Jet Airways Flight Cancellation News:Abu Dhabi gone

Jet Airways has been affected on many routes due to the continuous grounding of their aircraft, due to their inability to meet their financial commitments to those who own these aircraft at the moment. Today is March 18, 2019, a key date which was addressed by Jet Airways Chairman by when things would get better at Jet Airways.

Anyhow, the date is here, and what we see is a different picture at the moment. Here is the latest on the Jet Airways flight cancellation news. For one, all the flights to Abu Dhabi have been cancelled tomorrow onwards. Here is a look at the flight status for tomorrow for Jet Airways.

a screenshot of a schedule

Even for Dubai, most flights are being cancelled for a few days now, and only 5 out of 11 flights operating from Indian stations will be operating to Dubai.

a screenshot of a schedule

Flights to Singapore also are being consolidated from Mumbai and Delhi, and Bangalore is down to one daily, Pune Singapore is cancelled.

a table with a number of days and dates

Delhi Doha is also out of action.

a white table with black text

I am also hearing that flights to Kuwait are down to single daily, and also Jet Airways has stopped operating flights to Trivandrum, Kozhikode and Kochi too at the moment.

Truly a sad moment for the airline and its passengers. I’ll update tomorrow morning with more details.

What has been the impact on your schedules due to the cancellation of Jet Airways flights abroad?

(with additional reporting from Karan Patel)

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  1. Jet Airways PNR KZJNNA. Our flight is on 21st May 2019. Looking to the current crises , We would be happy to know how are chanses of geting this flight cancelled and also onward flight fro Paris _ JFK nad return flight on 13th Aug 2019 from JFK to Mumbai via Amsterdam

  2. hello i was booked on jet airways for April 18th this year. i was text that the plain was not Flighting after trying to get another flight and being told they can get me on another airline they wanted £250 pound more. This annoys me after paying £520 pounds just to add to injure. so i cansoled. now i have to watt a month to get my money back they were fast enough to take it over the phone. I’m lucky i have Etihad air miles i used them to get a flight for the dates i wanted and payed £260 pounds in the end this has saved me paying £700 pounds for a flight.

  3. I am booked on Jet Airways flight on 13th April from Hong Kong to Manchester via Mumbai. They have sent me email cancelling both flights and not giving me any idea of an alternative or how to claim money back. And now I cannot even see the flights on their “Manage Booking” page. Anyone know how to contact them in UK?

    • I have exactly the same problem going from Bangkok to Amsterdam via Mumbai. Did you happen to hear anything back from them?

  4. I have a Singapore flight from Mumbai on d 1april .. any advice … Am traveling wit a toddler ? Should I cancell and rebook on another airline

  5. My round trip flight from Delhi to Bangalore on Mar 26 to Apr 1 also cancelled with no explanation and alternative. I have rebooked my flights with other airlines by paying 9000 rupees more. Luckily I have made reservations through Mske My Trip so they are giving full refund in three days

  6. My husband’s flights — BLR-BOM for March 29th, and BLR-BOM for April 1st — have also been cancelled. No response from customer service or any mention of refund.

  7. My mom’s BOM-VNS flight for 13th March was cancelled a day prior (evening). After 2 hours on the phone (on hold), we rebooked her on 18th Mar in premier (all economy seats were sold out). A day before the flight, got an SMS that 18th Mar flight is also cancelled. Have booked her on a indigo flight now.

  8. BOM-GOI on 13th march cancelled . I was notified on prior day evening about cancellation. I thought they will put me on next flight and headed for airport. Sadly, they put me on early morning flight on 15th march; which I denied and took refund by standing in Q from airport ticketing desk. Just worried about for my holidays booking with family in May and huge JP miles with PLT status.

  9. Here’s to hoping that today will bring some good news for Jet Airways..

    Was trying to push to reach Jet Plat status but now don’t think would risk it especially as can’t afford travel delays…

    P.S- though I also had a flight cancelled (BOM-AMD), called them and they immediately offered full refund or any other alternate flight within next 5 days. Took a morning one instead.(so a 2300 Rs INR Deal fare ticket converted to a 12000+ flex fare ticket).

    But positive that won’t be able to accommodate those changes everytime.

      • Nope. I didn’t.. Noway they can afford to do that actually.
        I am just saying that my experience was relatively smoother due to the whole issue

        Looking at others, could have been so much worse.

        And with anyway was looking at next morning flight initially but didn’t due to extremely high difference in cost, can’t complain too much.

  10. Had my moms flight for the 23 BLR -DEL. Got cancelled and now they have offered to change to BLR-MUM-DEl. But have not got the confirmation yet.

    Have a BLR-SIN on the 25th April now sure what is happening with that also.

    Rahul Goel

    • Dont opt for BLR-BOM-DEL routing. You are at risk of one of your flight being cancelled and you ending up in a completely different city.

  11. Traveling to Hongkong by Cathay . Avoiding 9W. Wondering whether should I convert all my JP Miles into Amazon vouchers

    • I am in the same boat. Redemption value is horrible for Amazon & other vouchers but JPMiles have any value if the airline is operative.

      With these cancellations and aggressive competition from Indigo, I see it’d be difficult for Jet to regain their market anytime soon.

  12. Flying Air India today as the morning daily flight from Bhuj has been canceled from today onwards after the evening daily flight was canceled a few days back. Both of the 9W flights from Bhuj canceled till 30th April . Being a 9W Platinum thinking of achieving some status with Air India now.

  13. They cancelled my flight to Chennai for 22nd of this month. And I’m not able to get in touch with them. Is there a chance of refund or can we follow this up in some way.

    • My flight was also cancelled. They gave an option of full refund or change to some other available flight option. They were even willing to change to nearby sector. Only problem is reaching them over phone, taking more than an hour of waiting time.

      • The airline is in complete shambles. Even on cancelled flights (by the airline) not automatic refunds processed, and after chasing them for over 10 days of wait over on email / phone they pocket the convenience fee (i,e. Credit Card Fees) when booked on their website.

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