Learn all about Miles & Points in India on February 9

Like you know, Miles & Points are a passion I have pursued over a decade now. Back in the day, like way back, I was as clueless as everyone else about where to start. Over a period of time, I gathered my skillset from a combination of sources and learning from those before me. And now, that skillset helps me and my family travel by the droves while paying for it with miles rather than cash.

For instance, we just finished up a 15-day vacation in December, where we spent time in Europe chasing Christmas Markets, and we flew Business Class on the way out & First Class on the way back to Mumbai. We paid only for two hotel nights, and everything else came with points.

And now, it is time to pay it forward. It has been my goal to educate people as much as I can to use their miles and earn their miles wisely. Last year, we tested the concept of the Mileage Mentor MasterClass, and it was very well received. Here are some pictures from the various workshops.

Mileage Mentor MasterClass Mumbai

Mileage Mentor MasterClass Bengaluru

Since there have been a lot of people requesting for the Mileage Mentor MasterClass to return, it has. And now, we are organising another session of the Mileage Mentor MasterClass in Mumbai in on February 9, 2019. Half the session is already sold. Here is a very interesting story from one of our readers, who managed to go from Zero to 80,000 miles by using the knowledge from the forum.

You can book your tickets on LiveFromALounge.Plus.

Looking forward to seeing you all there! 


  1. Sad to miss this again as I will be in US. @Ajay – Do you have any plans to do a virtual session. (Not sure if it’s as effective as in-person). I am sure there are people like me who are abroad and would be interested to join one of the mileage mentor sessions. I will be in Mumbai in the weekend of 26th Jan and 2nd Feb and hope to join if you have it in any other cities… Wish this one to be a great success too! Appreciate your vision

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