Newsflash: Jet Airways cancels most flights to Amsterdam, Paris and London

Yesterday, I wrote about how Jet Airways’ international operations were further tottering over after they had already cancelled a large number of flights since December 2018 for their international operations. The airline had yesterday cancelled all operations to Singapore and some operations to Amsterdam and Paris. The airline also had one of their 777 aircraft impounded in Amsterdam with the backing of a court order by a vendor who wasn’t paid. But there is more developing on Jet Airways international flight cancellation.

This cancellation prompted Changi Airport to put out an alert as well, something not seen often with them.

The airline operated the following long-haul flights on April 11, 2019:

  • Mumbai – London: 9W120, 9W118
  • Mumbai – Paris: 9W124
  • Mumbai – Amsterdam: 9w232
  • Delhi – Amsterdam: 9W234
  • Delhi – London: 9W122
  • Amsterdam – Delhi: 9W233
  • Amsterdam – Mumbai: 9W231
  • London – Mumbai: 9W119

The following flights were cancelled on April 11, 2019:

  • Bangalore – Amsterdam: 9W236
  • Amsterdam – Bangalore: 9W235
  • Chennai – Paris: 9W128

There are some flights stating Delayed at the moment, which I have no information about if they are operating or not.

Jet Airways cancels most flights to London/Amsterdam/Paris for Friday, April 12, 2019

Now, the airline has cancelled the following flights for Friday:

  • 9W 235: Amsterdam to Bangalore
  • 9W236: Bangalore to Amsterdam
  • 9W 231: Amsterdam to Mumbai
  • 9W 234: Amsterdam to Toronto
  • 9W234: Delhi to Amsterdam
  • 9W119, 9W117, 9W115: London to Mumbai
  • 9W121: London to Delhi
  •  9W122: Delhi to London
  • 9W128: Chennai to Paris
  • 9W127: Paris to Chennai
  • 9W123: Paris to Mumbai

I am not sure about the suspension at the moment, but Jet Airways, as usual, has stated operational reasons to cancel these flights. One theory running through my head is they don’t want any more aircraft repossessed abroad or impounded, so they are cutting their losses. Another one is, that they have received back the aircraft in Amsterdam, and now they need to realign all their aircraft.

I will update this position as we get more information, however, for the moment, if you are flying Jet Airways abroad or flying back on Jet Airways, make sure you check your flight status before leaving for the airport.

For Delta/KLM/Air France passengers, they should request to be accommodated on the KLM/Air France flights to Mumbai and Delhi if they don’t have an operating flight with Jet Airways on their day of travel.


  1. Bad news for all, KLM is not honouring the bookings made through them for Jet operated flights. It is showing fresh air fare from origin to destination. In other words, it is equal to fresh booking.

    • Hi Giridhar,
      Did you tried calling them and asking to provide alternative, I think this will work. If you try through website it will be new reservation.
      Let us know updates.


      • KLM customer care number 18004193044, I tried several times and no one is answering, thats the reason I am not able to request them to put me on on another flight. Is there any other contact number for KLM in India ?

      • Dear Kumar
        I must really thank you. I patiently tried KLM India customer care. After 1:15 minutes, I got connected, I requested for connecting flights ( in view of Jet cancellation) and they gave me a completely revised flight schedule from origin to destination. I confirmed the revised flight itinerary over phone and finally my schedule was confirmed without any additiona cost. Finally, I am relieved. Once again thank you for your valuable input

      • I tried telling KLM to re-book us on the next available flight, but as my tickets were issued by Jet Airways they’re unable to help further or honor my tickets. Can somebody help across with this?

    • In US, customer service for delta airfrance klm is same so i think they will follow same. i had tickets with air france with jet as one leg and they converted that into air france flight easily yesterday. departure is mid may.

      • That is great Yash. My travel is in june and they told me that they will try to find an alternative, but at the moment they are serving people who are traveling within 72 hrs. Hopefully i will be able to fly.fingers crossed.

        • I called Airfrance today , My travelling date was in Mid of June.
          She said they have special team who are working on this cancelled flights and as off now they are working on April and May List. She asked me to call in the first week of May so that they can give alternative solution for my booking.


          • They changed our flights all the way in July too. I used facebook messenger of air france. no talk no hold just chat and all flights of may june july were changed. I bet there is a different team for social media messages. they are going to adjust everyone who booked through them. doing early is just benefit in terms of getting most suitable alternative flights as once most direct flights are full they will start adjusting in two stops itineraries.

              • Hi All,
                First of all thanks to Yash.
                As from Yash comments , I sent message on Facebook and they changed my tickets on Air France for same day with same single stop with no extra charge.

                • This is a good news. I am trying to contact them via fb and no one responded yet. How long did it take for you to get the response?

  2. I have a flight KL3813 from Bangalore to Amsterdam in September operated by Jet Airways. This is connecting me to KL691 in Amsterdam to fly to Toronto. If Jet Airways cancels their flights, will KLM arrange alternate flight.

    • Tried KLM website to rebook cancelled sector (operated by Jet). Rebooking charges are greater than my original booking charge. So KLM is not offering any free booking for cancelled flights

      • @P Giridhar why are you trying to rebook, you just call the airline and get you to put them on the other flight which they operate o nthe Jet sectors

        • No one is answering the KLM customer service toll free number. I have no choice but to see the KLM website. To my surprise, KLM has deleted all references to Jet operated flights and it shows only either KLM/Delta/AF operated flights. I am really lost and dont know what to do, please advise

  3. Jet is suspending its operations from tonight. All bookings made with Jet goes down the drain. Pls rebook. Those booked with KLM/AF keep your fingers crossed.

    • I have booked through Airfrance from Portland to Chennai and now that their flights have cancelled,not sure what is going to happen. I called Airfrance and they said for now they are doing the reservations for these travellers with in 72hrs and said they can issue a refund if i want. Hopefully they will be able to find something. I am travelling in June and i am not sure i will be able to find another good deal 🙁

  4. I have Mumbai Amsterdam and Zurich-mumbai flight bookings in June. But due to this news I don’t understand what to do. To wait or cancel this flight and rebook different one but this occurs cancellation charges and also new flight charges with difference of 20k each. I don’t understand what to do now. ANY SUGGESTIONS please

  5. I have 7 tickets booked BLR – AMS (KL3813) for 26 April at 1:45 AM. I wish to understand the following:
    1. Is the ticket issues by KLM? as i see the code as KL3813? Despite this being operated by jet airways.
    2. Chances of us getting allocated some other seats ?
    3. As of now all operations have been cancelled till 18 Apr, but the chances of them resuming are slim, as I see it. So will KLM book me up in another partner airlines such as Air France ? And if they do what would the timelines be ? would it be immediate or days apart ? as they say that on the next available flight ? which seems uncertain and no way of knowing.

    Any inputs are highly appreciated ! thanks in advance.

    Also, I am interested to understand the status of the passengers and what flights they got booked on when their tickets were cancelled in the last couple of days!

    • Hi Dr sadashiv,

      I have also booked flights for 5 of us and I don’t understand what to do as of now to wait till date or cancel my booking. It is in confirmed status but still can’t predict what will happen. Any suggestions?

  6. we have 2 tickets booked for end of May from Delhi-Amsterdam-Toronto. Please suggest me, should i request a refund or wait for another announcement and also how long it will take to process refund.

    • At least you have Jet Airways office that you can visit in Delhi. Request refund immediately & book with other company

  7. I have a flight from Amsterdam to Delhi on 01.06.2019 flight KL 871 Can somebody help me with the current status of this flight, are the KLM flights operating from Europe to India?

  8. At what point will partner airlines stop honouring 9W issued 589 tickets? Now that it looks like Jet has stopped flying internationally, would 589 international tickets on partner airlines already be dishonoured?

    • I have booked my tickets for 11th May 2019 through KLM Dutch tickets starting with 074 , Bangalore to Los Angeles CA and return journey on 8th July 2019 , KLM is giving hopes that my tickets will be re booked if jet airways don’t operate ., Please clarify.

  9. My E ticket number starts with 074 for KLM code shared flight with Jet, can you please confirm if this ticket is issued by KLM or Jet. In case of cancellation of Jet flight, will KLM put me on to another connecting flight? Journy is in May 2019

  10. Booked Chicago-Amsterdam-Bengaluru on 7th May, 2019
    Amsterdam-Bengaluru KL-3812 operated by Jet Airways
    Booked Bangalore-Amsterdam-Chicago on 25th May, 2019
    Bangalore-Amsterdam KL-3813 operated by Jet Airways

    If Jet cancells, will KLM book me into another connecting flight automatically or should I request for the same now itself?

    • @P Giridhar, KLM has flights from Mumbai and Delhi, so perhaps they reroute you on one of those, but can’t confirm for sure. perhaps time to call KLM.

  11. I have a confirmed booking done through Air France 14 April Del-AMS-GVA. Flight ticket number starting with 057.
    I tried to checkin via KLM and AirFrance website but I was directed to the Jet Airways site. When I filled my details on Jet Airways website to checkin I was informed that the flight was cancelled!

    When I to connect Jet airways via phone, it just makes me wait for ever …

    • Such things are usually never done last minute. The process must have been going on for many weeks (if not months) before going live. And what has it got to do with flight cancellation? I am sure the IT engineers can’t fly planes nor can they infuse the magical 1500cr. They are doing what is expected out of them and most likely without being paid for months now.

      • @Manish : Jet has been in bad shape for months to have started these endeavors. The Jet Privilege IT Team has not been the best of personal experiences in on time offer fulfillment so I think they could have worked on that if really required.

        And I am not sure of your IT experience, but unlike pilots who need type certification and up to date training and are also probably under periodic long term employment agreements, IT engineers switch job at the first signs of trouble due to the plethora of opportunities available.

        • Most likely the IT is outsourced and paid at least partly in advance. If the outsourced vendor (probably one of the IT majors) makes salary payments to the IT staff on time, I don’t see a reason why the engineers would quit.

          Also Jet Privilege is a separate company and reported a profit.

  12. We have booked with Jet Airways but it’s a code share with Air France to Paris (9W 4947) on April 27th. Will the code share partner airline honour my ticket? Return is from Amsterdam (9W 231) to Mumbai. No response from Jet and the travel agent Yatra is uselesss.

    • Hi Rochelle.

      What is the ticket number. If it starts with 589, then Jet has ticketed the sale. Once the airline goes belly up, chances of partner airline honouring the ticket are slim. However if the ticket was issued by Air France (starts with 057), then you have nothing to worry, just call Air France and they should be able to accommodate you in an alternate flight.

  13. Hi Ajay. Assuming that the miles that most of us have might go for waste now. What do you recommend?. Would be nice to have your perspective/ article on an effective way one can spend the miles and what to expect?

    • If you are okay loosing all your miles, I guess holding on to them makes sense. If that is too big a loss, I would recommend you redeem them for some immediate (non urgent) travel or something from the reward store. The conversion rates are horrible but you get something.

      While Jet Privilege is a separate legal entity, its fate is tied to Jet airways. Even if the program gets bought out by another set of investors, there is no guarantee that the miles won’t be heavily devalued or redemption options severely curtailed.

      I have redeemed about 50% of my balance (low six figures) for some domestic travel next week (if Jet survives) and some vouchers from reward store (about 50% loss because of the conversion rate). I am holding the balance miles until the weekend when the picture will be clearer with EOIs/bids being submitted.

  14. I have an ongoing flight on 14th Sunday morning handled by Jet Airways from Chennai -> Paris. Now not sure on how else to go, as I booked via “TRIPADO” and the website status says “painted” . Can someone advice on how else to proceed ?

  15. SOMI : April 12,2019 – I have a Jet Airways 9W 8926 from Amsterdam to Mumbai for May 2019. This is actually a KLM ( 877) flight with code share with Jet/AF/Delta. Being a KLM flight, is it possible that Jet can still cancel my booking due to their payment default issues? Or I am safe with this booking?

    • I just saw jet posted list of flights cancelled till May ,5th on their website. Maybe you could check there once? Will give me some hope too. We have codeshare flight with AF in mid may

  16. Hi,
    I’ve booked a ticket from KLM from Bangalore to Toronto via Amsterdam for May 2nd. The flight is scheduled to be departed at 01:45 AM from B’lore. The flight from B’lore to Toronto is operated by Jet Airways (KL 3813). What happens in case Jet Airways cancels this flight? Will KLM make alternative arrangements for me? I tried to chat with KLM on What’app, this is the response I got from them:
    “If all your flights are booked in one ticket, you will be automatically rebooked to the next available flight if you miss your connection in the unfortunate event of a delay.”

    When I asked them about when that next available flight will be, I didn’t get any response. Also, further I tried to inquire them if they could change my carrier from Jet Airways to some other one, still they didn’t respond.

    Any idea what could happen in Jet Airways cancels (which looks like most likely) and what are the options for me?

    Greatly appreciate your answer. Thanks.

  17. This is heartbreaking.
    I have the following flights with Jet.
    7th May:
    9W – 124 (BOM-CDG)
    9W – 6762 (CDG-BCN)

    22nd May:
    9W – 8912 (LIS-AMS)
    9W – 231 (AMS-BOM)

    Please offer suggestions as to what should I do?

  18. I have jet air ways flight from Toronto to Delhi. What will happen will I be given another option or refund? Please let me know

  19. Have booked ticket KLM-3817 Delhi to Amsterdam on 1-7-2019, and onward
    to Houston. Its disturbing to hear these news. Believed it was KLM and now
    i learn its Jet 9W234.
    What will be best option for me now?

    • @Dilip, you should ask KLM to put you on their own flight, should not be a problem, but I would assume that would happen closer to the date of travel

    • @ Diilip, If the ticket is issued by KLM then they will
      Probably transfer you to their own flight departing from Delhi at 3.35 AM. But if
      Is issued by Jet ( Ticket no starts with 589) then you have a problem.

  20. I have a booking for 17th April from London to Delhi.

    I have been trying to contact jetairways to cancel the ticket so that I can book another refund however not been able to connect.

    Not sure if I ask them to cancel the ticket now, would they agree to give me full refund or not.

    Can someone please suggest what’s best to do?

  21. Possibly, another theory could be that since they have less than 20 aircraft in operation – they are ineligible to fly overseas!?

    I’ve already shifted my travels as well as my employees travels from Jet to Vistara.

    Even if the bailout turns quasi successful, I wonder if they’ll ever be able to get back their brand loyalty…

  22. If Jet Airways goes down, then what happens to tickets issued by Jet Privilege on partner airlines.? Would they be honored by partner airlines? I have a business class ticket on KLM issued by JP from DEL to AMS and also on Etihad for JFK- AUH- BOM

  23. What will happen to codeshare flights to Paris. I have a Hyderabad to Mumbai jet connection and onward to Paris on a an air France codeshare 9w4947

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