocked and the captain there whipped me a gin and tonic in no time. Other premium options on the menu included Jonnie Walker Scotch and Smirnoff Vodka. I’ve never encountered a limit on the number of drinks that come complimentary. I was served three rounds without any fuss.

a bar with bottles of alcohol

Subsequently, I headed to the main seating area to take a quick nap.

a room with chairs and a tv

Meanwhile, I tried connecting to the WiFi at the lounge. Seeing my laptop open, one of the attendants headed towards me and handed me a voucher which has the credentials of the Lounge’s dedicated WiFi. The WiFi was very fast!

a screen shot of a phone

There is also a spa inside the lounge. You would need to book an appoint before you go in for a treatment. The treatments here are not complimentary. Expect to pay anywhere from INR 2,000 for a 30-minute foot massage to over INR 7,000 for a full body treatment.

a man standing at a reception desk

I woke up at around 12:15 AM and headed to the restroom to freshen up before my flight. The restrooms were clean although the layout was a bit confusing with the washbasins located unusually far away from the lavatories.

a row of urinals in a public bathroom

After a quick stop at the beverage cooler to pick up a bottle of water, I left the lounge and proceeded towards my gate.

shelves of drinks and beverages on shelves


GVK lounges in Mumbai are some of the best lounges in Asia. This one was no different. Though it is a tad bit smaller than the one in the West which has First Class too, the East Wing lounge did not disappoint. The food was good, the staff was courteous and as the lounge was fairly empty, it was quiet as well.

The Pros

+Good food spread
+Bar selections

The Cons





  1. Does this mean the GVK Jet Airways negociations are concluded? Or the problem was only in domestic flights / lounge ?

    Also earlier in international lounge 15 min foot or head neck Message was complimentary is that called off ? (Not visited the lounge since July).

    Other good thing of these lounge was during breakfast they used to have Raw preasry Juices. I used to pack one to enjoy during the flight.

  2. I recently read Jet Airways was not offering lounge services in Mumbai due to non payment to GVK. Is this reinstated or was that only for domestic?

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