18K JPMiles for ICICI Jet Airways Sapphiro Credit Card! Signed up yet?

If you thought flying is the only way you could accumulate miles, think again. You can earn a ton of miles when you use airline co-branded credit cards for your everyday spends. The ICICI Jet Airways Sapphiro Credit Card is one of the Jet Airways co-branded credit cards out there which offers JPMiles whenever you swipe your card.

icici jet airways sapphiro credit card

Normally you’d get 10,000 bonus JPMiles when you apply for an ICICI Jet Airways Sapphiro Credit card, but if you apply via JetPrivilege’s card portal cards.jetprivilege.com, you get an additional 8,000 JPMiles. Ajay has already reviewed the benefits of the Amex and Visa versions of the Jet Airways ICICI Bank Sapphiro Credit Card before and it is very well worth the INR 5,000 + taxes you pay for the card.

icici jet airways sapphiro credit card

What else do you get? In addition to the JPMiles, you get one free base-fare ticket. Apart from that, you have complimentary lounge access, golfing and dining privileges. Shipra got this card earlier this year.

Not in the mood to pay INR 5,000+GST for a credit card? There are other options as well. They include:

Jet Airways ICICI Bank Rubyx Visa/Amex card (6,000 bonus JPMiles)

For an annual fee of INR 2,500, you get 5,000 JPMiles for signup plus 6,000 bonus JPMiles along with a one-way free domestic ticket. This means you get 1 JPMile for INR 0.23. For 11k JPMiles, you can easily get a return Mumbai Goa ticket.

Jet Airways ICICI Bank Coral Visa/Amex card (4,000 bonus JPMiles)

This card is for all those you who want to keep it light on the pocket. For an annual fee of INR 1,250, you get 2,500 JPMiles for signup and an additional 4,000 JPMiles. So, for a total of 6,500 JPMiles, all you are shelling out is INR 0.20 per mile or you can think of it like this, INR 1250 gets you a Mumbai to Bangalore redemption ticket.


The ICICI Jet Airways Sapphiro credit card offers some amazing value for the fee that you are paying. 18,000 JPMiles can get you a one-way flight from Delhi to Dubai or a round trip between Mumbai and Delhi. Add to that the free ticket and you have one heck of a deal. And remember, if you are a JetPrivilege Platinum, you don’t have to pay the fee.

Have you applied for the ICICI Jet Airways Sapphiro credit card yet? Perhaps a good pick me up if you haven’t already.


  1. Before applying for ICICI-Jetairways cards, pls. be informed that
    1) if one want to go with cancellation, he / she has to redeem all JP miles earned till date, before cancellation. Else, they will be lapsed.
    2) Frequent follow-up with both ICICI & Jetairways customer care is required incase one want to get their existing JP no. linked with new card.
    3) I had applied for JP miles card but what I got from the bank is payback points. After frequent / so much follow-up for almost 3 months, they issued me a new card which can give actual JP miles benefit. I had lost my JP miles for the first 3 months, as the bank denied to credit them.

  2. There seems to be a bug in the application form on the Jet Privilege website. I tried to apply for the AmEx JetAirways card. It keeps on asking to enter the state and Pincode details even though we enter all the info. The customer care are clueless. I don’t know if it is just me or others are also facing this issue.

    • Hi Hari, please avoid the online application process. Amex rejected my online application through JetAirways website, saying they don’t offer the card through online application for all cities, I guess that’s why they keep asking for your state and pincode. Save yourself the hassle and contact an Amex executive, they are a dime-a-dozen everywhere.

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