HDFC Diners Club refreshes list of 10x partners

One of the reasons I get a lot of my travel bookings done with ClearTrip or GoIbibo these days, or buy stuff via Flipkart as the HDFC Diners Club Credit Card in my pocket, which has a 10x partner list. HDFC Diners Club frequently comes out with long term promotions, which allow you to get 10x points on every transaction with select merchants. This means, on a travel booking worth INR 15,000 I would get 50 points/INR 150 when booked with the Black variant of the card, netting me 5,000 points…way more than any other card in the market.


Anyhow, the hottest question I received over the past three days was the new list of partners, since HDFC Diners Club had just ran out of their last 10X promotion on March 31, 2016. The new list was notified last night, but looks like this is more an in-transition list since it is only valid for a month as per HDFC Bank Diners Club.

Here are the (re)newed members of the club:

I’ll update this list within the coming months, because I am either expecting more partners to join in, or these ones to renew their partnerships for the longer term. Now only if they could make redemption a breeze…

What would be the partners you guys would like on this list?

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  1. This card is only useful for people who are frequently book air tickets or else for most people it is not more the useless. Take my example, I was not aware of all the features of the card and was not at all aware that the reward points on this card are not redeemable against the outstanding bill, so even if i start using this card for my day to day purposes, the reward points i get from it are totally useless to me, as I don’t frequently book air tickets, and as far as booking movie tickets is concerned which was one of the primary reasons i got this card was also a disappointment. Before i got my card the website listed the Cinepolis in Viviana mall thane, but now it is not available in the list, which is a big disappointment as the other theaters in the list are not very good and none of them are in my area. The only reason watching a movie in Viviana was worth the travelling trouble is that it has the only 4dx screen. And if i want to watch a normal 3 D movie why on earth would i travel to thane in the first place just because i want to make use of my reward points??
    And talking about internet banking and mobile banking , It’s one of the most ridiculous and most non user friendly process i have ever seen. It’s been a week and i am still not able to understand which mobile app i can use to track my account.
    In short if you travel by air alot only then and only then get this card in all other scenarios this card is totally useless.

    • @Lalit Sapra you can also redeem points to pay your hotel bills, or your DTH/Landline/Mobile bills with the reward points as well. Of course, the guys at HDFC never promised you that you could use your points towards paying your bills, so they won’t change the features.

  2. Thanks Ajay, for update on this one too! Have been able to stack MILLION+ miles with this card, and i am taking on a trip to Europe this summer, on Emirates biz class!

    Have been regular reader of your blog for 3 years (may be more) and first started my journey with Citi PM, then converted to CITI Pretige (got 2x miles on conversion). Took family to Australia on biz + 1st class, and not this. What more can we ask for.

    A big thank you!

    Even though they didn’t issue me a Black card (i got premium) but i am extremely satisfied.

    God bless and long live – live from a lounge!

  3. Effective 15th April 2016, HDFC has stopped accruing reward points for fuel transactions. This was mentioned in my last e-bill of Diners Black. I think should be applicable for other HDFC cards as well.

  4. Ajay,
    With SBI Air India Card being devalued, are you publishing your revised credit card strategy? I’ve to jump ships now (holding SBI AirIndia + CC PremierMiles), and looking forward to your insight.

    — Rishi

  5. @Anshul @Ashutosh Ajay just helped me book Singapore Suites SYD – BOM for 87k O/W through his Award Booking services.
    That’s like 13 hours + flying time for a ticket that’s retailed for 4 lacs +.
    That’s like RS 4.5 per point.

  6. Completed majority of my US bookings last month and earned buttload of points thru 10x scheme. Was checking everyday since 31st Mar and now I can complete my rest of bbokings. One ques: where is it mentioned in T&C that BMS is 10x partner till 1 Apr 17.
    Only last week I was thinking ki BMS must be a partner as it has all other major online players of resp. field. Also I would love if IRCTC comes back.

  7. Redemption is a breeze through their website for hotels, airline tickets and movie tickets. I have redeemed a hell of a lot of points and it does not take longer than 3-5 minutes for the same. Yes, if you are refering to transfering miles then I have never done it. Nevertheless, I am happy since I had some shopping still pending on flipkart and snapdeal and both substantial. I was checking this website each day till 31st March. I am pleased.

    • @Ashutosh the real value of those miles is when you can transfer them and use them for redemption tickets on airlines or hotels, where the value generated is tonnes more than INR 1

      • Agree. 1 point = Re 1 is good but not great. I would rather redeem it for Hotel points (Hyatt) or upgrade airline miles where there is more value to be had.

        As an aside, does anyone know which US Airline FFP is the best – both in terms of availability and highest value per mile? I was thinking of transferring a bunch of my Black miles to a US FFP.

        • You might want to look into Aeroplan and Aadvantage.

          Aeroplan doesn’t apply fuel surcharges on some of award tickets.

      • @Ajay: I guess it’s better to redeem Diners miles through their website to book flight/hotels at 1 point=1 Re, as the price of a flight in most cases is always less than the number of miles required for redemption (@ unit rate). Can you share any instance, where it is not the case? Or it’s only for certain hotel bookings where redemption through points transfer brings more value than purchasing through their site?

            • Yes but it is difficult to accumulate enough points for business class for family of 4 for international trip . So in our case booking through HDFC DINER site is better .

              • @Ajay
                If i understand it right, miles are better used for Business/first class redemption in most cases as i see economy class redemptions lowers the point/mile value. Am i right?

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