KLM increases India flights; advances Boeing 787-10 service

With Jet Airways suspending operations, a huge void has been created, especially in the international sector. KLM and Air France operated additional flights to India to help stranded passengers in April 2019. British Airways, in the meanwhile, will start a new 4x weekly flight between Mumbai and London from June 2, 2019.

In early April 2019, we confirmed that KLM will deploy its Boeing 787-10 on Mumbai and Delhi routes from March 29, 2020. The 787-10 is interesting because KLM has just 8 of these on order. The 787-10 will feature a new business class seat onboard, Jamco’s Venture seat. It is reverse herringbone just like the Cirrus seat on KLM’s 787-9 but a slightly modified version specifically built for the 787.

KLM mumbai to Amsterdam

KLM Zodiac Cirrus business class seat

It now looks like KLM is advancing the debut of the Boeing 787-10 on Indian routes as well as increasing capacity from Amsterdam to Mumbai and Delhi.

Delhi – Amsterdam

Currently, KLM operates a daily Boeing 787-9 service between Delhi and Amsterdam. However, from September 2 to September 29, 2019, KLM will operate a 777-200ER on 4 out of the 7 weekly frequencies.

From September 30 to October 26, 2019, KLM will operate the Boeing 787-10 on 3 out of 7 weekly frequencies.

KL871 AMS1425 – 0145(+1 day)DEL 789 x135
KL872 DEL0335 – 0825AMS 789 x246

KL871 AMS1425 – 0145(+1 day)DEL 781 135
KL872 DEL0335 – 0825AMS 781 246

In the winter 2019 season from October 27, 2019, KLM will have the following schedule,

KL871 AMS1235 – 0105(+1 day)DEL 772 126
KL872 DEL0320 – 0740AMS 772 237

KL871 AMS1235 – 0105(+1 day)DEL 77W x126
KL872 DEL0320 – 0740AMS 77W x237

KLM mumbai to Amsterdam

B/E Aerospace Diamond business class seat on KLM 777

In the summer 2020 season from March 29, 2020, KLM will operate 5 of 7 weekly frequencies with the 787-10.

KL871 AMS1425 – 0145(+1 day)DEL 789 57
KL872 DEL0335 – 0825AMS 789 16

KL871 AMS1425 – 0145(+1 day)DEL 781 x57
KL872 DEL0335 – 0825AMS 781 x16

Mumbai – Amsterdam

KLM is increasing the frequency on Mumbai – Amsterdam route from the current 3x weekly to 5x weekly in a phased manner.

From September 6, 2019, a fourth weekly rotation will be added with a 787-9.

KL877 AMS1425 – 0215(+1day)BOM 789 x236
KL878 BOM0400 – 0940AMS 789 x347

From September 23, 2019, a fifth weekly rotation will be added.

KL877 AMS1425 – 0215(+1day)BOM 789 x26
KL878 BOM0400 – 0940AMS 789 x37

From September 29 to October 21, 2019, KLM will operate a 787-10 on Mumbai – Amsterdam route only on Sunday departure from Amsterdam (Monday departure from Mumbai) instead of a 787-9.

In the winter 2019 season from October 27, 2019, KLM will have the following schedule,

KL877 AMS1310 – 0210+1BOM 789 x37
KL878 BOM0405 – 0840AMS 789 x14

KLM mumbai to Amsterdam

Venture seats by Jamco on KLM 787-10

In the summer 2020 season from March 29, 2019, KLM will again operate only 3x weekly flights but with a 787-10. This may change though.

KL877 AMS1425 – 0215(+1 day)BOM 781 157
KL878 BOM0405 – 0940AMS 781 126

KLM deploying 777-200ER, 777-300ER and 787-10 on various frequencies represents an increase in capacity on the routes.

AircraftBusiness Class seatsEconomy Comfort seatsEconomy Class seatsTotal seatsNotes
787-93048216294Direct aisle access reverse herringbone Cirrus business class seats
787-103836270344Direct aisle access reverse herringbone Venture business class seats
777-200ER3440242316Forward facing B/E Aerospace Diamond seats
777-300ER3440334408Forward facing B/E Aerospace Diamond seats

While there is a difference in business class hard product, economy class seats are hardly any different with the 3-3-3 on the 787 or the 3-4-3 on the 777, both having a seat width of 17.5″.


Amsterdam continues to be a big transit point for those who are affiliated to SkyTeam, or who like to use a European airport, and is a big hub for travel between India and North America. So, Jet Airways going under has caused a huge inconvenience in the traffic flow for Delta/KLM/Air France. This is a good attempt to get some of that traffic back, but hope KLM can consider a daily departure out of Mumbai as well.


  1. Code for 777-300ER is actually 77W

    777-300ER is different from the original 777-300 whose code is actually 773.

    Next year’s schedule, as you note, is certainly subject to change (or increase) esp for BOM. We can also speculate if BLR is under consideration. BLR-AMS is smaller than DEL/BOM but with solid corporate traffic.

    The above emphasis on TATL connections is somewhat misplaced. Even Air France-KLM’s own statements indicate that their passenger mix is on a 50/50 basis Europe vs America ex India. See their press release from late Nov 2017. And, there must be a tiny but high-yielding segment for India-LatAm as well considering AF-KL strength there.

    Big picture, the nonstops to America are gradually increasing over time as corporate traffic grows (even Delta has joined the club!), and they are accordingly becoming the preferred option. At the same time, corporate travel to Europe, even the Netherlands, is growing ex India.

    • @Rony, I know Bangaloreans want a connection after the one from Jet stopped, but it is just that, speculation at the moment. As for emphasis on TATL, it is a different story when you are on that plane, and see every second person transferring onto a different flight. Like you said 50/50, so that is a large number in itself.

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