Jet Airways and Etihad Airways announce reciprocal benefits

Last year, Etihad completed the purchase of 24% equity stake in Jet Airways, as a part of building its own equity alliance. As a part of the alliance, usually most other airlines enter into a reciprocity with Etihad’s own loyalty program whereby the guests of both programs are granted privileges on each other’s metal. With Jet Airways, this has been a long time coming, and I suppose Etihad has been waiting to complete their acquisition of 51% of Jet Privilege to be able to integrate the two. This transfer only completed as of April 2014.

Anyhow, the good news is, that as of today, the reciprocal benefits have been announced by both the carriers. First lets take a go at Jet Airways. They have modified their JetPrivilege page to now list the benefits that JP members would get on Etihad flights marketed either as EY or as 9W flights. Key inclusions are:

  • Gold & Platinum JP members get a dedicated check-in desk, priority baggage tagging, lounge access (business & first class respectively), and priority boarding.
  • Silver, Gold & Platinum JP members get 10,15 & 20 kgs extra for baggage allowance
  • All JP members will earn 1 tier point for every EY flight they take, where they chose to credit it to JetPrivilege. However as per current language, no Tier JPMiles will accrue, only redeemable miles will. Also, you could be flying Etihad F on Abu Dhabi – New York JFK, but you still get 1 tier point only (Just an example).
  • 10%, 20% and 30% bonus JP miles over and above redeemable miles will accrue to Silver, Gold and Platinum members.

Here is a snapshot of the benefits in this table. jponey

On the other hand, Etihad has updated their website to show how the Etihad Guest members would be able to benefit on flying Jet Airways or JetKonnect. The following benefits apply for EY Etihad Guest members while they fly Jet Airways:

  • 10%, 20% and 30% tier bonus for EY Silver, Gold and Gold Elite members
  • Priority Check-in, Priority Baggage tagging, Priority Baggage and Lounge Access for EY Gold & Gold Elite.
  • 10 kgs, 15 kgs, 20 kgs respectively as excess baggage allowance on 9W/9WK flights for Silver, Gold and Gold Elite flights.

What foxes me is that Etihad Guest is offering tier miles/segments to their members on flying 9W/9WK.

I am so glad the mystery is finally over and now I know how to treat my miles when flying 9W or EY. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a comment and I’ll write back or respond here.

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  1. I like to know that if i have already accrued miles on jetprivilege and like to shift to etihad guest program is there any way to transfer the points in between.?

  2. I am JP Silver and have couple of more long haul flights to make which would take me to Gold level.. I would like to know which out of the two is a better program Etihad Guest or JP miles.. are the more benefits to EY Gold members as compared to 9W ?

  3. Hi .. I am a 9W PLT member and flying from India to Madrid on Etihad in Eco class T .. So official baggage allowance is just 23 KG one piece. However, I would like to know how much extra weight will I be allowed on Etihad as a Jet PLT member.
    I asked JPand they said check with Etihad and Etihad call centre says no additional allowance.

    Please help thanks

  4. hi….Me and my husband both are jet privileged member. We traveled by jet+etihad combination on April 21,2015. On web check-in we get class ‘W’ in jet and class ‘T’ in Etihad. Etihad’s site shows an accural of 100% miles of T category passengers travelling in jet airways. But such thing is not published on jet’s site. Now jet airways is refusing to credit any miles pertaining to our travel with etihad.
    Just want to know 2 things:
    1. Why the class are different in two airlines while the PNR and everything else is same?
    2. If “T” class passengers of Etihad are entitled to get miles with their travel on jet, is vice versa not true?

  5. I am a member of both the programs. Can i transfer and consolidate my miles to to one of the programs either Jet or Etihad

    • @Rahul, no. first, the miles are not yours, they are the airline’s property, you just get to use them. Second, they are two different programs, so miles are not fungible.

  6. I am flying internationally Mumbai to Brussels via 9W in economy. I am an Ethiad Guest Gold member. Jet airways has publsihed on their website, that ethiad gold guests can carry 15kgs extra and have lounge access on 9W flights.

    Yet jet airways is refusing this facility to me, and via email insisting only jet airways privilege members have benefits while flying ethiad and not vice-versa.

    • @pratiti just carry a printout of the JP membership benefits page, along with the Etihad Gold card if you foresee any problem. I won’t expect any problem since it is a published benefit.

  7. What foxes me is that Etihad Guest is offering tier miles/segments to their members on flying 9W/9WK.

    Ref your above comment, tier miles for Ethiad Guest while travelling in 9W is restricted upto S class tkt in Economy ie travelling in K class and below ( up to B) will not earn miles.

  8. Thanks for the info Ajay.. when do u think we will be able to ‘seamlessly’ redeem JP miles on Etihad network. I mean when will we see EY’s destinations using the ‘Redeem JP miles online’ option on the 9W website.. Cheers!

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