HDFC Bank flip flop on Diners Club 10x Partner Program

The HDFC Bank Diners Club is lucrative, period! However, how much of the juice does the Bank want all of us to get out of it still firmly remains in their own control. Last year, the promotion ran for a whole 6 months with their 10x Partners. In March, when the promotion expired, they renewed it for a month. And then, in the end of April 2016, they renewed the promotion for a whole damn year in one go, yay!

Except, good things don’t last. Last night, the website was updated to reflect that the partner list was for one month only, and all the partnerships are currently valid till May 31, 2016. Here is the list of what I could find out:

  • BookMyShow: Valid till April 1, 2017
  • GoIbibo: Valid till March 31, 2017
  • Cleartrip: Already expired per ClearTrip
  • Yatra: No Current information
  • Flipkart: No current information
  • SnapDeal: No current information

Here is the T&C on the HDFC Bank Diners Club website updated since yesterday…


I don’t know where this is going and what to make out of this at the moment, but I just thought all of you should know that there is a flip flop here in progress…make your own interpretations, and do share it with us here, at least for fun! 😉

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  1. Well the dates have been extended to June.. apart from miscommunication .. I dont think there is any other grievance to customer.. I have booked tickets in April May & June and always got 10x points. They just renew it monthly rather than half yearly etc. All we need to do is check on starting of every new month .

  2. Did anyone get 10x bonus points this month on flipkart or snapdeal???? I got them on goibibo though. Can anyone confirm.

  3. maybe better to move to icici sapphiro where current offer is going on(until 15th may) for 12,500 jet miles for 3000 rupess (for minions like me who are not jet platinum)+base fare waived ticket in first year,
    i all ready subscribed for amex icici sapphiro, looks good with unlimited lounge access for 1 year, one can book visa sapphiro also & earn 25000 miles with 6000 rupess not bad deal i think, what is your thought ajay?

      • @narayanan, you apply for 2 cards of sapphiro 1 amex version & 1 Visa version, fees are 2500+service tax for each offer is giving 12,500 JP miles for each card which totals to 25000 for fees of rs. 6000/-, as i said very sneaky offer,

        • Just tried that, but the ICICI guys are refusing to give both the cards (they are ready to give either one). Is there a hack here? Any magic word that works?

          • @Narayan I am not sure the technique works. You can apply for both cards for 1 fee as well (combo). But you only get the benefits once and not twice

            • That’s what I thought. Unlike Citi, ICICI doesn’t give two cards with two separate credit limits.

          • this is surprising the lady that i spoke to was literally requesting me to take the visa card which will have seperate fees & separate miles. maybe try calling once again 🙂

          • also there is a small catch in the rules this offer theoretically not applicable if you all ready have a Icici jet card. but i do not think it is not followed.

            @ajay. I was not aware of the combo option let me check

  4. Hi Ajay, While definitely i do not appreciate the flipflop mid way. Given how lucrative offer is (33% cashback on top end) who exactly is funding this? Is it the retailers or the bank or Diners? I am guessing its not the retailer, or if its the retailer there contribution is minimal. Once we have an answer on this, we will surely know why this flip flop is happening.

      • @ajay you reckon may be Diners is funding this program, to get their cards in people pockets. As i can say from the ground, HDFC people are not trying to push any Diners cards.

  5. I guess they are updating their website and promotions on a monthly basis. I read your post and even checked the website when they mentioned that these offers were valid till April 2017. I think they have changed their mind and plan to introduce such offers on a monthly basis.

    • Whatever be the case, that’s a confusing message they are sending across to their card members. They can’t even decide what they want to go ahead with. Pathetic!

      It’s also ridiculous to see that they are quick to change 10X offers page now and then, but didn’t find it worth to remove the 2X offers page which has already expired on 31/03/2016.

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