HDFC Bank Diners Club 10x Rewards extended through March 2017

HDFC Bank Diners Club 10X Rewards are my favourite kind of reward currency primarily due to some offbeat partners they provide in India. The list of partners frequently gets updated, but no major shakeups, until now that is. The focus is on travel & e-commerce. They initially put out a year long list of partners, but then recalled it, and started to extend the date of the promotion by the months. Here are the announcements for April, May , June & July 2016.

A new update to the website yesterday shows that the 10X rewards program will now continue for the rest of 2016 and all the way through March 2017.


The list of partners has been reshuffled. Yatra was already out, and now Cleartrip goes away too. However, MakeMyTrip makes an entry, along with Redbus and Uber. For shopping, Snapdeal is out of the list, but Lifestyle comes in as the offline retailer again, along with Flipkart company Myntra and luxury retailer LuxeHues. New addition is Bigbasket, the online grocery seller (also my grocery seller of choice!)


  1. GoIbibo
  2. MakeMyTrip
  3. Uber
  4. Redbus


  1. Flipkart
  2. Myntra
  3. Lifestyle
  4. LuxeHues


  1. BookMyShow


  1. BigBasket

Just as a recap, you earn the following points on your cards with the various variants on the merchants mentioned above:

  • Rewardz: 3 points/INR 150 + 27 points/INR 150 bonus [Total 30 points/INR 150]. Monetary Value of INR 22.5 [15% cashback]
  • Premium: 4 points/INR 150 + 36 points/INR 150 bonus [Total 40 points/INR 150]. Monetary Value of INR 30 [20% cashback]
  • Black: 5 points/INR 150 + 45 points/INR 150 bonus [Total 50 points/INR 150]. Monetary Value of INR 50 [33% cashback]

There is however a new cap installed on the number of points you can earn per statement cycle.

  • Rewardz:  2,500 points
  • Premium: 10,000 points
  • Black: 50,000 points

You have to be careful to use the card directly with the merchant. For instance, even with Uber, don’t use the wallet option but the option to directly pay using a credit card. For MakeMyTrip, use the promocode HDFC5X to book.

Even with the changes and the new cap installed, the promotion continues to be one of the most lucrative promotions in India at the moment for credit cards, one that I am hoping all of you would be able to capitalise on in the days to come. I’m sure there were users abusing the program, which caused the promotion to be capped.

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  1. Please beware, even though the mentions as an affiliated partner, does not accept dinersclub credit card.
    Contacted customer care of both the companies with no solution.
    Thanks for 10X rewards.

    • Prateek, did you try the app?

      Note that the HDFC diners website explicitly says: “Redbus offer is applicable only on bookings made through Redbus app. ”

      Please read terms and conditions carefully.

  2. The 10x offer has been extended till 30th April 2017 for all the merchants – mentioned on their website.

  3. My card also has some trouble with Uber. 1 Rs deduction happened and card is accepted but if i chose cc payment for Uber, it remains pending and when i am booking next uber, it pops up and then i make the payment using this cc.
    Never had issue with BigBasket payment though had to struggle with Myntra for a couple of days.
    Surprisingly, HDFC’s own wallet PayZapp does not support Diner cart.
    I was under impression that MMT Tour package also will be having 10X but tried just now and it gives error
    i am pretty sure that we need to use the code on MMT as below from HDFC smartbuy
    ** Get 10X Reward points on transacting through HDFC Bank Diners Credit Cards. Use the promo code HDFC5X**
    However, i enjoy booking on goibibo as they dont need a coupon code for 10x so you can avail double benefit like 1200 rs cash back from hdfc on wednesday offers.
    As its promotional activity, i think capping is fair to avoid misuse.
    Just hoping that they extend this offer after 31st march 2017, specially on Flipkart / Gobibo / bigbasket.
    its the best card i have come across so far as it gives unlimited airport lounge access for domestic / international both. Got add on card for wife which is replica of my card but even she could avail free lounge access for domestic / international both which was a surprise as hdfc costumer care said it would be paid one.


  4. Is anyone facing payment issue using Diners card on Bigbasket? Since yesterday my diners card payment did not go through saying ” Invalid Card details”. In fact on 2 occasions (out of 8 attempts), I saw Amex logo after punching in card number.

  5. Any idea if this is going to get extended beyond 31st March? Else, will ensure stock of groceries before 31st March from bigbasket 🙂

  6. Hi Ajay,

    Would you have any idea if 10X diners rewards point on Flipkart is applicable during Flipkart’s Big billion day Sale also?

  7. Hi,

    Can someone please confirm whether the diners club black upgrade is chargeable or free of cost? i have a diners rewardz card with no annual charges

      • Hi,

        thanks for the reply. one more query that i have is the lounge access available on the different tier cards – as per the website it says that only diners black and premium have access to international lounges – however i was able to gain access to marhaba lounge in dubai based on my diners rewardz card? was that one off or am i missing something here?

        • Definitely a one off. Also confirm from your statement that no extra charges were put on the card.
          International lounge access is not available on rewardz. List of lounges is available online.

          Also, if you have rewardz for free, assume you are paying for black, Unless you are a very large customer of HDFC.

          • Yes i double checked that no additional charges were levied. just to clarify – would i be able to access the lounge at international airports across india on this card or even those would be off limits, since i was able to access the loyalty lounge at mumbai’s T2 airport as well.

            • Yes, you can access. Card refers to all lounges listed as accessible in India, both domestic and international terminals are included.

    • Yes it is chargeable and there is eligibility criteria also for upgrade / fresh card. It is one of most super premium card of HDFC BANK LTD.

  8. HDFC Bank Cardholders are not bound in any way to participate in this offer. Any participation is voluntary and the offer is being made purely on a ‘best effort’ basis.

  9. Hi Ajay,

    Seems they have downgraded the reward point conversion to air miles for Diners. So one Diners reward point gives you 0.7 miles instead 1.0 earlier. Not sure about hotel points conversion though. For use on diners website it is still 1 point = Rs.1 for Black.


    • Vishal, yes i checked their site. It now says 1 diner point = 0.7 mile. It’s a very sad and non-transparent hidden practice of discreetly changing these rates, and not even giving time or an effective date for card members to make the most use of their existing points. I wonder that day isn’t very far when one night they’ll devalue diner point on redemption on their website as well.

      • Very sad and very cheap.
        I got the card on July 31st and from Aug 1st there have been shocks after shocks.
        Pathetic to say the least.
        Putting black on par with rewards and premium is really a bad bit of short changing premium customers.

  10. Hi Ajay,

    Just confirmed with HDFC call center, there is no need to use HDFC5X coupon code. You will automatically get 10X points. Incase you use this code then you will get only 5X points.

    Has anybody used this code on MMT? if yes did you get 10X points?

  11. HDFC5X code doesn’t work on International hotels and domestic premium hotels such as Taj or Hyatt on makemytrip. Customer care of MMT has no clue about the offer.

  12. Uber too is having a payment issue with Diners apart from Big Basket. My mother used her addon and they charged Re. 1 initially as a test. Later after making the trip the card was declined.

    • Ashutosh: I didn’t have any problem using my Diners card at Uber. If Re 1 transactions goes, means it’s accepted. There might have been some other issue with transaction getting declined.

    • @ Ashutosh @ Anshul

      I am facing the same problem with UBER. Diners card is getting declined despite smooth Re.1 trial.

  13. I am not able to use HDFC Diners Card on Big Basket…When checked with BB customer care they said that diners card is not accepted. Do anyone of you have faced similar issue…

    • yes, big basket not accepted. very pathetic of hdfc bank to do such a thing. same thing happened with me. i called helpline and they confirmed that many are facing this problem. chances are that this merchant may be removed. so much for 10x and hdfc bank.

      Hi Rohit. I faced the same issue with BigBasket app with my Diners Club Rewardz Credit Card. I checked with customer care of both HDFC and Bigbasket and both could not solve the issue. I was trying to pay on the bigbasket app and it showed “Invalid Card Number”.

      But I tried to pay using their website and the card was accepted without any issue. It’s likely that the bigbasket app will be updated soon to support Diner Club cards. In the meanwhile you may still accumulate 10x rewards on your transactions using the website.

      I checked the payment options on the website on bigbasket and it shows that only Mastercard, Visa and AmEx are accepted. However, Diners Club worked just fine! bigbasket will surely update this in the future.

      • Thanks Prateek..I have been able to pay on BB through Diners card. What I have understood is that whenever the payment is routed through citrus gateway the payments gets through whereas diners card is not taken when payment is through PayU on BB website…

  14. Cleartrip still shows HDFC 10x offer till 31st Dec on its website . Will surely miss cleartrip. Been ages since I used MMT for bookings.

  15. I understand that for makemytrip transactions using Diners Black card, the code does not have to be used.

  16. The Physical Upgradation form for Diners Club Black is no longer available in HDFC website. When i contacted customer care, they told me that the card is now Offered Only on an INVITATION ONLY BASIS. They also told me that any voluntary application hereafter will not be processed. I had this response 2 out of 4 times, since i never believe the HDFC customer care executives.

    • What about the Diners Club Premium? How to upgrade to that from Diners Rewardz? I have a Rewardz card and now with the new cap that has been put, it is worthless to have a Diners Rewardz card. Diners Premium is still a good option for those people who can’t get Diners Black. But how do we upgrade to Premium? The form for the Credit Card and Credit Limit upgrade doesn’t include the Diners Cards at all. Kindly advise anyone who knows anything about this whole thing.

      • When agents called me for offering free credit card they sent me one Visa, Diners Rewards, Diners Premium. On call, they explained about rewardz, not knowing about all these things. I just took Dinerz. Now regretting, I should have opted for premium.

        Also Diners/Discover are not accepted in Amazon India (but in .com).

      • Hi JG:

        Could you please advise how long you held the Diners Premium Card before successfully applying for the Diners Black? I tried applying in July for the Black as a new HDFC customer but was given the Diners premium instead. Hoping to have it upgraded soon.

        • Hello KTSB:
          Held a Diners Rewardz for exactly 1yr. Prior HDFC basic CC customer for 5 years, + a 10yr old salary account with HDFC, Classic customer.

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