I still don’t have a winning entry for this contest!

On Monday, I put out this little contest for all the aviation geeks out there. Looks like it was missed by most of you due to the BoardingArea downtime that happened the same day. The last date to submit your entries is today EOD.

I am still looking for the 3 mistakes I originally asked for, and I don’t have a winner yet! So, take part here, and you might just be the winner of the American Express Gift Card from me.

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  1. Air France logo is wrong. It’s the old one. The new logo is different
    Turkish Airlines logo is old. Their new one is white-on-red.
    Malaysia Airlines logo is wrong

  2. I found 10 mistakes with the board:

    1. Air France logo is wrong. It’s the old one. The new logo is different

    2. Qantas doesn’t fly from Bombay any more.

    3. Turkish Airlines logo is old (red-on-white). The new one is white-on-red.

    4. Kenya Airlines logo is cut off- doesn’t have the swirly K symbol

    5. Air Arabia logo is old- new one is white on red and has no symbol.

    6. Malaysia Airlines logo is wrong – it should be red-and-blue pointing right – this is red-and-grey pointing left.

    7. Royal Jordanian logo is wrong.

    8. Continental is no called United

    9. Iran Air logo has bird pointing the wrong way – it should point to the right – not the left as shown.

    10. Saudi Arabian Airlines is now called “Saudia” with a different logo etc.

  3. 1. Air France logo
    2. Kenya Airways logo (hard to tell, but looks like it might be their old logo – the “ka” thing – instead of the current KQ thing)
    3. Malaysian Airlines logo
    4. Continental now United

  4. @livefromalounge
    1. Continental Airlines ceases to be anymore as
    operations are now under United Airlines. Hence
    the logo of Continental Airlines changed.
    2. Kingfisher Airlines license has been suspended by DGCA, however earlier this year they have
    stopped international operations. Hence logo
    needs to be removed.
    3. Saudi Arabian is now operating as Saudia. Hence logo needs to be changed.
    4. Livery and Color of Malaysian Airlines has changed. Hence logo needs to be changed.
    5. Qantas has not operating to Mumbai since May 2012.

    Yash, Mumbai – India

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