Breaking: Jet Airways temporarily suspend all flights from tonight

On April 16, 2019, Jet Airways management for one last time tried engaging with the lenders to pump in INR 1500 crores (USD 217 million) so that Jet Airways can continue operating a few flights till the bidding process is completed. But lenders played hardball and didn’t want to pump in more money till the bidding process is completed.

Jet Airways will temporarily suspend operation from tonight (April 17, 2019) after 25 years of flying. As no interim funding has come in, Jet Airways is forced to suspend flight operations as it has no cash left even to operate the handful of flights it was operating.

Jet Airways cancellation

Jet Airways cancellation

Jet Airways press release

Passengers who are currently booked on Jet Airways will be duly informed as mentioned in the letter. The bidding process will conclude on May 10, 2019, and it will be up to lenders and successful buyer to start normal operations as soon as possible.

In a fortnight, Jet Airways would have celebrated 26 years of flying. It is sad to see an airline which many of us are so attached to suspend operations even if temporarily. Many of us have fond memories of Jet Airways like the first flight on an aeroplane, first flight in business class, first international flight and so-on. It is a heartbreaking moment for thousands of us.

Let’s hope Jet Airways starts flying as soon as possible.

Share your fondest memories of Jet Airways with us. It was more than just an airline to many.



  1. Dear Sir / Madam,

    I have booked tickets from, from Kuwait to Mumbai (Jet Airways) on 19.01.2019. Ticket Reference for Airline PNR # HXLHDV and XIUEV. But I received a message from Jet Airways stating that the card had been canceled. I have not made such requests before. My payment was made at the time of booking and I received a confirmation from Several attempts to contact them at have not been answered ( / phone numbers +965 55855956 / +965 66561566 available on their website.

    So, you are asked to solve the problem as soon as possible and give me a refundable amount for my ticket as soon as possible to avoid any further inconvenience.

    Your immediate request in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

    With thanks and appreciation,

    Maksud Tisekar

  2. Are the codeshare airlines still honoring the tickets marketed by Jet Airways? I have a ticket, bought on jet airways website, from Mumbai -> Paris -> Seattle and Chicago-> AbuDhabi -> Ahmedabad. But none of the legs are operated by Jet Airways. Mum-> Paris is by Air France. Paris -> Seattle by Delta . Chicago -> Ahmedabad by Etihad.

    • Did you contact Air France/Etihad and ask them whether they’d honour? I’m in a similar situation where I have 9W issued tickets on AF flights. I wrote to AF asking them if my tickets would be honoured. Will update once I receive a response.

      • I got an email from Jet saying that half of my trip has been cancelled. The Etihad part of Chicago -> Ahmedbabad has been cancelled. I contacted Etihad and they told me to contact Jet. On contacting Jet, they told me that my entire trip is cancelled (but I have not received email regarding full cancellation).

            • The flight was cancelled or they denied boarding? please give the details as I have a similar flight next month. was your flight operated by KLM / Air France but the ticket was issued by Jet Airways? and what happened exactly

              • Flight was operated by Air France/Delta but the ticket was issued by Jet Airways. Delta representative said that I have a confirmed ticket. Jet Airways customer care said that Air France and Delta representative will say that the reservation exists but they will not let me board the flight on the day of the flight if the ticket is from Jet. So, they said that the flight is cancelled and they can initiate the full refund.

      • I had partner awards issued on Jet stock (589) with Etihad (tickets issues in March, for flights in June). I got in touch with JP Member Services on Twitter yesterday (20-Apr) and gave them the e-ticket nos and this morning I got an email from them with revised ticket numbers on EY stock (607). So it seems all is good for travel.

  3. The crew must be commended. They performed flawlessly right till the end.
    My last flight with them was on 5th April. I hope they land on their feet.

  4. Heartbreaking… My first business class travel, the only airline in which I’m on the topmost tier… Will be missing those excellent crew and ground staff…

    sincerely wish to see them back in the skies..

    I fear this vacuum is going to affect most tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. Other airlines will pull out service from these cities and will redeploy those aircraft in the vacant slots in Delhi and Mumbai on tier 1 routes.

    we are going atleast 15 to 20 backwards in Indian Aviation.

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