Indigo offering flight vouchers for INR 99

Indigo has recently gotten newer ambitions in the digital marketing game. One of the changes they’ve made for instance is on their smartphone apps, where people are supposed to now register before they can use the app. They have also introduced a new package, where they are encouraging people to register for their website, and giving out vouchers for future flight bookings in the process.


Here is what you get on registering with Indigo and paying INR 99 :

  • Booking Vouchers: 2 Vouchers worth ₹350/- each, which can be redeemed against the base fare only, while booking IndiGo domestic flight tickets, provided that, the date of travel is 21 days or more after the date of booking.
  • Service Vouchers: 1 Service Voucher worth ₹99/- and one worth ₹100/- . These vouchers can be redeemed against purchase of special services, that is, meals, seat selection, pre-paid excess baggage, Fast Forward, infant fee, lounge and unaccompanied minors.
  • In one booking/ PNR a maximum of 1 Booking Voucher (₹350) and 1 Service Voucher (₹99/₹100) can be used. This is irrespective of the number of passengers in the booking or whether the journey is one-way, return or multi-city.

Here are all the details to the promotion. The vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of issue, and can be used by anyone, not just the person who buys them. Also, when you buy these vouchers, you can only buy them once during 365 days.

What is Indigo trying to achieve?

Indigo is trying to make a member database, which they can then use for further direct marketing. So, by getting people to pay for bookings, they will make them aware of the direct booking benefits from Indigo, in the process, cutting out the middlemen who need to be paid a booking fees (commission) for every booking made.


This is a great way for Indigo to engage customers directly, although it is from the Amazon Prime playbook. I do see value in the offer for those of you who book in advance, as you can get a further discount on your ticket by applying these vouchers.

Are you planning to stock up on some of these for future use? What do you think about this Indigo promotion?

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  1. I don’t think it’s that bad.

    Thanks a lot Ajay for this heads up.

    I wanted to book tickets for 2 people, then suddenly realized I read this article.

    Paid 99 for membership, and booked two times (separately for both people) to be able to utilize both vouchers.

    Got 700 INR benefit in this manner. Now thinking what to do of the remaining 200 INR service vouchers. Those are not that useful.

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