Jet Airways ending Ho Chi Minh City service as of March 2016

One of the newer stations opened by Jet Airways in November 2014 was Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) in Vietnam, where a mini hub was made at Bangkok and one could fly in from Mumbai or Delhi and get on an onward flight to Saigon.


Saigon Sunrise

While the BKK-SGN sector was initially tagged to the DEL-BKK flight, recently it was moved to be added to the BOM-BKK flight.

Evidently, this route does not seems to have worked out for Jet Airways, because they are closing down this route as of March 26, 2016 (end of the winter schedule). While I was delighted to have been on one of their initial flights in January 2015, it is only too bad that the route is closing, perhaps because it was not doing too well.


Jet Airways’ Business Class to Saigon


Jet Airways’ Business Class to Saigon

The last flight is scheduled to take off from Saigon on March 26, 2016.

Anybody else managed to make it to Saigon on Jet Airways yet?

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