Plexiglass: Taking over an airport near you!

I’ve been asked by a lot many people about the future of air travel. There are some broad strokes that everyone knows. There is a lot of ignorance that some people are peddling. For instance, there is a huge debate about Social Distancing on planes. Many ignorant customers ask for it, but for now, there is no proof it works at all.

One of the things that might just work, however, is taking over literally all the airports around the place. The next time you will perhaps head up to an airport, you will see a new world, one where more plexiglass is taking over all parts of the airport. I talked to a few people I know at airports, and I was told there is an intention to create a barrier between the customer and the customer service executive to ensure they don’t transmit unwanted (virus!) to one another.

Here are some Indian airports which are getting ready in the new world order of flying.

At the Bangalore Airport, this is how things are going to look like, including some magnifying glass.

people standing in front of a counter


a woman putting a plastic card in a clear box

At Indore Airport, they were ready for this many days ago.

people standing in a line at an airport a group of people standing in a line

Similarly at Mumbai CSIA Terminal 2, walls and walls of Plexiglass are turning up.

a computer on a counter in a airport a counter in a restaurant

And at Chennai too.

a row of counters in a airport

And this is not just something you would see only in airports around India. I think one of the first pictures I saw was of this coming up at TSA counters across the USA.

And also, the Paris airport seems to be ready with this too.


I really don’t know when I am going to be at an airport next, but I trust it would be more claustrophobic than the last time I saw one. Unfortunately, we don’t know how quickly is plexiglass going to be sanitized every day, because, well, droplets magnet and the masks will come off here for sure.

What do you think of the new plexiglass forts being created inside airports around the globe?

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