No International flights to/from India till August 31, 2020

In March 2020, it became apparent that international flights in India will not operate anytime soon. Since then, Air India has been operating repatriation flights, and people have been paying crazy money all the tickets they can for their emergency to fly back home. In the meanwhile, other countries such as the USA have now started indicating their displeasure with Vande Bharat flights.

Now, a new order has been passed by the Government of India, as a part of their plan to open up the lockdown. The new order notifies that airlines operating commercial flights to/from India will not be able to perform any flights till August 31, 2020, 1830 GMT, which would translate to midnight India time. In an earlier order, the international flights were limited until July 31, 2020.

international flights suspended in india

I gather this would be targetted to clarify to the other airlines operating to India about the timing of how long they should not be planning operations to India. The awful news is, the decision is postponed and August 31, 2020, is not a final timeline of opening up Commercial international aviation, and it could go on longer. Like I’ve said, again and again, this does not help get clarity for customers and airlines alike, and India should take a long-term view about international flights and how long does it want to hold off traffic.


Unless one is stuck in India as a foreign citizen and can’t get out on a relief flight being operated at the moment, no one will be able to come in or go out of India through September 1, 2020. Some good news might be on the anvil, however.

What do you make of International Flights Suspended in India?

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  1. Hello, I am kumar, I was working for the past three years in China as a teacher and I came to India in January for Chinese New year holidays and since I am stuck in India and now I lost my job due to not available in my current school for the past four months. I am really sad and blaming to Indian government that they are really not well organized and this is the reason now thousand and lakh Indians has lost his or her job to stupid government and worst system. We know how to keep safe ourselves. Everything has opened in India but for international flights they are confused. They should do something for us those are working in abroad. I am hoping to get the new job in abroad but feeling to loose again due to worst system. I would like to request Indian government to think about us.

  2. I’m an Ethiopian who travelled to India on 11th March and stuck here since. My return ticket was on 11th of July but Emirates is not flying, I was rebooked for 11tj of August but we heard this bad news at the last minute.
    Can anyone from the travel authorities advise me if I can be transported to Dubai with the repatriation arrangement since there is flight from there to my home town?
    The changing of decisions is devastating.

  3. This is a joke…its Indian govt responsibility to stop spreading covid 19 and they failed to do that…now this is like an we r in dictatorship period….While doing Namsate trump and now gathering in Ayodhya they dont know what they r doing…only stop operating flight is not a way to avoid spreading Corona…I stuck here jobless since 5 month…no any Indian authorities came to ask how we r surviving..

  4. What is the benefit of banning international flights to/ from India. All NRIs not able to reach to their beloveds and not of any help to them in this critical period. Many Indians are getting frustrated with such decisions of this government. After all these actions, whether the government could control the spread of the pandemic?

  5. This news is really sad ……. pls …..give a good solution in this matter ….i want see my soulmate …. i will hope in September

  6. Wrong information. International flights have opened. I booked my ticket for 21st of august to America. Wrong article.

    • @Jai, people have been booking tickets all this while, but the only flights which have flown are those which were permitted as repatriation flights. Airlines have to be more responsible to not sell tickets when they don’t know when flights will be allowed to operate.

  7. Me and wife came on jan 10th and booked reurn ticket to chennai
    in Flydubai/Business class and unable to return due to non operation of flight in liue of COVID -19.Let me know when our flight resume.

  8. Kya indian goverment jo bahar h desh se inke sath mazak kar rahi h yai indian goverment ki jawabdaari h k wo hame yaha se nikale jo log desh se bahar phase h ye BJP wale tanasahi kar rahe h congress hoti to wo kuch karti bas har chote chote kaam par pit thap thapana aati h inko apni shame goverment for india

  9. Do we have repatriation flights to dubai from 1st august to 15th august as said earlier.
    Please. Conform

  10. What a mess all this.So are international flights like united airlines from usa are allowed or not. All these things are not clarified by DGCA about the list of airlines that are permitted through travel bubble.

  11. So are international flights like united airlines from usa are allowed or not. All these things are not clarified by DGCA about the list of airlines that are permitted through travel bubble.

  12. Plz international flight service septemberil englum onn start cheyanam……enie extend cheyarut….. waiting for that moment……ethrayo peer wait cheyunnu varan vendie….. plzzzz septemberil englum start cheyanam…. its request plzzzzz

  13. Thousands or lakhs of NRI citizens will loose their jobs and the government of India civil aviation will be responsible for it.
    I think they should reconsider their decision to ban flights.
    A. N. Singh
    1 /8/20

  14. This is too much now…I have been waiting from march untill now this drama is happening now u said till august 31 no international flight…next month again u will say 30 September no international flight.But wat is the problem to resume all flights . People who want to travel they know wat precautions they need to take…covid 19 we understand. but all countries they started airports specially international flights..y only from india it’s not starting….its been long time I want to get my family….my wife has a job problem….no body comes to help us wen wrong time comes….let people live there life
    Please start international flights for tourist visa ,visit visa and residence visa please

  15. Commercial is cancel but arrange vande bharat aur chaterd flight for india without government corontin only issue home corointin

  16. To me is sad for no international flight this August, but make me happy the next month of September is the most people waiting to visit there love and families and I’m excited to visit my family I never see them years and I wish and pray everything is great in the Whole world. Thank you and for me I wish the government gives priority the country Men and women to visit there family and relatives..God Bless America and the Whole world.

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