International flight India ban extended until October 31, 2020

In March 2020, it became apparent that international flights in India will not operate anytime soon. Since then, Air India has been operating repatriation flights, and people have been paying crazy money all the tickets they can for their emergency to fly back home, while an International flight India ban has been existing of sorts. In the meanwhile, other countries such as the USA started indicating their displeasure with Vande Bharat flights.

Now, a new order has been passed by the Government of India, as a part of their plan to open up the lockdown. The new order notifies that airlines operating commercial flights to/from India will not be able to perform any flights till further notice. In an earlier ruling, the international flights were limited until September 30, 2020. Here is the page that refers to these guidelines on this International Flight India Ban for the moment.

If you notice right in the centre, it says

International air travel of passengers, except as permitted by MHA

This has been followed up by a circular from DGCA which will have another extension on the date of the ban on international air travel.

International Flight India ban

I gather this would be targetted to clarify to the other airlines operating to India about the timing of how long they should not be planning operations to India. The really bad news is, the decision is postponed, and there is no final timeline of opening up Commercial international aviation, and it could go on longer. On the other hand, DGCA has also refused some air bubbles the permits they need to fly into India, like with Lufthansa.


There has been a lot of leniencies that has been put in place with the air-bubbles that have been set up for months. However,  this does not permit everyone in India to go wherever they want whenever they want subject to being approved by the other country to enter their country.  The only liberties are in travelling to the USA, UK and some other countries for now.

What do you make of this International Flight India ban?

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  1. Being a doctor I should serve my country at this point of time however I’m not able ho back to my home country due to this ban on international flights
    I have come here to meet my family with my pet and now I can’t leave my pet here neither take back to India
    This is really sad news for me
    They should start these international flights as soon as possible so that I can do my duty at this pandemic time
    It’s my request to you plz do something for me and my pet

  2. Tourist industry se related sab barbad ho reha h lagta h government poori trh se tourism ko barbad karne pe lagi,kuchh to government ko sochna chahiya hum logo ke barey me …sab kuchh to khatam ho gaya kuchh ummid baki thi wo bhi toot gai ….fuckup

  3. I dnt understand wat d hell is going on with International flights ban n ban,wat abt those people who r were working out of India hav been struck here how shld thier family servive many days they hav to sit starving,the govt shld strictly take somepreventive measusers and lift d travel ban ands3nd those who want to work abroad .

  4. What is this sir many people are suffering to go abroad people they booking tickets and lot of problems going on even health practionars visa should allowed for saudia closed the drama everywhere opened even in our country shops markets opened
    But airports Should be open even saudia arabia is big drama country
    He should realize people suffering
    I request should be Indian government should be pressured the saudia government to open the air India flights

  5. All bullshit, Air India is making money with the help of Government officials, flight tickets are 4-5 times higher than the regular. Monopoly of Air India. Even after this they can’t gave salary of employee of Air India .

  6. This is total bullshit, why is the covid-19 still at a rise given that there are no flights? Not everyone is india , we are stranded here and we need to leave this place, what’s this issue of not opening the airspace, most countries are opening their airspaces, this isn’t fair at all. Every spaces are open internally why not the airspace, please we need to regain our countries and some of us are not privileged to afford the bubbles

  7. I m totally agree with your statement. Even after 14 days corentine I house or in hotel what is t gurntee that I will get Corona in lifetime. This is all drama.

  8. They are making fool to indian people bec they just collecting money from nri.via high prices ticketing,staying in india,but they dont know many of people now unemployed due long stay in india.just start honestly proper precaution like covid test,mask,etc for prevent or spread virus.
    Many of people doing work in philipines.but our country not allowed

    Thats it.

  9. I dont understand why all this drama is being created over International travel? Initially the covid was blamed on International travellers to India, NRIs,then jamaat then migrants then the public of India. Dont the sarkari babus and politicians realise that this is a viral pandemic which will spread amongst most people inspite of precautions taken. If you induce a lockdown or prevent people from mixing with each other you can perhaps delay its spread not stop it!
    So please stop this nonsense of just extending bans on whatever you think is responsible. This is not just typical sarkari mentality- close down everything.

    Now that the pandemic is set to make India no 1 in something around the world, the govt is openeing up all sorts of non essential things but not travel. Total chaos and indecisiveness

    • You are absolutely spot on.
      Note Gulf countries are preferred for travel but not Bangladesh, Myanmar etc.

  10. Laws related to COVID-19 must be a joke in India. My Uncle and Aunty came in a tourist visa DEL-SFO, no questioned asked. No one even checked their results.

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