Why are you not seeing enough Jet Airways 737 MAX aircraft?

Jet Airways has been on a massive downslide over the past few months. In September, they were in a liquidity crunch, so they started to implement measures to save money, a lot of which included cutbacks from the passenger experience.

All of this, apart from apparently not paying their salary dues in full, and cutting out on various flights. Here is an update on the routes that are gone.

While Jet Airways is negotiating a deal with their partner Etihad, Etihad has laid down some tough terms to invest more funds in Jet Airways.

But one of the areas where the airline has suffered now is receiving their new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. I earlier outlined airline wise deliveries of aircraft in 2018. Jet Airways received its first Boeing 737 Max 8 in June 2018. A total of 5 Boeing 737 Max 8 were delivered to Jet Airways in 2018. Jet Airways was supposed to receive 6 more Boeing 737 Max 8 by March 2019, but they have received none yet.

Jet Airways Boeing 737 Max

Jet Airways 737 Max 8 VT-JXA

The last one was added way back in September 2018. Since September 2018, 4 Boeing 737 Max 8 have been built but deliveries are on hold. Out of these 4 aircraft, 2 Boeing 737 Max 8 (VT-JXF/H) are in storage. One 737 Max 8 (VT-JXG) is undergoing production testing. A fourth 737 Max 8 (VT-JXJ) is awaiting engines.

Boeing has delivered the two completed 737 Max 8 to the lessors, but they haven’t been transferred to Jet Airways yet. Lessors have deferred the aircraft deliveries till further information to tackle the current liquidity crisis comes in. Jet Airways ordered 225 Boeing 737 Max aircraft and the order of 10 Boing 787-9 still remains in Boeing’s order book with no delivery schedule.

What do you think about the current situation of Jet Airways, and when do you think will they start inducting newer aircraft again?  


  1. Seems Jet is finally going the kingfisher way – My flight DEL-MAA evening flight ( Peak time flight on a Monday evening) was cancelled yesterday (28 Jan) and was offered into a late night flight, Now the return from MAA-DEL (30 Jan) is cancelled 2 days in advance, with a hopping MAA-BLR-DEL option thrown in ( which i obviously declined)

    Cancelling flights on metro routes is what would get them a boot from corporate flyers which is their mainstay – i for once would really think before booking Jet again lest this happens again. Just read a news item that 4 of their 737 have been grounded – its the deja vu feeling – only i have more JP mile than i had with KingClub !!!

  2. “What do you think about the current situation of Jet Airways, and when do you think will they start inducting newer aircraft again?”

    I think the current situation sucks, they will start inducting it when they have more liquidity. Hope that answers your STUPID question. When you went bald, did you lose some brain cells too?

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