New Passenger Service Fee at Delhi Airport

Delhi Airport will soon rejig the airport use fees, which is charged on a per passenger basis. Starting December 1, 2018, you will be paying a little bit more when you fly out of Delhi. The Passenger Service Fee Delhi Airport will replace the existing fee.

Passenger Service fee Delhi Airport

Currently, passengers are charges a User Development Fee (UDF) every time they fly out of Delhi. The charges are INR 10 for domestic flights and INR 45 for international flights. A user development fee (UDF) is usually charged by airports to fund the airport’s construction and future growth.

The Airports Economic Regulatory Authority (AERA), which takes the call on airport tariffs and charges has approved the restructuring of fees at Delhi Airport. The new Passenger Service Fee (PSF) will replace UDF next month. Under the new formula, the airport can collect a fee equating to the Basic Airport Charge + 10% of said charge.

As a result, a Passenger Service Fee of INR 77 will be levied. This fee is the same for both domestic and international travellers. If your ticket is issued against a foreign currency, you’ll be paying a PSF of $1.93 which is around INR 132.

So expect your air tickets out of Delhi to get a bit more expensive. While the hike is minimal, I expect the airlines to fully pass on this to the customer. A 1-2% hike in airfare shouldn’t trouble the flyers.


Airport charges are a part of the airline business. Though there is a hike in charges, Delhi Airport’s fees remain on the lower end of the spectrum when compared to other private airports like the one in Bengaluru. And considering how bad Indian airlines are doing right now, the last thing I expect them to do is to absorb this hike.

Have you seen your ticket prices increase for departures from Delhi for departures after December 1?


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