Mumbai Terminal 1 Amex Lounge & Carnations Lounge is closing

Mumbai had two terminals for the longest time, but the Terminal 2 is now the integrated terminal for all full service carriers (Air India, Jet Airways and Vistara), while Terminal 1 is only used for the domestic operations of GoAir, Indigo and SpiceJet. The hotbed of action is no longer Terminal 1, and the airport operator is trying to even convince these airlines to move to Terminal 2.

Terminal 1 used to have the Carnations Lounge in pier C, where all the aerobridges were installed. Back in the day, it was a crowded and packed one. American Express had their lounge for members housed inside this lounge, and also, the HDFC Diners Club members had a separate seating areas.

Turns out, this lounge will close as of tomorrow, and this means all the lounges housed inside will also cease to operate from April 1, 2017. This means, there will be no longer a free lounge available at Terminal 1 in Mumbai for many a members from tomorrow.

American Express Jet Airways’ Credit Card will no longer offer a free lounge access at Terminal 1, but American Express Platinum Reserve will continue to offer free lounge access at the Good Times Bar. Priority Pass holders can get into the Loyalty Lounge at Terminal 1B (the ex-Jet Airways’ lounge). MasterCard holders will get the Good times Bar for free, and Visa holders don’t have any free lounge access at Terminal 1 anymore.

I will be shortly updating AirportLounges.In to reflect the new position.



  1. I take Spicejet when i am travelling budget, I fail to locate GoodTimes bar/Loyalty Lounge ? Where are they located ? Directions from Carnations lounge to these lounge will be helpful ? Thanks, Nitin

  2. Is it worth it to go through security to Terminal 2 for Centurian lounge access if you have extra time? How long does it typically take to get through security at the two terminals?

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