Upto 50% Bonus JPMiles on conversions!

There is a new JPMiles conversion offer where you can get up to 50% bonus JPMiles when you convert your points from other transfer partners to JPMiles. JetPrivilege regularly runs similar bonus promotions. Earlier this year, they were offering a 30% bonus. This time, they’ve raised the conversion rate to 50%.

To earn this bonus, you have to first register on their website for the offer. Once registered, you can convert points from 29 loyalty programmes to JPMiles through September 30, 2018.

You can initiate a transfer from the following programmes:


  • American Express [1 JPMile/  2 Membership Reward points]
  • Axis Bank [1 JPMile/ 5 eDGE Loyalty Reward Points]
  • Bank of India [1 JPMile/ 5 Reward Points]
  • Citibank [ Up to 5 JPMiles/ point]
  • Doha Bank [2000 JPMiles/ 2000 Doha Miles]
  • Emirates Islamic Bank [1500 JPMiles/ 15000 Choice Points]
  • HDFC Bank [Up to 100 JPMiles/ 100 points, depending on your card]
  • HSBC [1 JPMile/ 2 Reward Point]
  • IndusInd Bank [100 JPMiles/ 100 Reward Points]
  • ICICI Bank [200 JPMiles/ 100 Reward Points]
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank [Up to 1 JPMile/ Reward Point, depending on your card]
  • PNB Rewardz [1 JPMile/ 2 Reward Points]
  • SBI Card [1 JPMile/ 5 Reward Points]
  • SBI Rewardz [1 JPMile/ 5 State Bank Reward Points]
  • Standard Chartered Bank [Up to 1 JPMile/ Reward Point, depending on your card]
  • Union Rewardz [1 JPMile/ 5 Reward Points]
  • YES Bank [1 JPMile/ 4 Reward Points]

Hotel Programs

  • Le Club AccorHotels [1 JPMile/ 2 LeClub AccorHotel points]
  • Hilton Hotels [1000 JPMiles/ 10,000 Hilton Honors points]
  • IHG Rewards [2000 JPMiles/ 10,000 IHG Rewards club points]
  • Marriott Hotels [1 JPMile/ 3 Marriott Rewards points]
  • Radisson Rewards [1 JPMile/ 10 Radisson Rewards points]
  • ITC Hotels [1.25 JPMiles/ Club ITC Green Point]
  • Shangri-La Hotels [1 JPMile/ Golden Circle Award Point]
  • Wyndham Hotels [1 JPMile/ 5 Wyndham Rewards point]

Other Programs

  • Indian Oil Corporation Limited (XTRAPOWER Fleet Card Program) [1 JPMile / 65 XTRA Points]
  • Payback [1 JPMile / 5 PAYBACK Points]
  • Thanks Again [7 JPMiles / 10 Thanks Again Points]

I currently have a stash of Axis Bank eDGE Loyalty Rewards points which don’t get me a lot as their value is fixed at INR 0.20/point. The current conversion ratio is 5 eDGE Loyalty Rewards points: 1 JPMile. If I go ahead and convert a block of 10,000 points, I should get 3000 JPMiles after the bonus. That works out to INR 0.67/JPMile. But that’s not the case. The bonus also depends on the number of points I convert. In this case I just get 2000 JPMiles.JPmiles conversion offer

So I snooped around a bit and here are the bonus slabs which the folks at JetPrivilege are using.

Conversion to JPMiles Bonus JPMiles

Don’t go rushing off converting your points just yet. Even after the bonus, you still might not get the maximum value out of many of these conversions. For 10,000 IHG Rewards points, you can book a decent hotel room, especially if you use their points breaks promotion. Looking at transferring Amex MR points? You are better off transferring them to some of the other airlines and hotels who exclusively partner with Amex.


JPMiles are fast becoming the preferred loyalty currency in India. Considering the number of airline partners they have, it may be an idea to consolidate your loyalty points into one program using this bonus offer. Better to have one large points balance than a lot of orphan points here and there. And don’t worry, your JPMiles are safe. 

Will you be converting other loyalty points to JPMiles using this promotion? 


      • I have 30K Yes Bank points, I can get 7500 JPMiles with Bonus of 1875 (only 25% Bonus not 70%)

        Congratulation! You are eligible for 25% Bonus JPMiles
        Total JPMiles you earn are 7500 (JPMiles) plus 1875 (Bonus JPMiles) is equal to 9375 (Total JPMiles)
        Bonus JPMiles
        Total JPMiles

        • FYI Below is my E-mail content:-

          Waiting to find the perfect offer to Convert your other loyalty reward points to JPMiles? It doesn’t get better than this! Get flat 70% Bonus JPMiles on converting other loyalty reward points of participating Bank / Hotel / Other loyalty partners to 5,000 or more JPMiles. Offer valid for 10 days only. So register for the offer and convert between 22nd – 31st October 2018.

  1. @Ajay: I don’t see a way to register for this offer on the web link that you shared. I’m logged in too. Is there a different page from where I need to register?
    When I ‘Calculate JP Miles’, I see the regular conversion number. In case of HDFC Bank, it shows only a 15% bonus by default. Thanks.

    • @Toshi, if you log in apparently you are registered. I logged out and the registration came up. Then I tried, it said already registered. Oh, and about the 50%, different banks have different ratios apparently, we are updating the post now.

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