Inside the American Express Airport Lounge Mumbai Terminal 2

In October this year, American Express slipped in a word to members that they are launching a new American Express Airport Lounge Mumbai Airport’s Terminal 2. You see, American Express used to have a lounge at Mumbai Airport, but it was located at Terminal 1, and then the centre of action moved to Terminal 2.

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The new American Express Lounge is located right opposite Burger King on level 3 and is accessible for those with domestic departures from Mumbai Airport Terminal 2. To get there, go straight down from the Croma outlet. The Lounge is open 24 hours a day.

a man standing at a desk in front of a glass wall

This lounge, which was inaugurated on December 14, has a capacity of about 56 covers in one go and takes a slightly different approach towards guest hospitality as compared to the American Express Lounge Delhi Terminal 3. For one, the entrance is done in the same new green wall format that you would come to see at American Express’ The Centurion Lounges around the world.

American Express Lounge Mumbai Terminal 2 Entrance

American Express Lounge Mumbai Terminal 2 Entrance

The lounge is divided into two sections, one exclusively for Centurion and Platinum Card members, and the second section for Business/Corporate Platinum Cards and Platinum Reserve Card members. The two sections are divided by a glass wall, and members are directed to the appropriate section by the lounge staff.

The Centurion Card members can bring two guests free of charge together departing on a same-day flight as the Cardmember, while Platinum Charge Card members are not being able to bring any guests for complimentary access at the moment. Platinum Reserve Credit Card members are also not able to bring any guests free as well. For any guests on a chargeable basis, an amount of INR 2000 plus taxes is payable.

This section is organised with individual couches so that people can sit across and do business and or be left by themselves.

a room with chairs and tables

a room with chairs and lamps

There was also a whole bunch of high-stools with a counter-top by the window, where one can dine or get a quick email on its way before take-off.

a bar with chairs and plants behind it

This section of the lounge offers a-la-carte dining, with an extensive menu which is offered to the members. There is the choice of breakfast and all-day dining options, depending on the time of day one arrives at the lounge. Here is a look at the menu.

a black rectangular object with gold text on it

a menu of breakfast and breakfast

a black menu with white text

Not just that, there is a bar menu as well, where, in partnership with Pernod Ricard, the lounge aims to please their Cardmembers with the choicest of options and cocktails as well. Drinks for Centurion and Platinum Cardholders and their guests are complimentary.

a menu on a counter

A hot snack counter laid out in a corner of the section offers cardholders a quick bite while they wait.

a row of food containers with lids

On the other side of the (glass) wall is the more casual lounge layout, which is usually accessible for the Business/Corporate Platinum Cardholders, and the American Express Platinum Reserve Credit Card holders. This section holds about 36 passengers in one go, and it has a choice of seating as well. There are high stools and desks along with plug points and USB charging for those who want to plug in their laptops or juice up their phones.

a room with tables and chairs

a white outlet on a wall

This section of the lounge, along with its mostly low-chair seating is designed for relaxation and chit-chat before the flight.

a room with chairs and tables

a room with tables and chairs and a television

There is an extensive buffet available for members as well, which is changed four times a day: breakfast, lunch, snacks and then dinner. While I did not get the time to sample the offerings, it was very well done and given the lounge is operated by the same hospitality company, Travel Food Services, which runs the GVK Lounge, you are assured of a high-quality gourmet experience.

a kitchen with a variety of dishes

Let’s take a look at some of the offerings of the day. There was a lot to choose from, including salads and short bites, sandwiches, hot meals, desserts, juices and coffee selections.

a basket of chips and bread sticks on a counter

food on a tray with a glass cover

a food on a tray

a buffet with different food items on it

a group of food in a container

a table with food on it

a coffee machine and cups on a counter

While soft drinks are complimentary for those who will be able to access this section, wines, beers and alcohols will be on a chargeable basis.

a menu with gold text and price list

Take note that the bar is not functional at the moment pending the bar license which is due, as per people at the lounge, to be granted next month (January 2019). So that martini will have to wait a few more days.

All in all, this is a new, fresh approach to the Lounge life, and quite likely to become my new pit stop before my flights out of Mumbai Airport, just like the American Express Lounge at Delhi Terminal 3 is my hop before flights from Delhi Airport.  I promise to get back soon and give you a heads up of what to try in the lounge as well.

How to Access the American Express Lounge Mumbai Terminal 2?

Access to the lounge is validated by a swipe of your American Express Card on presentation to the Lounge host. As a recap, the following cardholders are going to be able to access this lounge:

If you are based in Mumbai and want to access this lounge, then you could start by sampling it with an American Express Platinum Reserve Credit Card, which gets you access to the Delhi and Mumbai American Express Lounges, apart from other domestic lounges, three times a quarter (twelve times a year). When you apply here, you get the welcome rate of INR 5,000 plus GST for the card, as well as a higher welcome gift of 15,000 Membership Rewards points, instead of the usual 11,000 Membership Rewards points.


This is an excellent addition to the American Express suite of Lounges, and I am looking forward to going back already. The lounge is comfortable, not crowded at all, and has all the usual features of an American Express lounge that I have seen at other Amex Lounges in India and around the world.

What do you think of the American Express Lounge Mumbai Terminal 2? Have you visited already? What has been your experience like? 

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  1. I have multiple credit cards issued in India which give me access to absolutely ALL the lounges at Mumbai Airport Terminal 2. In your opinion, which is the best lounge to be at? My flight is at 6:25am on Friday 12th July 2019 so I will be at the lounge by 4:30am. Thanks for your help.

  2. Good morning everyone,

    Sitting at the Amex Lounge in Mumbai right now and having some not half bad eggs Benedict. I even asked for cold coffee and though it’s not the menu, they willingly offered to make it for me and it’s pretty decent too.

    I did enquire if I would be allowed to bring guests on my centurion card and they confirmed it’s + 2

    However no guests allowed on the platinum charge card. When I reminded them their international policy is +1 guest allowed, they informed me that this is the instruction received from their Corp HQ.

    PS – Love how empty the lounge is. Just me in here at 08.30 LT

      • Hey, I’m arriving early wednesday morning (18/4-19), carrying a Placard issued in Sweden. Will that allow to bring my travel partner inside free of charge?

        Looking forward to see new lounge.

        All best


  3. Attempted to access the T2 Amex lounge today (31-Dec) with Personal Platinum (US version) and was denied complimentary guest entry (they would have let me in alone on complimentary basis). The desk staff told that it was a recent policy update and guest is now ₹2,300.

    Anyone else with this happen? I can’t really find any confirmation on any Amex website for either direction.

  4. Passed through the lounge earlier this week. They denied access to my companion, stating that they received a message from their corporate office saying that only centurion card holders can bring a guest. Was forced to pay INR2360++, or to leave.

  5. I have a Amex Platinum reserve card. Can i bring one companion with me to the lounge ( if I’m ready to pay the lounge charges for the extra person)?

  6. Do ICICI Jet Amex card holders get access to this lounge? It’s funny actually, none of the lounges at Mumbai T2 Domestic accept ICICI Jet Amex cards.

    • I will be trying it next week. But it is Platinum card so it should be allowed. What is the fun for Amex to send it’s card members to GVK Lounge ( Yes in Mumbai with Jetairways ticket) . In Delhi I always use Amex lounge with Jetairways Amex Platinum card

      • Ajit, can you bring a guest with the Amex Jet Platinum in Delhi? Do let us know if somebody is able to try it in Mumbai – with or without companion? It will come in really handy now that Jet has withdrawn lounge access.

        • @Ankit you have never been able to bring a guest with the Amex Jet Platinum. For a card that comes at 5K for the first year, you don’t get the same privileges as a card that costs 50K – 60K INR

          • @Ajay: I’ve been able to take a guest to the mumbai GVK lounge, using the Jet Amex card. This was couple of months ago.

  7. Any idea why Amex separates business and personal platinum cards giving the business card people a worse lounge? Does this have to do with how Amex prices the cards in India?

  8. I wish this had opened in the international side which has a lack of lounge options for those without access to the GVK Lounge. Domestic already has a decent priority pass option. I would keep my platinum just for that as Loyalty Lounge is an embarrassment in T2.

    • I second this. Loyalty lounge is always crowded and makes you wonder if it is worth entering… It’s an irony that an airport like Mumbai doesn’t have good lounges in international terminal, with more and more people utilizing lounge options even in smaller airports.

      • @M Kartheek Reddy, this is a post about the Amex Lounge, I wonder why is the discussion going on about other lounges here. The Mumbai airport has great lounges in International terminal, in fact the best lounges in Asia. Just that they are all for airline passengers and not for credit card holders.

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