HDFC 10X SmartBuy offering 33% Cashback through May 2019

The HDFC Bank 10X Reward Points for the Smartbuy programme were rumoured to be over last month, and instead, a new 5X Rewards Points programme was implemented for a very brief moment. Then, the 10X Rewards programme was brought back for April 2019.

Now, historically, HDFC Bank always does a filler one-month promotion at the turn of the financial year, which is perhaps what we saw launched last month. But the good news is, the HDFC Bank 10X promotion on Smartbuy will be back sooner than we expect. This evening, the HDFC Bank 10X Reward Points was again all over the place.

HDFC 10X Smartbuy

When you click through to the promotion, you would see, the HDFC 10X Smartbuy promotion has returned for one month for now.

That means you could earn 10X points for the following activities with HDFC SmartBuy here on:

  • Flight Booking
  • Hotel Booking
  • Shopping via Flipkart and Amazon
  • Comparison shopping via the SmartBuy website.

The maximum number of reward points you can earn per cycle is 25000 Reward Points, and the promotion does not apply to EMI transactions. These are over and above the reward points towards the usual 10X period every month, which is also due for renewal now.

The new 10X offer runs through May 2019 for the moment, which is excellent news since the summer holidays season is right here upon us! Your cash backs and points would post within 90 days!

So, if you were wondering, you have one more month to maximise on the HDFC Bank promotion for up to 25,000 INR.


  1. Dear Ajay,

    A very important point to be noted by fellow readers is as follows:

    The capping of 25k points on Diner’s Black is per calender month for smartbuy
    The capping of 25k points on Diner’s Black for partner websites like Uber, etc is per statement cycle.

    Both are very different and many fellow readers may not be aware of the same.

    Best Regards
    Jaydeep Mehta

  2. They also.added Makemytrip in the list of 10x partners from 26th April, but only for select hotels. Detailed TnC is not available.

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