Review: 080 Arrival Lounge, Terminal 2, Bengaluru Airport

On my 30-hour whirlwind trip to try out the Airbus A350 of Air India, I’d flown from Delhi to Bengaluru on the Business Class section of the flight. There is only one flight a day on the A350 from Delhi (two days a week, for now), so it was the only fit for my requirements. The following day, I was booked to fly the A350 between Bengaluru and Chennai (via Mumbai), so I did not want to go far from the airport. I wanted to stay at the Transit Hotel, operated by 080; however, as it turned out, the only transit hotel operational was at Terminal 1 (with Terminal 2 yet to be operationalised). To access the T1 hotel, I needed a flight departing from BLR Terminal 1.

a door in a building

080 Transit Hotel, Bengaluru T2 is yet to open

The Taj Hotel, the only hotel within walking distance from Terminal 1 of Bengaluru Airport, quoted a very premium rate, which was not worth it for just a few hours at the airport. Eventually, I discovered an arrival lounge in Bengaluru, which I’d never heard of before. It only showed up on the Priority Pass website and then on the Diners Club website. So, I decided to try my luck at the lounge and hope for an empty couch for the few hours I had at the airport.

Bengaluru Airport Terminal 2 Arrival Lounge

The Bengaluru Airport Terminal 2 arrival lounge is in Terminal 2 Arrivals, inside the secure zone at the ground level, common arrival hall, and before the exit gates. You come close to the exit gates and follow the arrows from the 080 Cafe towards the right. If you’ve left the airport terminal building, you won’t be able to enter again to access the lounge, so please be careful.

a counter in a building

080 Cafe, Bengaluru T2 (before exit gates)

a sign in a building

Directions to 080 Arrivals Lounge at Bengaluru Terminal 2

It was a couple of minutes’ walk, and at the dead end of the alley was the 080 Arrival Lounge gate. I walked into the reception and asked them if they had a spot for me at about 10:30 PM in the night. It was empty, with three staff members just waiting for a customer. Of course, they came over to open the door to let me in.

a sign in front of a building

080 Arrival Lounge, Bengaluru Terminal 2

I told them I would be around for a while, and they informed me that the visit was valid for only two hours or so. So, I offered them a swipe each on my Priority Pass and HDFC Bank Diners Club Black card so that I could get 4-5 hours at a stretch. You can also buy access to this lounge for cash or use your Visa or MasterCard Credit/Debit Cards.

The lounge is divided into two parts, the bigger one having about fifty seats for public consumption. There are some seats with restaurant-style seating and mostly couches.

a room with white couches and tables and plants from ceiling

080 Arrival Lounge, Bengaluru Terminal 2 Seating

a restaurant with tables and chairs

080 Arrival Lounge, Bengaluru Terminal 2 Seating

a long white couch and blue plates in a restaurant

080 Arrival Lounge, Bengaluru Terminal 2 Seating

a restaurant with tables and chairs

080 Arrival Lounge, Bengaluru Terminal 2 Seating

As you go left from the reception, there is also a separate section, a 20-seater section that is more exclusive and more expensive when access is bought in cash. The Lounge also allows you to pay half the charges in cash, with the rest adjusted against your card-based lounge access.

a room with a couch and chairs

080 Arrival Lounge, Bengaluru Terminal 2 Seating

a room with chairs and tables

080 Arrival Lounge, Bengaluru Terminal 2 Seating

I parked myself on a couch in the bigger section of the lounge. At the hour I arrived, there was only one passenger in the lounge besides me.

a couch and chairs in a room

080 Arrival Lounge, Bengaluru Terminal 2 Seating

The seats were all equipped with power charging, and USB-A and USB-C chargers were provided on all seats and wall outlets.

a black electrical outlet on a white surface

080 Arrival Lounge, Bengaluru Terminal 2 In-seat power outlet

Bengaluru Airport Terminal 2 Arrival Lounge Food & Beverages

The lounge displayed a tea/coffee machine and a beverage fridge. You could get a beverage or ask the crew to make you one.

a coffee machine and a metal box

Bengaluru Airport Terminal 2 Arrival Lounge Coffee

a refrigerator with drinks in it

Bengaluru Airport Terminal 2 Arrival Lounge Beverage Cooler

There was also a bar, which was paid for separately (not included in the access to the lounge) and was operational only till midnight. I was asked if I wanted a beverage from there, and I declined.

There is an a-la-carte approach to meals, at least in the evenings and through the night. I was presented with a menu and asked if I was interested in partaking in something from it. It is not a lavish menu, but it is not bad either. Note the segregation of the various options as per the stages of flight.

a menu on a table

Bengaluru Airport Terminal 2 Arrival Lounge Dining Menu

There was also a breakfast menu, which was served from 4:30 am onwards through 11 am.

a menu on a table

Bengaluru Airport Terminal 2 Arrival Lounge Breakfast Menu

I requested some fries and a salad. I was informed that the fries were not available, so I went with something else. Here is what I ordered.

a bowl of food on a plate

Alu Tikki Chaat

a plate of food on a marble table

Indonesian-Style Chicken Salad

I was working through most of the night, and the foot traffic only increased from the time I walked in. A famous Indian TV Chef hung around the lounge at a point in time, chatting up with the chef and his team, and at other times there were 5-7 people. The little time I had to catch a nap, someone very loud got on a video call trying to impress someone in another part of the world at three am with no headphones.

I was feeling peckish at this time, so I ordered a bit more grub to break the monotony of the hour than because I was hungry at about 3 AM.

a plate of food on a table

Whole Wheat Parantha Rolls

a plate with a piece of cake and a spoon

Mysore Pak Cheesecake

The food was largely good, except for the cheesecake, which I took one bite of, and I knew it was not for me. I was under the assumption that it would be a cheesecake with Mysore Pak flavours. However, it was a meh cheesecake with a piece of Mysore Pak on top. Oops!

Bengaluru Airport Terminal 2 Arrival Lounge Other Amenities

The lounge had separate lavatories for both sexes and a shower area. I did not specifically enquire about the shower, but I think it is a paid service that is not included in the basic package.

a shower head in a bathroom

Bengaluru Airport Terminal 2 Arrival Lounge Shower Area

a bathroom with a sink and mirror

Bengaluru Airport Terminal 2 Arrival Lounge Shower Area

Besides, there were also many reading materials on a stand by the reception.

a metal rack with magazines and books

Bengaluru Airport Terminal 2 Arrival Lounge Reading Materials

Eventually, since I could not catch a nap and got a few hours of work done, I decided to exit the lounge to get some fresh air after a few hours. After getting a filter coffee outside, I returned to the departure gates to get on my next flight.


The 080 Arrival Lounge at Bengaluru Terminal 2 is a perfect pit stop if you have a few hours between your flights passing through Bengaluru Terminal 2. You have to ensure you don’t exit the gates because then you can’t get back in. The food is largely good, and the lounge never gets full (even at the 3 AM hour when many international flights land), and overall works well.

Have you visited the 080 Lounge in the Arrivals Section of Bengaluru Airport Terminal 2?

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+ Located in the Terminal with International Arrivals
+ Good F&B Offering
+ Showers
+ Accessible with Priority Pass and many Card networks


None really!


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  1. Was in the lounge last month. My Diners Black wasn’t accepted (I think that’s changed now) But could enter with a visa debit card. Pretty good lounge but most people would miss it because of the confusing signage (It says International transit lounge where you need to take a turn but domestic arriving passengers can get in).

    The food during my visit was excellent and comparable to a very good restaurant. My visit was during the day and the menu was still a la carte so I guess there is no buffet at any time though there was an empty buffet countertop. There is also a well stocked bar (alcoholic drinks cost extra, of course). I did enquire about the shower and it’s ₹800.

  2. to visit this 080 arrival lounge don’t they ask boarding pass ? I am clear on the cards they accept.
    scenario : I am boarding from BLR T2 and how can I access this 080 Arrival lounge ?

  3. Hope to see a review of arrival lounge in T1 too. Its called Care by BLR.
    Also, if my flight lands in T1 and I take a shuttle to T2 and go into arrival lounge. will that work?

    Do they ask for the flight ticket too while checking card access?

  4. Curious to understand the reason for such a lounge! If I had a connecting flight wouldn’t I clear the transfer and get back to the departure area and wait in the lounge there? May be stupid of me to not able to think the utility of such a service! Only advantage is that the crowd here may be less compared at the one in departure area!

    • There are some instances when this Arrival lounge is very useful.
      Most international flights arrive very early morning and I would rather stay in the lounge for a 3-4 hours before heading into the city and if staying at a relative’s place i would prefer not to wake them up at 3am.

  5. Interesting. Shall visit soon.
    Keep me informed of similar/dissimilar posts.
    I am a travel buff.

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