Torrential Mumbai Rains cause airport shutdown. Waivers issued by Airlines

Mumbai has been under the influence of non-stop rains for over 24 hours now, and this does not seem to stop at the moment. I’m luckily not on the road today, but for those of you who are, I hope you are safe under the influence of Mumbai Rains.

Mumbai Airport due to rains

Mumbai Airport due to rains

Due to the torrential rains, the airport is trying to keep up. However, there have been a couple of brief shutdowns during the day already. There have been tonnes of go arounds and diversions today already.

Owing to this situation, the airlines have started to issue travel waivers.

Mumbai Rains Travel Waivers



Air India


Jet Airways

Jet Airways has cancelled the following flights for 30 August 2017.

Jet Airways flight cancellation

Jet Airways flight cancellation

Also, Jet Airways’ Waiver is valid for flights arriving and departing through August 30, 2017 till 1500 hours.The waiver is on penalties for date/flight change, refund and no shows. Passengers may choose to re-book themselves on to alternate flights (with an allowance of one date / time change without any penalty) by contacting the 9W Contact Centre or their travel agent(s).


I am surprised SpiceJet has not offered any waivers.

Stay Safe Mumbai and stay indoors. Call your airline to cancel a trip or postpone it. There is nothing you can do even if you arrive in Mumbai today!

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  1. As much as I appreciate your blog and all the info on it, just want to know if you are paid by Jet Airways, since you always go above and beyond to publish info about Jet Airways flights and also seem to support them no matter how horrible their service is.

    • @Rahul, firstly, not paid by Jet Airways. Second, supporting a carrier is a matter of personal choice. As someone based in Mumbai, they are my preferred carrier, so I use them often. Any problem with that? Third, where did we go above and beyond to publish info about Jet Airways? Fourth, is this the right thread to raise your grouse? Maybe you should have emailed me directly for your clarification.

  2. Just wondering, do hotels provide such waivers? In Mumbai or anywhere else in the world, in case of such extreme weather.

    • @Akshay, Yes Hyatt Regency Mumbai gave me a free cancellation for August 30th due to floods. Though their cancellation policy was 24 hours.

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