Induslnd cuts Unlimited Lounge access for Amex cardholders

IndusInd Bank used to be one of the most generous card issuers, where you could get unlimited lounge access due to the IndusInd Amex card lounge access tie-up. This same thing was tried out with the ICICI Amex cards as well but as a promotion. IndusInd Bank stuck it out. However, starting next year, IndusInd Bank will be placing limits on the number of free lounge visits.

IndusInd Amex card lounge access

From January 1, 2019, IndusInd Bank Amex credit card and add-on cardholders will no longer be getting unlimited free lounge visits. Here is a notice on the IndusInd website. 

The number of free visits as per the new policy for different Amex cards is:

IndusInd Bank Amex cards can get you into 14 domestic and international lounges across seven cities in India. While going through their lounge network, I noticed that no lounges in Mumbai Airport’s Terminal 2 are on the list. Once you have exhausted your free limit, you will have to pay an access fee to get into a lounge. You can read the rest of IndusInd Bank’s terms and condition here.


This move to cap the number of free lounge visits on Amex cards does not make the IndusInd Amex cards any more attractive for frequent fliers. Most MasterCard and Visa credit cards too give you 2-3 free visits per quarter. If you are still looking for an Amex credit card which gives you unlimited lounge access, consider the Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card. And if you are a JetPrivilege Platinum member, you get this card for free. And there is always the Citi Prestige, which comes with unlimited Priority Pass access worldwide for you and your add-on card holder.

Do you think IndusInd Bank Amex cards would still be valuable after these cuts?


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