Indigo makes change/cancellation charges time dependant w.e.f. April 1, 2015

Indigo has been at the forefront of monetising everything, including 500 grams excess baggage on hand which they’d not let inside the cabin. However, they’ve now worked out a new model on how to charge change/cancellation charges, which looks pretty reasonable to me.

The move is towards rewarding early changes and cancellation by charging them lesser fees, and to penalise those who change/cancel at the last minute by charging them a higher fees. This is applicable for bookings made on or after April 1, 2015.



For bookings made before April 1, 2015, the old rates continue to be charged, which is INR 1500 per change/cancellation on domestic bookings and INR 2000 per change/cancellation on international bookings.

Personally, I don’t fly Indigo much and hence this does not impact me. These charges do look reasonable like I mentioned ahead.

How do you think will this impact your booking decisions with Indigo?

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  1. My experience with Indigo has been great! I travelled just 2 days back and was 3 kgs over-weight! The lady across the counter did point out the same but said that she is letting me go this time without any charge! All this with a smile! It all depends on the experience that you have on a particular day. So far so good with me with Indigo!

  2. AJ,
    Generally, the base fare [which is the only non refundable portion] is in the region of 500 to 3000 Rs. If they are planning to deduct 2250 then they are making most of the fares non refundable which is pretty steep increase. Indigo is now avoidable.

  3. Long-time reader but first time posting here …

    ‘Reasonable’ depends on what you are used to. 1250 for a ticket that costs 2.5-3k is borderline criminal, especially when they usually can turn around and sell that seat for higher closer to the departure date.

    I’ve made several bookings in the US for an upcoming trip, and cancellations are free or near-free up to T-1 to 3 days.

  4. For 90% people, this is an increase in cancellation fee.
    If they wanted to increase fees closer to departure, they should’ve reduced the fee for D-7 and D-30 substantially.
    Hope other airlines don’t increase cancellation charges by this magnitude. Especially full service airlines.

  5. I’ve never had a bad experience with IndiGo. But of late, I’ve started feeling that their pricing has soared to a full-service airline’s level. Rarely do I find IndiGo the cheapest on the sectors my relatives and I usually fly. Not to mention their nagging undercover ground staff, who are always on the lookout for passengers even 1gm over limit. I won’t be surprised, if one fine day, they start charging passengers weighing above a particular limit.
    As for this new rule, I hate it. Why should i pay 750 more for having my tickets canceled at the last moment? I will be mindful of this while booking IndiGo.

    • @Rohan I’ve always thought of them as a haughty kid. So, I don’t fly with them often. Now I see their nose going up further.

  6. Even if Indigo would offer free cancellations, I still wouldn’t fly them. Had the worst experiences with them and the staff is really really rude, especially the ground staff. I would rather pay double to fly Jet or Air India than fly Indigo. THE worst airline that I ever flew on.

  7. They have just increased the rescheduling charges 🙂
    I’ve rescheduled a dozen journeys all within the last three weeks of scheduled departure date. This strategy will improve their earnings.

  8. i tried rescheduling a tkt from 29th April to 30th April,
    i was told as it was booked on a promotional fare so rescheduling can not be done.

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