HDFC 10X Rewards Updates in October 2019

We have written extensively about the HDFC 10x points. HDFC Bank Diners Club 10X Rewards were my favourite kind of reward currency primarily due to some offbeat transfer partners they provided in India. The transfer partner list went away in 2016, but still, I look at it as a 33% cashback card, with all the cashback going towards travel.

HDFC 10X Points

HDFC Diners 10X Rewards

The list of 10X partners frequently gets updated. The focus has been on travel & e-commerce. They initially put out a year-long list of partners, but then recalled it, and started to extend the date of the promotion by the months. Here are the announcements for AprilMayJune & July 2016. Then, it got extended through March 2017 but applied caps on reward earning per month, and a one-month extension through April 2017. In May, they put a new list valid through July 2017. Subsequently, they added all categories of SmartBuy on the list as of July 2017They knocked off the travel category in late 2017. You can now access this category through SmartBuy, which is for everyone who is an HDFC Bank Credit Card Holder.

HDFC Bank Diners Club 10X on Smartbuy

HDFC Bank SmartBuy would continue through October 2019.

That means you could earn 10X points for the following activities with HDFC SmartBuy here on:

  • Flight Booking
  • Hotel Booking
  • Shopping via Flipkart & Amazon
  • Comparison shopping via the SmartBuy website.

The maximum number of reward points you can earn per cycle using SmartBuy is 15,000 Reward Points for Diners Club Black and 5,000 for Diners ClubMiles, Diners Premium and Diners Rewardz Credit Cards. The promotion applies to EMI transactions on flights/hotels/Flipkart. These are over and above the reward points towards the usual 10X cycle every month.

HDFC Bank Diners Club 10X on Partner brands

For the 10X rewards via partner brands, while there was a list unveiled in August 2019, there have been changes to the list. For instance, PayZapp left the promotion just one month after at the end of August 2019. To compensate, there are some changes to the list.

This list would be valid from August 1 to December 31, 2019. The incremental 9X Rewards will be posted within thirty days from the date of settlement of the transaction. Date of the settlement will be considered for calculating the maximum cap. The critical change is that now a calendar month-wise cap will be used, instead of the statement-wise caps earlier.

Ola and First Cry are partners from October 1, 2019. Transactions from October 1 on Ola and First Cry are only eligible for 10X. Ola bookings made with Diners card as a payment option are only eligible for 10X. Ola postpaid payment is not eligible for 10X. Purchases at both offline stores and online websites of First Cry and Godrej Natures basket are eligible for 10X.

10X on all Uber Premier Rides

You can earn 10X points on Uber Premier rides between September 1 and December 31, 2019. The promotion is only valid on domestic Uber Premier rides of a minimum of INR 150, ordered via the Uber app. To avail of this promotion, one needs to pay with an HDFC Bank Credit Card, not via a wallet. 9X points come in 90 days after the transaction.  No specific number of points that can be earned has been specified, unfortunately.

Just as a recap, you earn the following points on your cards with the various variants on the merchants mentioned above:

  • Rewardz: 3 points/INR 150 + 27 points/INR 150 bonus [Total 30 points/INR 150]. Monetary Value is INR 9 [6% cashback]
  • Premium/Club Miles: 4 points/INR 150 + 36 points/INR 150 bonus [Total 40 points/INR 150]. Monetary Value is INR 20 [13% cashback]
  • Black: 5 points/INR 150 + 45 points/INR 150 bonus [Total 50 points/INR 150]. Monetary Value of INR 50 [33% cashback]
  • Here is the cap installed on the number of points you can earn per month for using 10X partner brands.
    • Rewardz:  2,000 points
    • Premium/Club Miles: 5,000 points
    • Black: 25,000 points
  • Everyone can earn up to 25,000 Reward points for using the Smartbuy portal (such as those with Infinia).

The 10x points do not apply to the HDFC Bank JetPrivilege co-branded Diners card.

What do you think of these changes to the HDFC Bank Diners Club 10X program?

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  1. How can I check transaction wise reward points earned? Searched but couldn’t find anything on that.

    • Hahaha, good luck with that. HDFC credit card division is the most dishonest and unfair when it comes to being transparent on 9x reward points. Have been following up on a 9x rewards eligible purchase made in october 2019 since 2 months, they simply don’t care.

  2. Did anyone get their Uber 9X on DCB ? I’ve heard HDFC has been not crediting such promos lately.

    Personally struggling to get PayZapp BharatQR cashbacks, PayZapp support royally ignores emails.

  3. Hi, I tried to calculate reward points to be received against the transactions done using my Diners Club Black card. But I see that every month I have received lesser number of RPs.
    Can you suggest whom to contact to receive the remaining RPs? Do we have a dedicated customer care for Diners Black?

  4. Do we earn (5 RPs/50 RPs on 10x) for each multiple of Rs. 150 on Diner’s Black?

    For ex: Rs. 150 would fetch 50 RPs (based on 10x at partner sites).
    What would be the #of RPs if we spend Rs. 400 on a 10x merchant?

    Will it be 400/150 which is 2.66 and therefore 133 RPs (2.66*50) or will it be rounded off to 2 and therefore 100 RPs (2*50)

  5. Hello, one query regarding the DCB
    Cap on SmartBuy – 15000
    Cap on Partner brands – 25000

    If I manage to reach the 15000+25000 cap for Oct 2019 and further use the card for other random payments in restaurants etc…

    1. will I get additional points for Oct 2019? (At 3.3%)

    2. if I make flight/hotel bookings, will that earn me more rewards points for Oct 2019? If yes, 3.3% or 33%

    I wanted to understand what is the reward point capping.

  6. currently the reward catalogue of Infinia suggests 50 paise worth for each infinia point .. .. any idea since when has HDFC infinia degraded the reward value ?

    • If you take cashback or coupons then it is 50 paise. If you book flight tickets or hotel booking then it will redeem as 1 rs.

  7. Does AMEX Platinum Travel Card / HDFC Diners Club Black / Citibank Premier Miles card offer reward points for Insurance Payment?

    If yes, then which among the above 3 card is best for Insurance Payment?

    Thanks in advance.

  8. @Ajay Where in the TnC does it mention that the incremental points will be posted within 2 days of settlement? I could find that these incremental points would be posted 30 days from the month end. Kindly confirm.

  9. Do we get 1X reward points on international transactions as well? Are there any offers for international transactions (Bali to be specific) for Diners Black?

    • i made a purchase in switzerland on 4-10-2019, and i received 1x RP on T+2 days, awaiting 9X.
      but i want to know, these forex transactions abroad are considered as Smartbuy/Diners partners or in addition to monthly cap of smartbuy/diners partners

  10. @Ajay. Have you been able to add Diners card to Uber account? I get as far as typing in CVV code, which redirects to page where OTP is typed in, but it cancels out right away. On statement, I see a bunch of 1Rupee transactions which got posted and never reversed.

      • You might have added when the app allowed you back then. Im wondering if there has been an update to app, not allowing the cards to be added.

      • @swastik,
        i was using diners clubmiles card for uber for 3 years, and on 03-10-2019 deleted the card and trying to add diners black card. not allowing, but 6 transactions debited to my card @Rs.1/-. signed off and again signed in but of no use. any solution please by anybody

    • Uber has ethics issues. Call out Anindya Sundar Das, Pardeep Parmeswaran and Dara Khowarowski on LinkedIn with proofs.

      When i called out, i got quite an amount. Turns out, they’ve not been returning this amount for years.

  11. Dear Sir,

    Great News!!! Thanks for sharing…
    OLA for any type of ride 10X rewards? Including outstation. Corporate Booking with Code should be also OK?

  12. Confused
    Begining of the article you mentioned
    “The maximum number of reward points you can earn per cycle is 15,000 Reward Points for Diners Club Black and 5,000 for Diners ClubMiles, Diners Premium and Diners Rewardz Credit Cards.” And at the end in recap,
    “Here is the cap installed on the number of points you can earn per month for using partner brands.
    Rewardz: 2,000 points
    Premium/Club Miles: 5,000 points
    Black: 25,000 points
    Everyone can earn up to 25,000 Reward points for using the Smartbuy portal (such as those with Infinia).”
    So the cap on DCB is 15000 or 25000?

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