Jet Airways harmonises Elite check-in

At the metro stations in India, Jet Airways has been offering a dedicated check-in experience for elites. For instance, at Mumbai airport, Business Class passengers use the pods located at the end of the terminal for a more private and uncrowded check-in experience. However, JetPrivilege Elites get separate counters in the main pier. There are separate counters for JetPrivilege Platinum members and another one for Gold/Silver and co-brand credit card holders.

Jet Airways Check In Airport

Jet Airways Dedicated Check-In Mumbai Airport

At smaller airports, JetPrivilege Platinum members just get combined access with the Premiere passengers.

Jet Airways Check In Airport

Jet Airways Check-In at Vadodara Airport

JetPrivilege Silver members and eligible co-brand cardholders have been able to enjoy dedicated check-in for flights within India at metro stations, which includes Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru. Eligible co-brand cards include:

Jet Airways is, however, reshuffling the deck in the coming week for everyone who has been eligible for dedicated check-in at these airports. Effective May 17, new rules will apply, which will ensure that elite members who fly Jet Airways across the country get similar treatment.

The following members will be able to use Premiere Counters at all airports to check-in

  • JetPrivilege Platinum
  • JetPrivilege Gold
  • Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card Holders
  • JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Diners Club Credit Card Holders
  • JetPrivilege HDFC Bank World Credit Card Holders
  • Jet Airways ICICI Bank Sapphiro Credit Card Holders
  • Jet Airways IndusInd Bank Odyssey Credit Card Holders
  • Etihad Guest Platinum
  • Etihad Guest Gold
  • Priority Advantage Guests

This is an upgrade for everyone on this list since they never had Premiere check-in access at most airports. JetPrivilege Platinum members, however now lose a dedicated check-in counter for themselves.

The most significant loss, however, is for JetPrivilege Silver members, who will have their access to elite check-in discontinued from May 17, 2018, onwards if they are not travelling in a premium cabin. This change means they now have to use the Economy Class counters to check-in.

I see this redistribution being done to ensure there is still only so much waiting one needs to do when flying with the airline. Gold and Platinum members would be much lesser numbers as compared to silver which is the first of the elite tiers.

Additionally, this is a worldwide practice to club top-tier elites with Business Class Check-in, except for oneworld which allows for Elites to also use First Class Check-In. Not a big deal for Jet Airways given the limited First Class capacity they fly. Similarly, Vistara also clubs their check-in for elites with Business Class.

I am not sure how does Jet Airways intend to use the extra space that frees up because Dedicated Check-in Counters will go away. Maybe they turn back over the additional counters to the airport operator, or perhaps they redistribute these counters to existing capacity.


I am not entirely sure how to digest this update and would only be able to comment on it when I visit an airport the next time. In Mumbai on weekday mornings, the dedicated elite tiers used to be about 10-15 minutes of a wait before your turn arrived, so I am not sure how this will work with Business Class counters. Although I do feel a bit for the Business Class guests, who will now have to wait longer now.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming change to the Jet Airways check-in procedures?

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  1. Ajay – regular reader of your blog, love it. What are your views on Jet serving snack boxes on sectors like BOM-BLR? As a JP Elite, I feel really disappointed.

    • @Rahul, I haven’t flown that route in a while unfortunately in Economy in a while, so I still haven’t encountered this snack box. And it has nothing to do with your JP Elite status, not like the elites get different food on a plane than non-elites.

  2. It has been a hit or miss till now, but mostly when I enquired with the on-ground staff at non-metro airports, as to where I should check-in being an Amex Jet Platinum cardholder, I was usually directed to the Premiere or Platinum line 🙂 Has happened with me at Goa, Pune and also Jaipur if I recall. Good that its becoming an official change now!

    Also, I’ve noticed that the agents posted at these dedicated counters sometimes seem a bit slow or confused compared to the general counters, and so do the passengers checking-in, hence creating the unnecessary wait times. Or maybe its just always my bad luck!

    • @Nikhil, you have been getting lucky by fluke. Amex Jet cardholders only have had the facility at 6 airports so far, so…next week is when you will be officially eligible!

  3. There are 3 Platinum check in counters at Mumbai Airport, Ajay!

    I am actually looking forward to check in at the pods at Mumbai Airport!

    • @Mayur, I did not get the point you made, sorry. I know there are 3 counters at Mumbai, but takes me 15 mins in the queue every morning I am there.

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