Lets meet in Mumbai on July 13!

I’ve been wanting to meet my readers and fellow travel and miles & points junkies for a long while now. Except I’ve not been able to do much about it. I thought it would be a good idea to start with setting a date, which gives you all enough time to plan it into your agenda, and then we can take it from there.

So here is the plan, if you are a regular or not, I’m inviting you to catch up on the second Saturday of July 2013, in Bandra, Mumbai. I’ve really not set an agenda for this meetup, but I hope to meet and talk to all of you about travel, miles and points, and learn from you as well.

I’m opening RSVP’s for the event today, and I’ll firm up on a venue within a couple of weeks once I get a clue on the numbers we expect to show up. To manage the event, I’ve set up a EventBrite page, and you could RSVP below.

[iframe src=”http://livefromalounge.eventbrite.com?ref=eweb” frameborder=”0″ height=”700″ width=”100%” vspace=”0″ hspace=”0″ marginheight=”5″ marginwidth=”5″ scrolling=”auto” allowtransparency=”true”]

I’m hoping to catch up with all of you in a few weeks then! Drop me a comment or an email if you have ideas!

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