Hotel Review: Hyatt Regency Pune

After a nice stay at Hyatt Pune, I decided to hop across to Hyatt Regency Pune, the older and bigger brother in the Hyatt family in Pune, which is 1 kilometer away across the road for the second day of my Pune stay. As a Hyatt Diamond, they offer free airport transfers, and I asked them if they could replace it with a ride from Hyatt Pune. They were okay with it and sent a car along at the appointed time.


I pulled into Hyatt Regency Pune, and it was every bit a five star hotel, in terms of size and facilities. However, in the end, it turned out that they went as much as the distance they had to go to keep me happy, but they were sort of cold in their treatment as compared to the other Hyatt I just stayed at earlier. The smaller one exuded warmth and approachability, while the bigger one did not.


On arrival, I was checked in, and informed that I was being put up in a Club Regency Room on the highest floor of the hotel. The Club Regency room is essentially a standard room with better treatment such as Regency Club access. I enquired if there was something better, and they nodded in a no, which is something I am used to from hotels, since they do like to save their best rooms for customers who may never arrive. In the process, no one bothered asking me if I wanted an amenity or points, and I was sent along to my room after being given a letter enlisting my benefits, which was printed on some cheap quality paper.

The room did have a view of the other block of the hotel and service apartments.It was a pretty spacious room, and good for two people staying the night. The bath was maybe half as big as the room as well, however, the fact that it was an old hotel showed due to the state of the power plugs in my room. Also, I always request a room away from the elevators, in this case, I had one not far away from one. Here are some pictures of the room and the view.







The bathroom had a shower cubicle with a rain shower as well as a hand shower, and a bathtub, which I did not have the time to get into. The hotel used Forest Essential amenities here, which is the same one that the Park Hyatt Goa Resort & Spa used as well. I am however not sure if this is the brand standard in India.




There was plenty of water left in the room, and it was replenished in the evening again.


Most Hyatt hotels I’ve stayed at in India do send along a little amenity towards welcoming the guest, however nada here.

The hotel had their Regency Club on the second floor. Throughout the day, the club would serve coffee/tea and soft beverages for anyone with access to the club. Guests with Regency Club access also had the option to have limited breakfast at the Club lounge, or a full breakfast at the coffee shop.





The hotel hosts an evening Hors de Voures at the Regency Club, and as a part of the letter, I was extended an invitation to visit the club during the evening. They did have an impressive spread of wine and spirits, along with a nice selection of food on offer.



Food selection included Salads, Cheeses, Cold Cuts, Canapés, Mezze Platters and some desserts. For me, I spent a larger part of the hour working there, and I guess I ended up nibbling on enough to have to skip dinner later that evening.




My brother had a lot of work, so he only ended up checking in later in the evening. Unfortunately by that time last orders for dinner were over, and we turned to room service to get him something to eat. I was already stocked up on the evening snacking at the lounge, so I gave it a pass myself. We ordered a burger, and what came along was nice and juicy, however the fries that came along were pretty bland, and the request to send salt and pepper to the room was not complied with.


Next morning, we were offered breakfast options in the Club as well as the main coffee shop of the hotel. We decided to explore the full breakfast option and hopped over to the coffee shop of the hotel. It seems the IT Park being next door, they had a lot of guests from China and Japan as well, so they’d made special provisions for them as well. Apart from that, there was a lot of Indian and Continental food on offer, including bakery items.










The service was chaotic, to say the least. I can appreciate that on a Sunday a lot more people want to get a leisurely breakfast, but what I don’t appreciate is the restaurant not being on top of their game. Once, while we were gone picking up stuff from the counters, our table was cleaned up, so much so that even our key cards went missing for a bit. Another time, they served us cold tea, in spite of instructions to serve tea in a pot which we could help ourselves to when we wanted.

What really drove me nuts was their unsuccessful attempts at Eggs Benedict. They offered it on the breakfast menu, and the first time they got them over, the eggs were not runny but rather semi-boiled, and cold. As if someone else ordered them, and then they went away so we were served those eggs instead. we sent it back, asking for another, which came hot, but the eggs were still not runny. Groan!



I checked out the pool, which was temperature controlled and indoor, however, with people swimming there, I did not take pictures.

Overall, this is a vast expansive hotel, every bit a 5-star. But like I mentioned initially, they were not able to engage with me as a guest just like their smaller cousin did the day earlier.

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  1. Hotel is very preferable for business class people. Hyatt is not so expensive and huge over location. Easy transfer and get engaged to near by important location for tourist.

  2. The hotel isn’t really vast and expansive. On a recent stay the quality of booze in the lounge was just average but that can change over a period of time. That happens … maybe they should have have engaged you better as a guest so the ego could have felt happier!!!!

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