Now Redeem JPMiles for Flight Booking on any seat across partners

One of the biggest question coming in the mind of people has been the use of their JPMiles in the current circumstances. People are on both sides of the divide. Some are like me, waiting for the storm to settle to get back to business as usual. Others are getting edgy and using their miles for anything and everything possible. While partner redemptions are available on reward seats, JetPrivilege has just opened up a new way to get to redeem JPMiles for flight booking on any seat availability.

With the new feature launched at a new microsite,, members are going to be able to use their JPMiles for redeeming any seat, up to the last available seat, on a lot of airlines, which may or may not be partners of Jet Airways. That means you can redeem a revenue ticket using your JPMiles, and spend only JPMiles, or use Cash + JPMiles for the redemption.
Redeem JPMiles for Flight BookingThe new model is built like an OTA, so you can fetch flights on non-member airlines as well. For instance, here is an enquiry I fetched for Mumbai to New York JFK in May 2019. You would see Kuwait Airways and Air China, which are not a partner of JetPrivilege, come up as the first options.

a screenshot of a flight scheduleThe beauty of this opportunity to redeem JPMiles is that you are going to be able to redeem for all sorts of airlines. For instance, in this case, you are able to redeem for even airlines such as United and Singapore Airlines, which you won’t be able to use for usual award bookings.

I will put out a detailed post later on the opportunities you can use this feature for. For now, I just wanted to introduce you to the feature so that you don’t have to redeem your miles for a toaster. With this move, JetPrivilege is moving one step closer to providing more fixed value redemptions, which are closer to a credit card concept than an airline programme redemption.

What do you make of this new feature where you can redeem JPMiles for Flight Booking on any seat on any airline?

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  1. I have booked a Ticket for Mumbai- Washington- Mumbai through Jet Airways. The flights are operated by KLM and Air France respectively for inward and outward. They have provided both Jet PNR and PNR of KLM- AIR FRANCE. Will that be affected by recent crisis

  2. Hi Ajay,
    Is there any way to redeem miles for partner airlines for the Standard Redemption chart.
    Out of 13 attempts, i managed to confirm an itinerary only once.
    The guys are JetPrivilege email customer service are very very lax and it feels like they don’t want us to redeem miles on partners.
    My recent request involved an itinerary from Dubai to New York (JFK).
    They simply said that none of their partners fly those sectors whereas Air France and KLM both do.
    They never respond to any email before 3 days and eventually get back with weird or bullsh*t reasons.
    Can you help with a better way.

    • @Shubham Gupta, You have to call them or email them. The only way out. Send as much information as possible ahead (such as exact flights and passport copies and passenger names) so that they don’t have to come back to you a second time. Or sign up for the next Mileage Mentor MasterClass 🙂

  3. This is ridiculous. I tried for BOM DXB. It even showed hey airways and 45000 for economy class whereas usually it’s 15000 miles.

      • no u didn’t get my point. if you try for standard redemption on, u need 15000 miles from bom to DXB whereas with the new system, the miles required for other airlines including jet airways for economy class is 45000. The number of miles under select flight is exorbitantly high. I checked for BOM USA sector. it showed about 7 lakh miles for business class and that too one way. (i tried multiple dates and the same date revenue tkt is available for 1.75 lakhs) so it doesn’t make sense

        • @Imran, I know how much a standard redemption costs. What I am saying is that the new system does not replace the old system, but adds to it. If someone wants a last-minute redemption ticket, then they get it too.

  4. I had redeemed my JP miles for mel-AUH business class one way on etihaad back in Sept.18, the return was 1JP mile= 2rs. approx. as the ticket prices were very high.
    good value is there when you look hard enough.

  5. Thanks for the post. I guess I would rather avoid burning the miles this way.

    How can one redeem JP miles on Etihad or partner airlines online? I mean except call centre, any other options?

    • No option.. you have to send an email to JP centre along with passport copy. They revert back usually within 2-3 days with options or regret mail.

  6. Actually the value sample is provided in the screenshot above, it’s exorbitantly low as mentioned already.
    BOM-JFK return is displayed for about 321K miles in Economy, so roughly about 0.25 rupee = 1 jp mile. Though, could be bit better for a different day/ some other sector or maybe in business class.

    • I agree that this proposition is bad where you are getting around 0.25 Rupee for your mile. However to be honest this is meant only for those people who are novice.

      Even today I can easily get value of over Re. 1 for my JP mile by redeeming on some partner airlines. In the past I have got the value of over RS. 4 for a JP mile.

      Utilization of miles for a great value is not for’s a result of creativity coupled with experience .

        • I booked last min business class from PNQ- BOM for 10000 JP Miles plus a few hundred rupees towards Taxes . The revenue ticket was whopping RS 44000/-

  7. So basically pay an exorbitant amount to get rid of the miles? A good way for the airline to get rid of its massive amount of miles in circulation on its balance sheet, but what about us – the loyal customer!?

    Additionally, what about the average tax player who has to also foot the bill to rescue this airline. Who says capitalism is dead!! Haah!! 🙂

  8. What a waste of a post if you can’t even give an indication of what the value of JP Miles is when redeeming on this website?

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