Explaining the cryptic HDFC Regalia Lounge Access SMS

It seems a lot of people have received a text message from HDFC Bank about the lounge access available on their HDFC Regalia credit cards last week. I’ve received tonnes of messages about this particular SMS, and also as a Regalia card holder, I got my own SMS as well from the Bank.

HDFC Regalia Lounge Access SMS

I just wanted to quickly share with you where this is coming from and why there is no reason to panic about this one. If you head to the HDFC Bank Regalia features, you will see the following policy in effect for lounge access.

HDFC Regalia Priority Pass Lounge Access

As you can see, the policy is to only allow 6 times a year, the primary or add-on cardholders to access lounges outside of India for free using the Priority Pass that comes along with the HDFC Bank Regalia. From the seventh visit onwards, it would be charged at $27 per visit.

All that the cryptic SMS tries to clarify is, that anytime you swipe the Priority Pass in India, you will be compulsorily charged the $27 per passenger fee for your visit.  This would include any visits to the International lounges in India.Why would you think that it matters to HDFC Bank if you’re visiting an Indian lounge or an International one?

It has to do with the price they pay the lounge for your trip. You see, you can access the Indian lounges for free two times a quarter using your credit card. It is my educated guess that the price that is billed to HDFC Bank for these lounge trips is lesser than the price billed via Priority Pass.

HDFC Bank Regalia Visa Lounge Access


This is not interchangeable with the lounge access on Priority Pass. Hence, to access an Indian Lounge, you need to continue to use your Visa or MasterCard Lounge Access program and not the Priority Pass itself. Of course, if you want a better credit card for lounge access, you should have a look at our compilation of some of the cards that allow you credit-card based Lounge Access.

What is your inference of the HDFC Bank SMS for Regalia customers?

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  1. Sir , I am primary regalia first card holder and also have a add on card on my wife’s name .
    I do have priority card and but my wife doesn’t have one….can I still access lounge at
    International airports

  2. Hey!

    I received my Regalia first credit card But I haven’t received Priority pass card. I read that one needs to make 4 transactions and these should be billed.
    Is there any constraints on these transactions?
    As in amount, retail store or ecom?


  3. I tried to use the HDFC Regalia card at Loyalty lounge, CST international airport, Mumbai. But, i got replied from them that not tie up with HDFC Bank.
    What is the reason not to tie up with Loyalty lounge?
    I think that all Regalia card holders have to think about it. You mentioned in your lounge list that it is accessible.

  4. i was told by regalia customer care 12 within india and 6 out of india complementry lounge access ….. i just use one in india and another in hong kong within the calendar year 2018. unfortunately i am charge 27 Dollar+GSt for Indian airport access. Why? That Means The Customer Supporter Misguided Us !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @palash that just means you did not read the T&C properly. 12 within India on swiping the credit card and 6 outside India with Priority Pass. How hard is it to read the T&C before blaming others?

  5. I tried to apply for priority pass card. It is asking for all th 16 digits of the credit card??? Is th bank PCI Complian?

  6. I had applied for add-on Regalia card for my wife, as I was told even add-on cardholder is eligible for domestic lounge access (mastercard) within the limits. Now the customer care tells me only primary cardholder is eligible for lounge access. Could you please clarify?

  7. The website now says “For Lounge visits within India, Regalia Primary Cardholders can avail 12 complimentary lounge access per calendar year through Regalia Visa/Master Credit Card Lounge program”

    Now confused if it is 2 per quarter or 12 per year. If 2 per quarter, how is a quarter calculated…from Jan or from March..

  8. I am travelling to Hongkong next week.
    Which card should I use in the Kolkata International lounge for free lounge access- The Regalia card or the Priority Pass card.
    Also . Is my Diners Rewardz card valid for free access to international lounge at Kolkata Airport.

  9. Sir Ajay I am a Regalia First user and I also got same SMS. At first I was confused about its meaning . But now everything is clear. Thanks to you Sir.
    It looks like you have two credit cards from HDFC ( Regalia and Jet Diners ). Does those cards shares credit limit ? It will be a dream come true for me if you can tell how much credit limit you have in both cards Sir ? Waiting eagerly for your precious comment. Thanking you.

  10. The PP on HDFC regalia offers 6 free Visits to international lounges ( 3 for the Regalia first). Is there a per quarter limit to them or can i avail all the free (international lounge) visits in one quarter?
    Note: I know the domestic lounge visits are limited to 2 per quarter.


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